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Инопланетяне «высасывают» из человека душуIn recent times about aliens began to speak as about double vampires - the exhaust from a person not only blood and soul. Whether for this version of something real or we are dealing with another fantastic fiction?

Two types of aliens

Summarizing the data accumulated by ufologists, we can conclude that interact with humanity aliens are two fundamentally different types. The first type is being, having, like humans, dense physical shell, consisting of organic structures. The main difference of the alien this type from us is not so much in appearance, but in their superiority over us in the scientific and technical aspects.

The second type - being, consisting of highly resistant quantum structures and those on the so-called field level of existence. Unlike aliens of the first type, they have a high ethical principles. Their activities on the Ground are less visible and is not such a total nature as the activity of aliens of the first type. However, their impact on people and human civilization are much greater. Perhaps it is they protect the Earth from threats from space and do not give to aliens the first type to establish its domination on the planet.

This may seem paradoxical, but all indications that the aliens second type contributed to the emergence of life and the appearance of man on Earth. This is indirectly evidenced by the internal structure of all living beings on our planet - from the man to the bacteria. They all consist of dense physical body and a quantum structure, or invisible subtle body. In particular, the fact that the subtle body have plants that have proved experiences of Kirlian. Possesses them and the man, with thin body, or its spiritual component (also known as the aura, the astral body), very special and their characteristics markedly different from the subtle bodies of other living beings of the planet.

Since man is endowed with both a physical and a spiritual body, that it can be regarded as of a certain symbiosis of the aliens first and second type. The main role in this symbiosis plays, of course, the spiritual body, created in the "image and likeness" of aliens of the second type and representing a reasonable quantum ultra structure capable of Autonomous endless existence in the Universe. In other words, after the death of the physical body, holding him on Earth, man is "pure spirit" (akin to aliens of the second type) eternal life in space and dimensions.

Clones and cyborgs dream of immortality

Here we may ask whether such a spiritual body, or soul, the aliens first type?

About these creatures for long-term history of UFO sightings have accumulated enough data to answer the question in the negative. For example, there is information that one of the alien race, the first type - the so-called grey - cannot breed naturally. Gray forced to clone myself that flatly denies any possibility of their souls.

The largest UFO researcher Dr. John Coleman from the USA in his book "the conspirators Hierarchy: the story of the Committee of 300" writes: "Aliens, in fact, are clones of clones. The fact that they can't grow as people, and cloned generations - one after the other. As a result, many bodies they eventually disappeared. They simply have atrophied. For example, the aliens do not esophagus: they take in her mouth only what can be dissolved or to turn into a liquid state. In other words, his mouth executes they function of the stomach as the stomach in our understanding of them is missing..."

Among aliens impossible to find any of this - they are all clones, says Coleman. These beings "copy", reproduces itself from generation to generation in the same way, at the Millennium cloning probably much left of their creators and now, maybe only looks like them.

The newspaper "Trud" in the article of 29 may 1996, reported recently in the slopes Basodan-Ula (Tibet Autonomous region of China) hunters found in the ice of well-preserved corpse of the man, whose age is estimated at 5,000 years. In the structure of the corpse there has been some unexplained oddities, in the result of it was brought to the study in the USA. It turned out that almost all the organs of the corpse were artificial, made from materials that are unknown to modern science. Artificial there was even the brain. All this gave grounds to Dr. Manners - the head of the group, who had studied Tibetan mummy", - declare that found the body does not belong to man, and a space alien. Check this statement currently not possible, because right after statements of the academic mummy confiscated CIA agents. Currently, it probably is on the famous "basis 52" in Nevada, where the remains of aliens.

"Tibetan stranger"composed of artificial organs, indicates that a large portion of the aliens first type can be a cyborg - artificial beings of intelligence. About their ancestors, or the Creator, we do not know. In terms of their nature, these ancestors could be like us is to consist of physical and spiritual condition most Likely, they died out (moved to the field level of existence) hundreds of thousands and millions of years ago, and their puppets and cyborgs continue to "live" until now, wandering space and reproducing their kind.

But artificial individuals die, and die forever, because, in essence, are dead, soulless creatures, the walking dead. They may have a genetic code, governing their origin and development. But not directed by the soul, if he does, it will be purely automatically, including the same once the specified program. However, the clones and cyborgs really want to be immortal. Hence their increased interest in people that have a lot in common in the physical and biological terms. The only difference: people have a soul which lives forever. In order to gain the soul, the spiritual body, aliens must change its nature (here and further we will talk only about aliens first type). They're trying to do with different genetic experiments and handling stolen their people.

"Eyewitnesses who visited the alien ships, their bases and laboratories, often talk about some of the medical experiments conducted by those creatures with humans and mutants people. The aliens are interested in human plasma and embryos

The aliens try on human soul

Perhaps the aliens are working in two directions:

1. Studying the genetic apparatus of a person's ability to improve on its basis their own genome to produce offspring with not only physical, but also spiritual body.

2. Learn the spiritual body of man, its properties and structure. This second area, you might need them in case of work in the first direction will be deadlock.

Venture to suggest that implants - miniature devices, implantable strangers in the body of the people, is intended for observation of the spiritual bodies of people and to study them.

It is known that a considerable part of implanted people have in varying degrees psychic abilities. This may mean that the implant acts as a sort of catalyst for enhancing laid in the spiritual body hidden features, resulting in the implanted person starts, for example, to see prophetic dreams, to discern the future, to communicate with the spirits, etc., Such action implants for humans suggests that the aliens know a lot about the properties of the spiritual body of man. They might even able in some degree to manage them. Implanted people instinctively feel that someone or something manages not so much their body as their consciousness, psyche. That is exactly the spiritual body.

In the majority of contacts with aliens exposure is not the physical body of contactando, and spiritual. People, who have met with aliens, in one voice say that felt when dealing with them a strange cold, empty, felt the oppressive influence of someone else's will. After such meetings, many observed changes in themselves, often negative. Studying these people psychics found flaws and holes in their aura.

On the basis of certain characteristics, apparently, to say that people abducted by aliens are deprived of their spiritual phone alien Experiments on people over, as a rule, the death of the latter. Separated from the dead quantum education - soul - somehow recovered, "caught" alien doctors. This is indirectly evidenced by the fact that people abducted by aliens, does not channeled communication, does not appear as a Ghost, his traces can not find in the "other world" psychics and magicians. The souls of people abducted by aliens, are silent.

It turns out that the alien is able to "break" with people of their aura, or spiritual shell, and somehow keep it to yourself! It is possible that aliens deprive people of their spiritual body in order to try it on yourself, to put it as stolen someone else's clothes. But, apparently, the human soul is not "coming in" to them, not CPAstetsa with them, and this is the main problem of alien surgeons. The human soul with life experiences and memories of the earthly man rejects them. However, the alien does not leave attempts to "merge" with her, so after the death of his physical body to remain in it forever. The progress of their work in this direction is anyone's guess.

The hypothesis about aliens, "exhaust" of the people's soul, can certainly be considered a fiction. But UFOs and aliens is the field where you have to wander in the darkness, and where can come true wildest guesses. Many believe that the veil of secrecy over everything connected with UFOs, should be disclosed in the present, the twenty-first century. The only question is: when?

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