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Марс колонизируют миллионеры?American billionaire, co-founder Elon Musk, SpaceX announced the development of the rocket engine, intended for a flight to Mars. According to his calculations, the price "diversion" there is only one colonist should be half a million dollars. The trip is planned exclusively at the expense of future "Martians".

"The ticket price should be low enough that the majority of people in developed countries to their 45 years or so could collect money for such a flight", -declared Masks at a conference at the Royal society of Astronautics (UK). About 500 000 dollars will cost buying a home in California, he added.

Meanwhile, statistics show that most Americans are not able to collect to 45 years of age the same amount. Moreover, the average real income of American families has not increased since 1975. So it's unlikely even in developed countries there is a large number of people willing to colonize Mars. Yes, and the average age is not the best for the entry in "the cosmonaut detachment": 45 not so easy to move space trip with his overloads and then pass the adaptation in the not too comfortable conditions of an alien planet.

But the Mask has its own ideas about that. For example, at the beginning of colonization only one per 100 thousand Earthmen will be ready to pay a ticket to Mars, he says. Most likely, by the time the world population will grow to be about 8 billion people. Therefore, we will have as much as 80 thousand potential colonists who buy tickets for the total amount of $ 40 billion. This is enough to produce on Mars, the first colony of the size of a small earthly city. However, will need to equip the primary database, but the money this will require significantly less than for the organization of a transfer of earthlings.

It is the delivery of the colonists to Mars is by far the most challenging. Even heavy launch vehicle Falcon-9 with built the first stage will not pull such an operation. Now SpaceX is developing space vehicles called MCT (according to various data, it stands for or how Mass Cargo Transport, or as a Mars Colony Transport). It is hoped that this vehicle will run on methane engine closed cycle.

Unlike Merlin engines used on the Falcon-9, here generator gas will not be released to the environment, and gets into the combustion chamber, thereby improving traction and efficiency of the engine. In addition, the methane is much cheaper, for example, hydrogen, which is important for the organization frequent flights, and it can not be afraid to be stored at high temperatures, whereas under such conditions, liquid hydrogen makes the material tanks are more fragile.

But the most important - it is not necessary to bring the methane from the Earth. It can get straight on Mars, using earth anaerobic bacteria and local substrates. Theoretically in Mars conditions can be obtained and hydrogen, but since this is only possible by electrolysis of water, which here lies beneath the Sands in the form of ice, the process will be much more complicated and intensive than in the case of methane.

By the way, according to Elon musk, to use for flights "reusable" ship, which will be returned to Earth in the early stages of colonization is unrealistic, because the distance between Earth and Mars is constantly changing. On the first ship of the people will not be too much: in the main compartments are occupied with building material for hermetic domes, which will live colonists, and also plants and fertilizers for them. It is also planned to send to Mars oxygen and water, the latter will also provide protection from the radiation, which is on the red planet higher than on Earth.

In principle, the idea seems quite feasible. Find 80 thousand people who agree to become pioneers on an alien planet. Someone will look for the exotic and romantic, someone out of an overcrowded Earth, someone wants to fly away from the problems that have plagued it here. Another question is how these people will be suitable for the Mars exploration? There will need not only people who can make money, but various scientific and technical specialists, teachers, doctors, psychologists, workers, finally.

Therefore, in order to ensure demand for experts of various directions, you will need enough-cost carriers, and then "ticket" for Mars in no way can cost half a million. As for the handful of millionaires, it is unlikely that they themselves can be of significant value. And to invest in this expensive project own means something while none of rich men are not in a hurry...
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