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Солнце треснуло и скоро взорветсяClosest to the Ground star and the source of life on the planet may be the cause of her death. The Sun saw terrible black band, and in September astronomers predict a powerful emission of plasma, compared with a nuclear strike. 2925

Solar activity has diverted astronomers from observing the success of Curiosity Rover. On the surface of the disc there was a huge black line, stretching for almost half the diameter of the star - 800 thousand kilometers.

Dark "crack" the Sun was a stretch of low temperature, at which the plasma is actually bent backwards Sun. This is the antithesis of solar flare, which astronomers call fibers.

Dark fiber in the Sun has forced many to remember the old forecast NASA that in September 2012 on the nearest to the Earth, the star will happen flash unprecedented force. Commenting on the study about the dangers of space weather, astrophysicist Daniel Baker argued that the consequences will be comparable to a nuclear war or the fall of a giant asteroid.

The last powerful solar flare occurred on 8 March this year. Cosmic rays coming down upon the Earth, created interference with communication and forced many people to feel unwell.
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