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Внутри земли скрыт параллельный мирMore and more evidence in favor of the theory of parallel worlds. Physicists from Stanford University was able to calculate the hypothetical number of universes, formed as a result of the Big Bang - 10 in 1016-St degree. Thus it is not excluded that they may stay in each other, and within our Land, perhaps hidden Earth-2.

Even in ancient sources there are allegations that the Earth is hollow, and in the depths of her live underground inhabitants. It would seem that this is just a result of early naive ideas about the world, when science was in its infancy. Greek mythology tells of the Tartar - sinister underworld. No wonder so far there is a saying - "to fall into hell".

The philosopher Anaxagoras (V century BC) built a model of the universe, consisting of a flat Earth, surrounded by an air field and essential cloud. But at the same time, he writes about a parallel world where there are people, cities, and even the heavenly bodies. If the center of the Universe - Earth, then where do these people live? May, under the earth?

The hypothesis about the existence inside the Earth hollow space appeared later. The theory was put forward Halley, Franklin and Lichtenberg. In the end of XVIII century researcher Leslie suggested to send in search of the underground Kingdom expedition. In 1816 the scientific Corals said that depressions on the surface of our planet are formed due to shifts in the earth's crust, hiding empty space. A German Professor Steinhauser asserted that inside the Earth from another planet, called Manevras, very slowly rotating in a circular orbit.

In 1818 a Cleve Sims bombarded the US Congress, universities and prominent scientists Epistles, in which he proved that the Earth consists of several concentric spheres with the holes at the poles and inhabited from the inside.

Soviet academician Century Obruchev put forward a hypothesis about the giant meteorite, in the distant prehistoric era failed hard to the Ground, breaking her bark and forming a cavity. And according to theoretical physicist J.. Wheeler, electromagnetic radiation in a collision with the force of gravity can bend space and form a "black hole", in which concluded light - Geany, which may eventually emerge planet. As Geon system that to themselves, inside the planet is hollow. This is evidenced by the change in gravity at great depths.

American researcher alchemy Cyrus Ted, having studied the ancient Egyptian papyri, developed the idea that the Earth is a sphere, on the inner surface of which is inhabited world. That is, we live inside the Earth!

Some scientists - in particular, Professor I. Shklovsky, - develop the concept of "mirror Universe", according to which, there is a parallel Universe, the law of reflection shrinking so that inside a spherical cavity is another area where a greater magnitude. I.e. inside the Earth can be hidden Earth-2, physical size even superior to the original. And which of them our planet is unknown.

But suppose that, under the Ground is really one lives. How are these beings? Perhaps these are strange entity, which we take for otherworldly monsters. Thus, in 1972, the American press has reported that monster of a hill, MARPOL. This being seen in Louisiana near the hill of MARPOL. It was huge in size, with a head like a pumpkin. The monster in front of eyewitnesses, letting out a growl, going up the hill.

Some asserted that the mysterious monster was the hand in which he held something red. Walk up to the top of the hill, the monster disappeared, as if dissolving in the air. Trying to find traces of it, the police have combed all around, but saw nothing except the land where the grass was scorched by fire.

According to one popular hypothesis, such phenomena have plasma origin. But the "black dog" behave more as living beings, not inanimate objects. And then theoretically proven that some forms of life can emerge and from plasma. Maybe legends of fire-breathing dragons and demons is not a fiction, as it seems at first sight?

Margarita Trinity
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