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На борту летающей тарелки"...While waiting, I, surprisingly, felt emotionally detached - no fear! The aliens put me in your "dental" chair and implemented one implant crown under my posterior tooth, and other tiny black "pea" was stitched into the brush my hand."

Exit from the underground

Nadine Lalic, a California resident and our contemporary, is not called the woman of the Renaissance. Author, artist-designer, entrepreneur, worker of the court - in short, bright and many-sided personality, she is 19 years old hid the fact that it periodically abducted by aliens. Then finally decided and written about 25 cases from personal experience in the book "Experiences with aliens", to illustrate the text own drawings.

Interestingly, since 1991 Nadine without any hypnosis gradually remembered almost 90% of their adventures associated with "abnormal beings". In 2004, especially after a period of intensive contacts, she decided that she disturb "come out of hiding" fears for his career and personal life. And she knows many things that would help us and others! For example, what technologies are used by aliens to "work" with earthlings.

Armchairs for experiments

In one Chapter of his book Nadine Lalic tells about the devices, which are used mysterious thieves for the study of people. One of these devices it is called by the chair to access the back. On Dean says that the chair of normal size, made of material such as acrylic, but in the form of a barrel with back, reaching to the floor and slightly concave inside. In the middle of it cut a hole approximately 20x25 cm, which provides access to the back sitting on a chair.

"They put me on the chair, - says Nadine, and completely immobilized, as if paralyzed. Forced to focus on what's happening at the table right in front of me. Meanwhile (and I felt it!) "grey" alien performed on my lower back some painful procedures may be introduced under the skin, or even in the spinal cord implant".

"Well, they have other chairs. One of them resembles those that stand in the offices of dentists, continued Nadine. It armchair standing to support approximately meter height, made of smooth hard metal like brushed stainless steel. The back is slightly inclined backwards and narrowed at the top. Aliens conducted his experiment, I didn't hesitate. Watching the man sitting in that chair, I noticed that the back several inches above the head, so that Guinea could never look back. Besides his outstretched hands were secured on long rectangular metal panels-the armrests. The aliens could freely manipulate head and hands sitting. I watched in this chair planted screaming with horror the man, and then three of the "grey" took over his head and hands."

During one of abductions Nadine sat at the table, and before her put two round cans of transparent glass. One of the jars, about two centimetres deep and more than six in diameter, covered with a lid, resembles a magnifying glass through which the woman saw who was in the BA night caterpillar approximately 2.5 centimeters in length. "Somehow I thought that the aliens will force me to eat this abomination," - writes in his book, Nadine. But when the lid was removed, it was not the caterpillar, and some semblance of a tiny comb size is much smaller than appeared through a magnifying glass, only three millimeters in length. This implant, according to Nadine, was embedded in her nasal cavity.

One night

Once Nadine woke in the night. Something made her get up and leave home in one night clothes. In astonishment, she saw many of her neighbors, too, standing in his yard as if in a hypnotic state. "Down from the porch, - says Nadine, I felt fear. Over the fence, I saw another group of men in underwear - those, like somnambulists, coming down the street towards us. Standing in front of the house, I looked in clear summer sky and saw a few triangular UFO, Parusa at a height of about thirty meters. Suddenly one of them took off a small "plates". Independently from each other, they began to decline."

A minute later, one of these objects landed at the feet Nadine. It was a silvery disc about 20 centimetres in diameter with cuts coming from the edges to the center. On the disk were engraved strange icons or, may be, letters, representing a tiny rectangular depressions. "Immediately I realized that these drives are special devices that collect and transmit on Board uterine vehicle information about people or groups of people, who decided to steal, determine their location and alert nearby space vehicles.

When the hour "x"

In his book Nadine describes two different devices intended for influencing the subconscious of people. During one of abduction with it pursued the so-called classes. On the table before her put rectangular box about the size of 30x10x2,5 centimeters of transparent material. When it opened, she began gently to glow from within. It was a lot of thin translucent sheets, bound with one hand, like pages in a book, and on them - some symbols carved on the sheet and closed transparent, iridescent film. According to Nadine, this film contains some information - such as computer diskettes. Nadine was ordered to concentrate on these characters, and it seemed to me that she subconsciously absorbed some information.

Another variant of the device for programming is a set of ten transparent tubes height from 15 to 45 centimeters, shines from the inside and filled with some liquid. From them came the sounds of different frequencies. During the experiment near certainly was "on duty".

"This creature type insectoid reminded enormous praying mantis, " says Nadine. It scanned my brain or committed some other kind of telepathic control". As suggested by Nadine, aliens when it is introduced into the human subconscious certain commands or behaviors that can be activated when a certain hour "x".

Underground "octopus"

Nadine tells of a terrible sight, the witness which it was during one of the training sessions. It was attended by several tall white aliens. Before Nadine put the screen, which showed a different videos. She showed a certain situation from the future, when will the mass arrival of aliens on Earth. First appeared on the screen a large capsule, reminiscent of a badminton shuttlecock. This capsule is down from the night sky in the desert, approximately 20-30 kilometers from the city, reminiscent of Las Vegas. Touching upon the ground, capsule began to spin rapidly, simultaneously opening like a flower Bud, and spreading in all directions of its "petals-tentacles"that began to eat into the earth and at the same time to lengthen. After them capsule also went to a depth of several hundred meters and there become a kind of an octopus 15 meters in diameter with a dozen 30-meter-long tentacles, radiating in all directions. Fully entrenched in the ground, massive object continued to spin rapidly dug in them cavity, generating some form of energy, which, according to the "instructors"were physically able to influence the people of the whole city.

"Thus, - says Nadine, - the aliens showed me their ability to control us not only individually through telepathy or a brain scan: they gave to understand that their technology can control the nervous system and the brain of many people at the same time. Their intentions are, I think, is that while landing of aliens on Earth was time to enter into a passive, peaceful state the maximum number of people, then it would be easy to manipulate".

Yuri Krasnov
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