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NASA собирается сделать из Луны остров погибших космических кораблейon December 13, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) held a press conference where he announced that two probes-twins of the space mission of the GRAIL, which were examined by the gravitational field of the moon, shall be dashed in pieces on the lunar surface, as on Board these space vehicles ran out of fuel, according to EVROSE.

Drop probes on the surface of the moon will occur on settlements специалистовNASA 18 December 02:28 Moscow time.

NASA is not the first time conducting such an experiment. Previously about the lunar surface near the South pole natural satellite of the Earth have already been defeated by the LCROSS spacecraft and the upper stage "Centaurus". As a result of this fall on the moon climbed the trail of debris and gas, which allowed American scientists to judge the presence of water and other volatile substances.

If you consider the fact that a similar fate prepared for the European space telescope, Herschel", it can be argued that the Moon with light hand" NASA experts gradually turns into a real cemetery space ships.

We remind that the mission of the GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory), which has cost the American taxpayer almost half a billion dollars, began in September 2011. It was then that two of the transmitter the size of a small washing machine went to the moon, to the scientists with their help could be unprecedented accurate map of the gravitational field of a natural satellite of Earth.

In may 2011 probes Ebb (outflow) and Flow (tide) took to the working orbit of the moon, and from the height of 55 kilometers began to measure the lunar gravity. As a result, scientists have received precise gravity map of the moon, which will help them determine the internal structure of the Earth satellite and test hypotheses about its origin.

Already now it is possible to tell with confidence that thanks to the map of the lunar gravity, scientists have learned that on the moon there are traces of blows ancient meteorites, faults which may go up to the mantle of the moon. And this suggests that the density of the moon's surface is much less than previously thought and contains many voids.
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