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Солнечная катастрофаSince ancient times people thought with horror of the approaching end of the world. But numerous prophecies are still not fulfilled. Now scientists say that global catastrophe on the planet, and its cause is our luminary. Long-term studies show: powerful solar flares can cause the magnetic storm of unprecedented strength.

In eighteen hundred and fifty-ninth year was registered major outbreak: there was a release of billions of tons of solar matter. The shock wave of the emitted particles moving with a speed of more than two thousand kilometres per second and reached the orbit of the Earth for eighteen hours. Started magnetic storm. Across the planet was brightly Northern lights. Existing instruments for magnetic measurements crazy. Refused all Telegraph network on the continents of the Northern hemisphere. In all that time few electric conductors appeared vast currents, wire smoked and burned, telegraphs fell sparks. It was the strongest recorded solar storm of the past. Scientists believe that it may happen again.

But if a similar event happening in our time? The consequences will be catastrophic, comparable to global nuclear war. Powerful electromagnetic action will lead to a complete breakdown of the Earth. First of all will be damaged transformers lines of supply, everywhere will stop the flow of electricity, will stop lifts, trains, production, will go off the road aircraft will become silent radio, will break any tie. And it will be done in an incredibly short time, in just a few minutes. Virtually all electrical and electronic devices will be destroyed forever. The level of technological development will come back to several centuries ago, will collapse the entire global economy will begin poverty and hunger. Can humankind to survive this catastrophe is not known. But the worst: to prevent this event possible. Any human efforts are useless. NASA scientists predict strongest solar storm for the next two years. During this period activity of our luminary will reach a maximum. But when disaster strikes, accurately predicted. One thing is clear, the end of the world will come suddenly.
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