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Найдена могила любимой жены Македонского?Greek archaeologists near the modern city of Serres (where in ancient times there was an ancient Greek Polis of Amphipolis), discovered the tomb in which, perhaps, are buried the remains of the wife and son of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great - Roksana and Alexander IV. Leaders of excavations claim that it is too early to speak about the person buried.

In addition, for further work there is no necessary funds.

The area around the tomb, which is located near Serra (?????? - Serres) in the North of Greece, enclosed three-meter wall. Its perimeter is 500 metres away. The tomb is located in the city, near the small city of Amphipolis, informs Internet resource Greek Reporter. This area is known since 1965 as Kasta Tom, but this is the first archaeological excavations that there has ever been.

Head of the excavation archaeologist Katherine Peristeri (Katerina Peristeri) says: "We do not have any Parallels with the specific historical figures because of our lack of strong evidence and the deficit currently funds to continue excavations". Actually, Greek archaeologists do not hide their motives. They commenced digging without financial support, for the sole purpose to attract attention to their work.

A city in Thrace the Amphipolis (????????? - Amphipolis) was located on a Peninsula formed by the river Strymon (modern Struma), which was a part of the Eastern border between Macedonia and Thrace. People from Athens under the guidance of famous Athenian commander Cimon established a colony in 437 BC 424 BC policy besieged Spartan commander Braced and, despite the stubborn resistance of Thucydides, was conquered. With 358 BC Amphipolis belonged to the Macedonians, who turned it into the capital of Eastern Macedonia, while in 168 BC it was captured by Rome. The city is also mentioned in "the acts of the Apostles" (the book of the New Testament) as an intermediate point on the way of the Apostle Paul in Thessalonica. Later the Turks called it became a small town Janie-keny, or "New city".

In winter 328/327 BC the armies of Alexander the great was fighting in Bactria, an area lying between the rivers of Hindukush and Amudarya. When he got to the mountain fortress Arianas and suggested several thousands of its defenders to give up, those raised his laughter. There were supplies of food for ten years. The head of the fortress Prince Oxiart (pers. - Shakshouka) replied that the Macedonians should bring soldiers with wings as another way to take the fortress is impossible. At night about 300 experienced climbers with ropes and axes climbed a steep cliff, towering above the fortress. Approximately 30 "commandos" Alexander died, getting into the abyss, but the garrison was forced to surrender.

In the fortress Arianas Macedonians captured seven of the most influential local lords - of oksiart. Among the members of this family was the first beauty of Persia - Roxanne (pers. - Rehanek). Alexander, excited to her passion, with honours, took her father. Daughter appointed Alexander Satrap of Bactria and Sogdiana laid by artabazus (pers. - Athabascan), Barcena (pers - Varsenik)that accompanied the Macedonian recent years, and shortly before that bore him a son of Hercules, was released. Bactrian the Princess, she became the wife of Alexander the great in 327 BC Wedding was solemnly celebrated in the fortress of another Bactrian Prince Haryana (pers. - Harianto) on the Iranian customs. Modern historians have noted the state the significance of the wedding in which symbolically embodied the idea of mutual understanding of the peoples.

Alexander not only raised Roxanne and took one of the sons of oxiart in the squad, getjrow (literally: "satellites") - aristocratic horse guards, but had honor and respect all Agdam and bactrim, recognizing their best among Iranians. After his marriage to the beautiful Alexander began preparation of the expedition to India.

After the death of Alexander in 323 BC, were still alive only two male progeny: illegitimate 5-year-old Hercules, who lived not royally together with mother, Barchinoy in Pergamos and Arridey, illegitimate son of Philip and Filini, half-brother of Alexander. The son of Roxana comes four months later. According to the Macedonian customs, the heir to the throne claimed troop meeting after a preliminary discussion at the meeting of the nobility.

The soldiers wanted to build on the throne of the epileptic of Arridey, despite his weakness and some dementia. Know, on the contrary, gave preference to the descendant Alexander. The result came to a compromise. Son Roxanne Alexander IV became co-Regent of Arridey, ruling under the name of Philip III. The power of the son of Roxana was going to pass on his age. Governor Macedonia remained Antipater. By order of Roxana was killed her rival, the second wife of Alexander and daughter of Darius III, stater from Lefkada (pers. - Shaternik).

The administration of the Empire moved to the elderly Antipater in 321 BC after the murder of commanders of Perdiki that mother Alexander Olympiad offered the hand of his daughter Cleopatra. Two years later, Antipater died appointed as his successor his son Cassandra and decent, but limited commander Polyphone. When the Macedonians refused to obey him, Polymeron made his suprafetele Olympics. Vengeful mother Alexandra aroused universal hatred and cassandr almost effortlessly won Macedonia. In 316 BC he gave the order to execute the Olympics.

Cassandr received the Royal title in 306 BC Roxanne and her 11-year-old son was detained in Amphipolis. In 310 BC by his order Roksana and Alexander IV were killed. Until recently, the exact burial place of his beloved wife of Alexander the Great and his heir was not known, but the Greek scientists believe that they finally managed to find him...
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