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Мистические сокровища РимаLong ago the Romans believed that in ancient palaces of the city inhabited by spirits, ghosts, and even deity. And there, in the Palace dungeons, if stored untold treasures, treasures and magic artifacts. But to take them it is possible only with the help of magic - or misfortune to those who dare to touch them, or at least to otmechaet about it.

A number of legends connected with the Golden Palace built by Emperor Nero on Esquilino hill. The Emperor ordered to place there baths with sea, fresh, mineral and sulfuric water and hydraulic body. The rooms of the Palace has an amazing decoration, and in the main Banquet hall was mechanically rotating dome. For construction and equipping of the buildings were used the latest achievements of engineering architecture. The plan of underground tunnels Golden Palace was kept secret: their arrangement was known only to himself Nero and several of his trusted servants. Shortly before the death of the dictator announced that hid in underground hiding places under the Golden Palace nine treasures, but two thousand years nobody will be able to find them.

After Nero died (the Senate passed the death sentence, and to avoid the shame, the Emperor ordered a private Secretary to stab him with a dagger), the Palace was searched, but no underground treasure was never found. However, no one dared to go deep under the earth: after all schemes dungeons, no one was available, and a journey through the maze was unsafe.

This Palace is connected and the legend of the Golden ring of Nero, who had allegedly been stolen, traveled the world and finally was presented by magician one of the khans of the Golden Horde. Tell that in the second half of the XVIII century it acquired in Bukhara merchant Prince Alexander Borisovich Kurakin. Once the ring saw the famous count Cagliostro. The magician immediately advised the Prince remove the ring, explaining that it is "a lot of blood" and it brings misfortune. The magician called the spirit of the first owner of the jewelry. So the Prince and the sorcerer learned that once the ring was possessed himself Nero. The spirit of the Emperor announced that the ring should be returned back to Rome and put in the basement of the Palace on the street del Condotti. Prince sent to Rome one of his musicians, originally from Italy. However, in Petersburg he came back and disappeared.

Another ' magic ' Palace was in the XV or XVI century erected to the East of Rome, near the place where in ancient times was located Tiburtine city gates. Experts said that he stands for "cursed" location, directly above the entrance to the dungeon of Saturn, where fans of this cruel deity, devouring their own children, erected in honour of the altar. Once the Romans very honored Saturn, but then replaced faith in him came the cult of more good God Jupiter. Then we Tiburtine gate and began to happen strange things.

Here is the legend, approximately related to III-V centuries of our era. One night, reads it, one of the guards who were guarding the gate, saw over the place, where, reportedly, was abandoned altar of Saturn, a luminous cloud. Then the guard heard the voice of the Saturn. Evil God said that he would leave Rome only when completely will avenge his people for what they forgot about reverence to him. Since then, throughout many centuries there from time to time saw the luminous cloud and heard the voice. People began to say that over this place is drawn the curse. For a long time here was afraid to plant or build anything.

In the XIX century the owner of the Palace was a Countess, addicted to the occult. She studied the secret book and bought around the world various items magical destination, due to which the common people considered her a witch. Was told that she could, having placed in a certain order magic items, to make so, that the man who is in her house, or quickly get old or die. But she was able with the help of miraculous products and rejuvenate people. The very Countess too many years looks young. An important role in magical rituals played emerald bowl out of Egypt, which the hostess of the Palace was filled with water. The activities of the Countess, apparently, did not like the inhabitant of the Palace dungeons - the God Saturn, and he called for retaliation evil spirits - lemurs.

Saturn commanded lemurs quietly pour in the emerald bowl Countess blood black cock, and magical items used by the witch, move in a different order. The Countess had not noticed - and witchcraft spirits had aged her for decades. Before her death she had to hide all its values, including the attributes of magic, all in the same dungeon of Saturn. They were looking for but have not found. Although the ill-fated emerald bowl seems to be seen already after the Second world war in the congregation of one American collector.
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