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Медики начали исследование скелета предполагаемого инопланетянина из ПеруWeb-site hiddenincatours.com informed that currently the two doctors have begun the study of the skeleton of an alleged alien from Peru.

Testing has begun, and it will probably take about two months in order to get impressive results.

One of the most recent and interesting news is that the Peruvians took samples of the DNA of an elongated skull and sent them on an independent study in 5 laboratories of the USA.

The skeleton found in Peru mummy presented the journalists the anthropologist Renato Davila, who works in the private Museum "Andean rituals" from the city of Andahuaylillas.

The size of the skeleton and the growth beings was only 50 centimeters. As you can see from the photos, the creature had a great skull is a very strange form. Renato Davila compares it with the triangle. First of all, attention is drawn to the huge sockets. They are several times larger than human. Judging by the size of the skull, its owner had a very developed brain.

Experts also say about one particularly strange form canines, clearly different from that of men. They say that if the skeleton belonged to a human child, then it would not be the molars like other children.

The city Andahuaylillas is part of the Department of Cuzco and translated from the Quechua language means "the navel of the Earth".
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