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Конец света 21 декабря 2012 пугает больше половины населения планетыDecember 21 - date, which is now scares more than half the world's population. Many - this day is itself so. Panic began to spread peace once on television and in the Internet appeared the information that December 21, 2012 end of the Mayan calendar. Historians and simply devout and gullible people saw in this a prediction of the end of the world.

Interestingly, in every country of the world, do it differently. For example, Americans are sure that 21st of December of this year, the planet will capture zombies. Therefore strongly preparing to resist the living dead. The Internet in the States is full of offers to purchase special sets for survival in the day of the werewolves. The demand for weapons the Americans surged significantly. Especially popular rifle with the inscription, "will help during a zombie outbreak". Other "craftsmen" produced a series of video lessons, supposedly can prepare you for the resistance of the living dead. In their commercials these "teacher" even tell how to produce food in this apocalyptic period.

But residents of Chile on December 21 at work in General are not going. By results of research of sociologists, some workers want to get paid in advance and spend the day in a big way. Well, in Argentina approximation "doomsday" generally recognized at government level. The authorities advised that all residents thoroughly prepare for the end of the world.

The Russians, though, and fell down first into hysteria, but later decided to worry "Apocalypse" comfortably, if not with pathos. Now in the neighboring country, in particular in the capital and Moscow suburbs - boom bunkers. The rich are buying a specially equipped warehouse, in order to sit out there on the end of the world.

"Bunkers equipped with a ventilation system with filters that do not pass inside no infection, no smoke, nothing. We can equip the bunker system, which is similar to the system of air supply on a submarine. In there you can put any life support systems, access control, every store".

The cost of such comfortable "caches" starts from two hundred thousand dollars. The maximum price is not there.

Europeans are rumors about the end of the world do not really care about. On the Foggy Albion just created two radio stations around the clock tell the audience about how to survive the Apocalypse. Armenian radio on "doomsday" is silent. But bookmakers this country earn in full. The Dodgers have started to take bets on the Apocalypse. Promise, if the end of the world will indeed come, players will be able to enrich themselves at exactly 555 times.
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