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Ученые впервые смогли разглядеть магнитные «косы» в солнечной коронеThe first time scientists were able to discern the fine structure - the so-called "spit" - in the solar corona through which the corona is heated up to a million degrees, writes in an article published in the journal Nature, a team of scientists that conducted suborbital experiment Hi-C.
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Солнце для начинающих: почему и как звезду наблюдают на волнах разной длиныIf to take pictures of the Sun with the help of an ordinary camera, you get dull yellowish disk. If you do this when the light closer to the horizon, then added some red (only)because between you and the star will be more of the earth's atmosphere, scattering of waves in the blue part of the spectrum. Actually the Sun radiates in all colors, but yellow is the best of those that are visible to the naked eye.
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Сделана ещё одна попытка объяснить парадокс слабого молодого СолнцаDespite the first sprouts of life, ancient Land was not the most pleasant place. The surface of the planet regularly pobivali space rocks, the atmosphere did not contain oxygen and, consequently, had no ozone to protect the surface from exposure to UV radiation. In addition, young the Sun was made 25% less energy than today, bringing the average temperature on the Earth near the surface had to be below the freezing point of water.
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Темная историяIn 2013, we are waiting for a five eclipses - two Sunny and three of the moon. As star "blindman's buff and hide and seek" will affect our lives? Let's deal.
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В 2013 году ученые предсказывают Солнечный АрмагеддонElectric networks and systems-GPS on Earth, as the observations of researchers who become from year to year more sensitive and vulnerable to solar activity.
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Солнечный цикл на минимуме Дальтона: ученые в раздумьяхLife on Earth depends on different factors, and one of the main is the Sun, which literally may or melt or freeze-third of the planet itself. One of the versions of the Apocalypse says that life on our planet will be completed due to the abnormal activity or passivity of the Sun. Anomalous solar activity can Wake the supervolcanoes, and abnormal passivity to bind the Earth thickness of ice from Asia to America, from the Arctic to Antarctica - and then the "end of the world" will be not a myth, but a terrible reality.
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Крупные кометы, ударив в Солнце, могут вызвать глобальный электромагнитный АрмагеддонComet Maknota, taken by a Super-North-European telescope in January 2007
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Солнце уже устраивало нам "конец света"Researchers are not haunted by the mysterious "event of Charlemagne", which coincided with the victories of the Emperor over the Lombards. In the annual rings of trees that era detected abnormal concentration of radioactive carbon-14. American astrophysicists Adrian Melot and Brian Thomas suggested that the reason for that huge solar flare.
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Солнечные вспышки могут нокаутировать технологическую цивилизациюAdrian Melot (Adrian Melott), Professor of physics and astronomy from the University of Kansas, and Brian Thomas (Brian Thomas) from Washburn University (both - USA) has offered a new explanation of the mysterious "event of Charles the Great" - named after the simultaneous victory for Carl clashes 774-775 years with the Lombards.
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Разные полушария Солнца достигнут пика активности в разное времяRichard Altrock from the Research laboratory of the U.S. air force in new Mexico, specializing in the study of coronal structures of the Sun, put forward the thesis that the peak in solar activity, which is usually expected in 2013, in the Northern hemisphere, the Sun has already happened in July 2011. According to his calculations, the peak of activity in the southern hemisphere will be observed later predicted and will come only in the beginning of 2014.
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The sun is entering a new cycle of activity. This occurs every 11 years. At the Institute of Geophysics warn of powerful flares on the surface of the disc. The strongest magnetic storms await us in a whole year. And Russia is in the so-called geo-effective sector - that is, emissions plasma will fly directly to us.

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Магнитная буря: мифы и реальностьIn March 1989 in Quebec almost a day without heat, light and radio was left 6 million people. In the summer of 2000 unexpectedly failed Japanese communications satellite. And in March 2001 was nearly "dropped" from the orbit of the navigation satellite "Ocean"... Terrorists are above suspicion.
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Солнечная катастрофаSince ancient times people thought with horror of the approaching end of the world. But numerous prophecies are still not fulfilled. Now scientists say that global catastrophe on the planet, and its cause is our luminary. Long-term studies show: powerful solar flares can cause the magnetic storm of unprecedented strength.
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Август 2012. Солнечная Вспышка. Разрушение и тяжестьAt the moment we are diving and swimming between solar flares faster than an Olympic champion in Boxing, but all these maneuvers do not bring obvious benefits. Electromagnetic energy has us wave after wave, and it is not felt so nice. But clean and offsets that these waves cause, really high, so that, when you next shout: "Oh, no! Not only this! Another flash!", know that they contribute a large internal and external transformation.
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Солнце треснуло и скоро взорветсяClosest to the Ground star and the source of life on the planet may be the cause of her death. The Sun saw terrible black band, and in September astronomers predict a powerful emission of plasma, compared with a nuclear strike. 2925
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