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Ждать ли Конца Света 21.12.2012?Some time ago, statistics released very funny statistics. Thus, in 2009-m year to the request "2012" the Google search engine was issued 170 million pages on various topics. Today on the same query, Google generates 25 BILLION pages.

Readers have long plagued us with questions on the subject of December 2012 year, asking to explain what it is, but unlike other writers we do not dare to claim that we know everything. However, watching the theme for ten years as a minimum. Believe, some conclusions can share, since the 21st of December, soon.

The end of the world from the 21st of December 2012, he became so popular that write about it all and Sundry. In General goes up from nowhere appeared the information and new in fact no one tells but in the General flow of information can be divided into three waves.

The first wave appeared about five years ago, when the world media began to unfold the theme of the Mayan calendar, according to which the 21st of December 2012, the year ends the era of the so-called "fifth Sun", after which it is unclear what will happen.

Here is something to think about culture of the Mayan, Inca and Aztec according to most researchers in some point of development had contact with some mysterious and advanced civilizations that have given rise their culture - as was the case with the civilization of Babylon. It is possible that teachers from space or other some space enlightened priests Maya on the subject even very distant future, gave an unusual calendar and taught them to use. However, the big question is correctly they know how to use modern academics, as we shall mention below.

Another wave of the Apocalypse - waiting for the arrival of the planet Nibiru, with the approach which seems to see the Americans with secret base in Antarctica. There were ancient information, according to which every few thousand years the Earth is approaching an unknown planet and here begin the cataclysms. Information looked quite convincing, it caught the interest of hundreds of millions of people.

However, Nibiru as if there is no - at least to the naked eye it is not evident that gave rise to 2012, the year of the famous skepticism. However, many of the planets of the Solar system is also not generally visible and even experienced astronomer if and says what he sees, for example, Jupiter - he just knows where to look and from a number of objects, extracts the brightest should sector. But, not knowing the time of year and the year - to confuse Jupiter with this or that star could even expert on this planet. Therefore, astronomers, space body open still. What to say about Nibiru, which is ten times smaller than Jupiter. It may well be somewhere now in orbit around Mars, and it is impossible to isolate it from other luminaries if you do not know where and how to look.

In addition, disasters can be interpreted not only as a manifestation in the physical space, but also as a social upheavals in the world of humanity. For example, during these years there were massive revolution in the middle East.

It seemed that Nibiru story about Armageddon over, but - suddenly there was a prediction of a Lama, which in any case, let's quote:

Lama from the monastery of Ghandruk under the Kailas, known as the Oracle of Shambhala, told about the possible passage of the Earth through the galactic "the zero phase, slated to begin on December 21, 2012. According to him, this day is almost over all the Earth will come total darkness and silence. No light, electricity, communication, even the sounds will not be able to exist...

And somewhere began a real panic. Lama spoke not just so, and seems to be warned such a serious organization as NASA, all busied himself with the purchase of supplies. The people in a moment sweeps from the shelves salt, matches, candles, canned food and so on.

Let's start with the fact that the Mayan calendar have a rather skeptical about the Indians of Central America, very little is known even academics. Know exactly what the Spaniards at the bidding of the Vatican was cleaned all local elite, expropriated all written sources and destroyed that you can destroy. Something similar earlier was already in Europe, and in Russia in the 19th-century tsarist people came and confiscated from the people "magic book". Seized up and today even the history of our country and our people - one big dark spot. And here some Maya. We may know about them?

Know about them we are very few, and all academic science about this civilization is based on guesswork and no more. Some guesses lead to other, then a third, then combining guess people write scientific papers, but in reality it has no relation. The real remains of megasurvey who find in America, a primitive culture is to build could not. The real figures of aircraft. Finally real ziggurats, which stood on the lands of Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs. All this academicians do not say anything intelligible.

And what academics say is nothing more than a theory. In particular the system of chronology Maya explain only theory and nothing more, for holders of knowledge is not in the nature. It is as if in ancient Greek scientist would get a computer and they tried to explain what it is and how it works, not knowing even electricity. From the same series and explanations about the Mayan calendar, for civilization gave the people of Mayan corn, which is not in the wild, probably understood in astronomy and calendars more modern academics. Theories about the system of chronology Maya many, but which one is more correct nobody knows. It so happened that one of the theories 60-ies of the last century which was forgotten and the author (Professor of anthropology at Yale University Michael CoE (Michael Coe)) suddenly became a property of the multi-billion dollar public. And the author himself in 1969-the year they treated his theory as a joke. But it is known that in every joke there is some joke.

Never the subject of disasters and shocks, both in relation to 2012, was not widely discussed. And in this discussion many strange. Enormous work by 2012-th year carried out by means of the global propaganda, some blockbusters about the end of the world made over the last five years more than in the previous fifty. Books written sea, much of quotes on the subject - not so easy to find. On the whole was formed enormous information wave about Armaggedon 2012. Moreover, if often for all sorts of waves have a feeling of a certain order, there is a certain feeling of immediacy and spontaneity of the process. And it is not clear who is the beneficial owner of the information campaign 21st December 2012? No one on this question unanswered, as no one responded to this and some other issues.

For example, on the subject sharply increased seismic activity academics or silent, or you have some kind of nonsense. On the subject of the strange climate change in recent decades, there is also no explanation. Mass mortality of those or other kinds of fauna is also not explained. Frequent repeatedly UFO observation is again not explain.

The strange events in the world in recent times is the mass and one must be a complete idiot not to see - the planet is clearly ahead of some major changes, and changes affecting many spheres of life, from economy to politics and ending widespread not very common technical devices. Cannot rule out development of events, which in General can be described as a miracle.

A lot of people use the word miracle as a rule little understanding of its essence and meaning miracle analogues wonders of the films about Harry Potter - the magician waved his magic wand, and the miracle happened. But miracles sometimes happen and strongly stretched in time, sometimes so much so that they take place before the eyes of a generation, which is why the current generation of a miracle does not notice and the following one already sees the changes as given. And many wonders in fact, for example, the emergence of tropical essentially crops in Central Russia. Thirty years ago, at the latitude of Volgograd peach tree can be seen only in the Botanical garden. Today they are growing near the apples almost near St. Petersburg. Piranha fish appeared in the Neva river. How can this be?

With the consciousness of people, too, sometimes strange things happen. So in the middle East have lived for decades and prosper in health dozens autocratic ghouls like Mr. Gaddafi. Then in the middle East, in Jerusalem, was recorded UFO, but after a few months of peace inhabitants half of the Arab countries embarked on the ears, for they suddenly happened enlightenment in the brains and all realized that because earlier to live. What is this if not a miracle? Maybe someone owns a science which could this situation be explained, but in our understanding of this miracle, for another, more appropriate word for such a phenomenon does not exist.

It is possible that a miracle, severely stretched in time can happen after the 21st of December 2012. It is possible that people feel something or someone really knows something. In the end, the same knowledge of the Maya lost to official science, but hardly in the Vatican burned all brought from America artifacts. Perhaps the Mayan calendar - the calendar is real and is a kind of leak of the secret vaults.

However, we are not talking about a disaster, and about certain changes, the signs are already there. Perhaps at the end of 2012 years will really start having some weird changes to the planet - changes in the biosphere, climate change, changing the mindset of people. About this says a lot mystics and prophets, psychics, many of which have no idea that the whole world speaks today about the 21st of December 2012. They learned from the available sources of information that each of your psychic. Maybe the Earth is in any particular area of the Galaxy, where even the laws of physics others may we become witnesses of certain cyclic changes on the planet that happen once in a while. We do not exclude that new properties of space around will allow people to see what was hid from them, for example the same UFO. They are unlikely flights today as very frequent, but rather changes in the world are already happening and just more and more people begin to see something that had never seen before.

Reason number two is that the concept of the end of the world from the 21st of December 2012, the year is completely fictional media myth and physical grounds, under a no. Curiously enough reasons for joy from this no - the only cause for concern, because if the stars are lit up, it means that somebody needs it. If someone spends billions on promotion of the idea about the End of the world in 2012, the year - then is it what you want. Why? Indulgences are already not trade. It's difficult to say. But to this development and should be prepared, for it is quite possible that someone under the noise of the End of world war may start there. So even if the end of the world of the 21st of December there is a myth - ignore devoted to this date GLOBAL information campaign unwise. If on the 21 St of December planned any trip that you can wait - why not put it off? All running around buying up dry rations? Well, you just in case buy the most necessary things in the household - may lie in the barn a couple of extra pieces of soap and candles for in the end, we live in Russia, where the main lifeguard with some oak put the Defense Minister and now, in fact, a good pantry really may need in any calendar day.
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