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Тревожная динамика энергетики Земли накануне 21.12.12г.In the last five years, tracking energy Zaporizhzhya region, I regularly observed the periodic fluctuations of radiation on anomalous zones. But last year I started to notice of violation of this frequency and threatening changes in the energy of the Earth. I consider it necessary to share these observations and findings with other people, because these questions are troubled. This is especially important on the eve of frightening date g., the approach to the majority of inhabitants of a planet are waiting in the darkness of ignorance and fear.

Disturbing the dynamics of the energy of the Earth.

1) Periodic fluctuations of the energy of the planet.
2) Manifestations of these fluctuations on the sacred places.
3) the Purpose and structure of the sanctuaries.
4) the Buildup of a biofield of the Earth in the last year.
5) the Risk of pathogenic radiation and protection from them.
6) What brings us 21.12.12.
7) How to prepare for the transition.

1. My annual observation of anomalous zones showed that the centuries energy of the Earth during the year was regularly changed and these changes are caused visible annual movement of the Sun. That is, in the annual cycle of the Earth, there are three specific period of 5 days, which is bound to the day of the equinox and the winter solstice is the day and 2 days before and 2 days after. And there is one period of 30 days, which is connected with the summer solstice is the day and 14 days and 15 days after it. At the beginning of each period, at dawn on the Earth there is a powerful burst of positive radiation, increasing the energy of the planet several times. But the next day after the end of these periods, and also at dawn, these favorable radiation left their areas, and the Land returned to its usual low energy state.

2. These energy vibrations I first tracked on sacred centres of our region. So, a Stone tomb, near Melitopol, in these times I have found a tenfold increase in the total area of positive places. On the main sanctuary of the island of Khortytsia in these 45 days, there have been a seven-fold increase in the total area of the positive zone. This regular flow of energy on the Earth indicates the fact that our ancestors it is these days accounted for the major holidays - December Kolyada, March Maslenitsa, June Kupala and, finally, the September Radosos. People these days the masses rushed to the sacral places to recharge the life-giving energy, where left behind various memos. On the walls of caves and Stone tombs are hundreds of petroglyphs, and on Khortitsa - dozens of mounds and sanctuaries.

3. Of course it is essential to understand the purpose of construction of the sanctuaries of our ancestors. There are different hypotheses on the appointment sanctuaries from the view that they represent some generic link from our ancestors and to the idea that they served the Magi astronomical instruments. But the real facts of the biolocation of measurements indicate that the stone objects on all the ancient sanctuaries outline specific anomalous zones, which our ancestors felt and used in my life.
For example, consider the so-called sanctuary "Observatory", which is located at the height of Brahama Khortytsya island and the plan is shown in figure 1. It has four solid stone circle E, D, G, H, which indicate pathogenic zones, with constant negative radiation. There is the sanctuary of two rings a, C and ellipses In that outline the areas with the incoming radiation. There are several large and separate boulders with their specific functions.
My regular measurements of energy sanctuary showed that up to September 2011 his ring and ellipses in the same special four year period to 45 days were filled strong positive energy that fueled and sanctified of people coming to it. At the end of each period, these energies left the specified area to the next. So it was for centuries and I thought, that so will be always. (SMPR, Fig.2, Fig.3)

4. However, in the autumn equinox 2011. the arrival of this grace was stopped suddenly. From 21 to 25 September the specified regions sanctuaries instead of the expected positive suddenly filled with a strong negative energy. (Fig. 4) However, on September 26, the Earth returned to his usual energy state.
But in following the December special period the energy situation on the Ground has become much worse. Thus, in the period 20-24 December 2011 at the sanctuary again, as in September, saw a surge strong negative light. From 25 December 2011. on March 17, 2012. energy sanctuary has not returned to its normal state, and dramatically deteriorated - he had many vast and powerful geopathogenic zones and seismically active bands (Fig.5).

Such generalized negative energy and the strengthening of low frequency seismic activity occurred throughout the Khortitsa and the planet.
Amazingly, March 18, 2012 aura of the Earth suddenly appeared on the zero point and throughout the 5-day period of the spring equinox on the planet was not shown, neither positive nor negative light. But on March 23 and Khortytsya, and the Land returned to the previous negative state, though with a slight increase in emissions. Unexpected exception is the Stone tomb, zero energy which remained until 8 June.

It is noteworthy that in the 30-day period of summer solstice 2012, on the Stone tomb, the sanctuary and the Earth came partly positive energy, as it was in previous years. However, after this planet again covered the same extensive pathogenic radiation.
In the autumn equinox 2012. continued further spread of pathogenic zones and sanctuaries (Fig. 6) and on the planet. So now walks on Khortytsia will not allow former recharge and invigorating effect and bring havoc and fatigue. By the way, the Stone tomb currently energetically again absolutely empty, but in its district, previously free from pathogenic radiation, with g. were extensive godforsaken place.

5. What threats are people these energy changes and whether you can protect yourself from the negative radiations?
There is no doubt that recent disasters caused the strongest earthquakes, hurricanes, and other elements, podlassie earthlings, clearly point to the global deterioration of the energy of the planet. This was also indicated by the fact unprecedented distribution of snakes and annoying bugs. About strengthening the damaging effects of radiation of Earth on people's health is also evidenced by the frequent and amolodipine recent Arcobaleno, heart attacks and other deadly diseases.

It comes out, if you understand the mechanism of action of radiation of the Earth at the energy structure of man and animals, which consists of the channels and chakras. This structure in humans, dogs, cows and so on, like the right thumb, provides the whirl of energy in the chakras counterclockwise with simultaneous voshedshim flow through the channels from the bottom up, in the head. In a positive zone, places of power energy of the Earth also is counterclockwise and staring up, so she feeds the power of the person and these animals and favorable for them. On the contrary, pathogenic, godforsaken places, energy flows emanating from the Earth, have the opposite direction of rotation is clockwise than inhibit sakralnie processes of man and of the same animals and destroying their health. In cats, snakes, bees, ants, bugs, etc. the energy in the chakras moves clockwise and favorable godforsaken place.

It is important to understand that guaranteed protection from pathogenic radiation is not - these rays in a few days punch any barriers, penetrating all floors of buildings and basements. Scientists invent various devices and pyramids, diverting towards flows abnormal radiation. But it is still dangerous because people using these devices, destroys the aura of the Earth, and she, as a living MEGASYSTEM, would answer him destruction, as happened with Atlantes. For example, my experiences with tetrahedral pyramid, the edges of which is equal to 2m, showed that it takes all the Earth radiation for a circle with a radius of 160 m, where their impact is even more unpredictable and dangerous.
The best that is possible in pathogenic situation is to leave a bad area to a safe place.

6. Now, proceeding from the above, can discuss events g.

1) Obviously, as always, in the period of the winter solstice, within 5 days, from 19 to 23 December, the planet will be the next power surge.

2) As we found out, the energy of the Earth in the last year severely shaken and on 8 July 2012. with the growing power of moving to negative critical point. So far, this crisis time is reached, the 19 December 2012. will begin a new powerful leap negative energy processes, as it was in December 2011.

3) If the December power surge still will plunge the Earth into a global crisis, the final exit from it happens in the spring equinox 2013, when our planet will pass through a kind of zero state, as it was in March 2012, and reborn in a new positive quality. Full of energy transformation of the Earth will end, apparently, in the summer solstice, 2013, then she your new positive aura will launch a total spiritual revolution of mankind and nastupilbegins a new era in the life of earthlings.

4) by the Way, the most famous prophecies of the Maya, Acasi, Vanga and Oracle Shambhala also talk about energy transformations of the Earth that will change mankind and will lead to the change of eras in its development. Global catastrophe through the fault of the Earth they are not predicted.
It is obvious that the main threat for civilization in this transition time will be inadequate selfish acts of men, is fraught with a large man-made disasters and total accidents.

5) Therefore, in the imminent dangerous situation it is good to all people in advance to prepare for the next anticipated event of a possible crisis than passivity to expose yourself to deadly risk.
--The energy shock on December 19-23 may cause deep transformation of the bio-field of the Earth and temporarily disrupt energy exchange between it and the Sun, up to a strong light anomalies.
--Flows powerful vortex of energy and low frequency seismic vibrations can destroy the weak building, disable Electromechanical and electronic devices that will lead to stop of industry and transport, blocking utilities and communications.
--Unmanaged processes may lead to tehnoelektrohim on dangerous objects: explosions, fires, etc.
--Light anomalies, accidents and disasters can cause social disorder, panic and violence.

6.--Came strong pathogenic flows form on the planet extensive terrible places where energy is weak and possessed by passions of people may experience some pain and suffering, until he lost consciousness, mental disorders and sotsialnoye behavior.

7. What are appropriate recommendations in this regard, the likely crisis?

First, once in the period 19-23 December will be seen signs of a sharp increase in vibrations of a biofield of Land or mass violations in the work of the devices and mechanisms, immediately suspend all dangerous production and life-sustaining processes. This saves the Earthmen from a planetary technoelectro and destruction of infrastructure.

It is extremely important to implement activities on prevention and elimination of possible rampant lawlessness, looting and violence.

Secondly, all families need to equip the autonomy of survival, ensuring himself warmth, light, water and food for at least a month.
Finally, each person has to work on the physical and spiritual levels, together with the Land through a process of transformation. I.e..

1) to identify pathogenic zones to promptly to avoid them. (See Mgr. 2)
2) to Strengthen their health and support around the body tight energy cocoon appropriate practices.
3) Resolve all their troubled relationship with other people and to restore order in your mind, casting aside all fear, aggression and other obsession that will awaken care and sensitivity to others.
4) to Be extremely vigilant and aware throughout the day to avoid selfishness, sharing with the world. Found this unity will provide inner strength and wisdom necessary to pass through the crucible of transformation.

Author: Velichko Igor Vladimirovich Phone 061-700-60-99, +38-093-797-28-99 e-mail: gor.velich@yandex.ru

Appendix 1. Explanation of symbols on drawings.
1) a, b, ..., N - red capital letters marked the most important objects of the sanctuary: rings, circles, stones.
2) 3, 4, 5 and 6 - digits specified power radiation in the anomalous zone 6-point grading hour scale, as measured by the scope.
3) Area, colored red, represent the most dangerous negative geopathogenic zones, i.e. - godforsaken place.
4) Area, filled with Golden color, indicate other negative zones, which are much less dangerous than godforsaken place.
5) Areas shaded in green indicate energetically favorable, positive and stable zone, i.e. there are places of power.
6) colored Areas turquoise, denote positive and unstable zones, which can dislodge and vary in size.
7) the Area indicated by the letters X, Y, Z and painted in brown, indicate faults of the Earth's crust, where there are low-frequency seismic oscillations. Usually they have devastating effects on human health and technology.
8) the Triangles on the schemes indicated large or single stones.

Appendix 2. Self mastery of biolocation.
Without exception, all children are psychics from birth, since they possess perfect power structure, which provides the ability to feel the impact of the body's subtle energies of the Earth, people, animals and plants. Unfortunately, over the years, most adults lose this natural sensitivity and ability to biolocation, poisoning your body of harmful food, long while in pathogenic places, and plunging into constant reasonings and anxiety, forgetting care to the world.

However, many people, showing due diligence, capable without help to identify anomalous zone? To do this, you first need to configure your body on the perception of the subtle energies that it is easier to do in two areas with contrasting radiation. Start with what you become in a positive place and stand there for 3-5 minutes, recognizing and remembering their bodily sensations in it. Then go to the bad place and realize there is a change in his feelings. Can several times to move from pathogenic zones in the area of power and forth until, until you have to clearly distinguish between their perception of these zones.

When you awaken in ourselves the ability to natural biolocation, can begin learning framework and pendulum. If you are within 15 min will not be able to feel the difference in their feelings in contrasting areas, or they are upside down, it means that your body has accumulated somewhere more pathogenic strain and you need professional help.
Of course, contrasting areas are on each of the sanctuary, and by the scheme in figure 6 you to the sanctuary of the Observatory can choose a suitable pair.

If you live far from the island of Khortytsya, as a godforsaken place can rent a place where love to lay long cat, but as places of power - the nearest place where prefers to remain long without a leash dog or a cow. Additionally, these places can be checked as follows: in every place to put a glass with wet bread inside and cover glass or cardboard. In a bad place bread will mouldy faster and stronger
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