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Планктон накормили в обход международных мораториевAs some said, to the largest geoengineering experiment ever dared not the state, not the University, and the American businessman.

To the West of the Islands of Haida-Huai stretches of yellow-brown band. She notes places with high concentration of chlorophyll in August, S. (Image Giovanni / Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center / NASA.)

Russ George from California has not withheld of $2 million to pour into the Pacific ocean to the West of British Columbia 110 tons of sulphate of iron. According to him, this led to the plankton bloom on the area of 10 thousand km2. Satellite observations have shown that this is true.

Geoinginiring, that is deliberate manipulation of the planet to global warming, is a measure if not harmful, at least controversial. Proposals on this matter a lot - from pumping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, in order to bury it deep underground or on the bottom of the ocean, to the construction of space sunscreen.

On ocean fertilization, too, it has been said: iron is an important nutrient for photosynthetic plankton. The more active the last breeds, the more consumes atmospheric carbon dioxide, taking it with you to the bottom after death. But experts believe that this process can have undesired side effects.

However, in this case it's not even the fear of scientists and that of the entrepreneur is contrary to two international treaties - the UN Convention on biological diversity and the London Convention on the prevention of marine pollution by dumping of wastes and other materials. The hero of the scandal in response, said that both conventions from the category of myth and that they have no relation to its project.

Besides, Mr. George cheated Indians living on the Islands of Haida-Huai, saying that after the experiment in the area of the archipelago is full of salmon.

By the way, Mr. George repeatedly warned that it should not. Previously, he was going to feed plankton in the region of the Galapagos and the Canary Islands, but the government of Spain and Ecuador responded promptly by prohibiting the courts of the former head of the Corporation Planktos to enter their ports.

Prepared according to The Guardian.
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