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Люди в черном - 12, или инопланетяне живут среди насIn the past there was an article about the strange abnormal activity on the moon. Most often, the activity was observed in places of landing of American and Soviet aircraft. The atmosphere of secrecy, scarce and fragmentary information, only occasionally percolating in the media - all this gives reason to think that the report of William Cooper's "Who rules the world? The secret government"printed in the newspaper "Development" ten years ago, is the only document that gives an objective assessment of what is happening. Military consultant USA Cooper in his article told the world that the governments of several countries for decades cooperate with aliens.

How were the relations "Earthmen aliens" from the very first contact. In his words, for nearly six years, since the beginning of 1947 and by the end of 1952, U.S. 16 unidentified object crashed or has made an emergency landing. One ship exploded in the air. Ultimately in the hands of the Americans was 68 corpses, one living alien and many severed body parts. All detections to the aliens were classified, and all documents related to this, was marked as "top secret". Survived after falling in Roswell alien was named VBS, or Extraterrestrial biological entity. Most of the time he was lying and was responsible only to the questions when the answer was good enough for those who asked. If the question were drawn up for unsolicited reply, UBS was silent. At the end of 1951 it was very sick. Medical personnel were unable to help him. The body being based on chlorophyll, it is like a plant that converts food into energy!
Gia. To treat the plant, none of the doctors was not prepared, and by the middle of 1952 VBS died.

The defense Secretary at the time was James Forrestal. Being a religious person and somewhat naive, Forrestal believed that people must be informed, and objected to secrecy. He discussed this issue with the leaders of opposition parties and leaders of the Congress, after which he received from President Truman offer to resign. The Minister put him in a hospital with a diagnosis of acute neurosis. He was a great idealist... this Forrestal. Therefore, according to Cooper, the early morning of 22 may 1949, the CIA tied it around his neck with a piece sheets, consolidated the other end of the bars in the chamber and threw out of the window. Bed was broken, and the Minister died.

November 4, 1952, the secret order of President Truman, was created the ultra-secret national security. The main task of the NDS was radio interception and decoding of negotiations between aliens around the world, possible attempts to make contact. The code name for this operation - Sigma".

To prevent the alien threat, Truman informed the allies, including the USSR, on the development problems. Plans have been developed for Land protection in case of invasion. The independent secret society "Bilderbergs" to coordinate and guide international action to preserve the secrecy of the press. Headquarters "Bilderbergs" is located in Geneva, Switzerland. This society has evolved and turned, writes the author, the secret world government, which currently controls the whole world.

In 1953, President of America became Eisenhower. Only for the first year of stay Dwight Eisenhower in power 10 flying saucer crashed, they were found 26 dead and 4 of live alien. Of these ten drives 4 found in Arizona, 2 in Texas and one in new Mexico, Louisiana, Montana, and even in South Africa. In the same 1953 Eisenhower together with his friend and colleague on the advice of international relations Nelson Rockefeller decided to create a top-secret patterns monitor the guests of the Earth. Thus was born the organization of the "Most-12" or "B-12".

Then, in 1953 astronomers discovered large space objects, moving towards the Earth. Sigma" intercepted radio traffic aliens. A few objects have reached a very high orbit around the equator. But it was unclear what they need. At the same time, the group is already familiar humanoid aliens came into contact with the U.S. government. They warned of the dangers associated with the new arrivals, have proposed their assistance. They also claimed that humans are on the path of self-destruction. The main condition is the requirement about elimination of nuclear weapons, which caused a great suspicion Americans. Help the aliens was rejected.

However, in 1954, long-haired aliens landed on the basis of the U.S. air force Holloman. Humanoids claimed that profit from the planet, orbiting a red star in the constellation Orion, people call her Betelgeuse. During negotiations it was found out that the planet of aliens in the foreseeable future will be uninhabitable. Meeting result became the second landing of aliens on the basis Edwards. Everything was planned in advance. Eisenhower was on vacation. On the appointed day he was taken to the base, and the press reported that he had visited a dentist.

The President met with the aliens and a formal Treaty between the state of aliens and the U.S. signed. Arrived on Earth the first Ambassador from Space - his omnipotent Highness KRLLL (pronounced Krill). Should be informed that the flag of aliens known as the "Tripartite distinction". He is depicted on their ships, these same distinctions they wear on your uniform. Both trips and the second meeting of the captured on film. The film still exists. Since then, the allies under the contract could not intervene in the internal Affairs of each other. The stay of the alien shall not be disclosed. The aliens are obliged in turn to tell the Americans some hi-technology. They also promised not to enter into agreements with other States of the Earth. For that aliens could steal a limited number of people for some time with the purpose of medical examination and monitoring of development. On one condition: stolen will not suffer, will return to the same place and forget that!
they had. Agreed also that the state of aliens and the United States will exchange 16 persons to study each other.

Across the country were built many underground bases for aliens and two for sharing aliens and the U.S. government. In fact, this hole in the ground, deep enough to withstand nuclear explosion, equipped with first class communication means. On the General bases was an exchange of technology. All the habitat areas of aliens (Utah, Colorado, new Mexico, Arizona, and others) are under the complete management and control of the naval Ministry, payment of employees is made from the funds of the Navy. But security was ensured by the national intelligence organization, based in Fort Carson, Colorado, and special trained team Delta".

Then began an experimental flights alien ships. Space ship "Aurora", designed for regular flights in space is a single stage ship, named ZACK (theatmospheric spacecraft). He takes off from the ground after a run 7 miles, rises high on the orbit and landing on the same runway. It is on Board that ship American pilots flew to the moon, Mars, and other planets.

By 1955, it became apparent that the aliens have deceived Eisenhower and terminated the contract. Maimed and crippled people and animals have been found throughout the United States. There was a suspicion that the contact lists of aliens with people were not represented "B-12", as well as the fact that not all of the abducted were returned. It turned out that the aliens manipulate masses of people through secret societies, witchcraft, magic, the occult, and religion. After several air battles of the air force with the alien ships became quite clear that our weapons did not go to any comparison with their weapons.

Another important opening soon became that the aliens were using humans and animals as a source of glandular and hormonal secretions, enzymes, hold over them genetic experiments. The aliens explained that these actions are necessary to maintain its existence, saying that their genetic structure is deteriorating rapidly, and they have lost the ability to reproduce. If all this goes on, their race would cease to exist soon. Such explanations are very few people are misled. But since our weapons in the fight with the aliens absolutely useless, "B-12" decided to continue friendly diplomatic relations. Nevertheless "B-12" turned to the Soviet Union and other countries, in order to unite the efforts necessary for the salvation of mankind.

K-12" developed conditional plan to knock down with a trace of any who are approaching the truth. This plan is known as the "Majestic twelve". Cooper writes that he had seen documents Phil Class - CIA agent, who confirmed that his job is to convince all the information that is associated with UFOs. All military commanders were instructed to call a Class for information on how to discredit the information about contacts with UFOs. Another conditional plan works now, we live it. The purpose of this plan is to prepare the people for a possible confrontation with the aliens. People are literally bombarded with movies, commercials, and TV shows depictcommon to almost all aspects of the true nature of the presence of extraterrestrials. Goes - popular cinema "Men in black"that first, that the second series, in fact, taken on the real events of the recent past. This is cinema.

Stenton Friedman, one of the developers of conditional plan "Majestic twelve", told that a few years ago he "participated in the development of a nuclear reactor for airplanes. The reactor was the size of a basketball, allocated hydrogen and worked like a dream". The only fuel on which you can work this engine and isolate hydrogen as a byproduct is water. The only place, where at that time it was possible to get such a technology, the aliens...

Today ' B-12exists and acts as always. The Council on foreign relations and its offshoot - the Trilateral Commission - not only control, but also own all of our country. As their foreign counterparts, they report to "Bilderbergs". Eisenhower was the last President who knew and well versed in the problem of aliens. All subsequent presidents have used only the information that they wish delivered "B-12nd intelligence community.

Statement of William Cooper may cause distrust or ironic grin, " but if even for a moment imagine that he is telling the truth, and to compare the available facts, appears plausible, actual picture. Any other hypothesis that exists today, has many inconsistencies and white spots, and only crazy at first glance revelation Cooper put everything in its place and fully explain the mysterious event, and then taking place in many parts of the world.

"I have told the truth in that kind in what I know. I don't care what people think about me. I have done my duty, and whatever fate had waited ahead, I meet a Creator with a clear conscience". U. Cooper.
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