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Шпионы не у дел: от науки до помощи детямLet's imagine what could be Mata Hari, if it is not executed on charges of espionage. The first time, probably, would have continued to dance - it was her profession. Russian intelligence officer Anna Chapman before joining the police station new York businesses. After the expulsion from the USA to Russia girl found not only in politics, journalism and television. Leaven businesswomen, coupled with falling popularity allowed her to earn good money for their candid photos. But among all this ridiculous fuss and noise Anna established a charitable Fund of assistance to the blind and visually impaired children "the Right to smile".

"Creativity is more interesting pain, writes Anna Chapman. - During the work of her charity Fund I understood it. Therefore this project together teams who care. And I believe that kind, caring people still more than indifferent or wishing evil. Another thing that can help not all, and worst of all, the charity has spoiled the image, too long it was used for selfish purposes and for PR. And I do not blame those who do not believe, because they are too long deceived. BUT at the same time I do what I can.

In Volgograd no one but the Fund will not be able to help the children who urgently need to treat strabismus, nobody in no diagnosis, no one will be able to bring new meterology, allowing you to see at least a shadow, nobody will update the equipment in kindergartens, and most likely no one will build a school for the blind".

To help people and especially children - this respect. It does not matter, failed Lee Chapman razvijanje, was there any intelligence agents, and others. Rather than do a retired spies or agents ' retirement"? They say talented people are talented in everything. Maybe because intelligence is a creative process, the scouts choose a creative profession. On duty have them be and traders, but at heart they are artists. There is clear proof of it.

Scouts illegal Joseph romualdovich Grigulevich (operational nickname "Max") was the Ambassador of a foreign state in Italy and the Vatican, and after a successful job has become a very major specialist in the history of Latin America and Catholicism. Joseph Grigulevich returned to the Soviet Union at the end of 1953, he joined the Party and he started his scientific and literary work. Creative fertility Grigulevich, author of more than 30 books and numerous articles, aroused envy of colleagues in the academic workshop, which argued that for him from dusk till dawn employs "literary Negroes".

His first scientific monograph Grigulevich published in 1957, which he defended as a candidate dissertation. Nine years later he received his doctoral degree, prepared a monograph "Cultural revolution in Cuba". Grigulevich was elected a correspondent member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, honored scientist of the RSFSR, the bearer of many labour orders and medals. Other merits before the Motherland, he had military awards, including the order of the red banner and the red Star.

Juozas Grigalevicius (Lithuanian spelling of the name and surname) was born on 5 may 1913 in the town of Vilno in the family of Jews, Karaites. On "legend" Soviet spy he had then to be a Lithuanian citizen, Chilean, Mexican, Costa Rican. In October 1937 Grigulevich on the academic summer residence of the NKVD in Malakhovka situated near Moscow was preparing for operations on the elimination of opponents abroad. "It would be better to call Joseph 'failed liquidator'..." - says the author of the latest biography of the outstanding scout nil Nikandrov.

During the preparation of operations for the murder of Trotsky in Mexico in which Grigulevich alias "Felipe" took an active part, he met with the 23-year-old Laura Araujo Aguilar. The primary school teacher became a military girlfriend and wife scout, an illegal immigrant. Nil Nikandrov wrote: "Together Joseph and Laura lived almost 50 years, and how! They had to endure continuous harassment by the FBI, two-year separation, raids "Section Especial" in Buenos Aires, the premature death from heart disease six-month son in Rio de Janeiro, intelligence epic in Italy in the midst "cold war", "the life from scratch" in the 50-60-ies in Moscow, the evil persecution first years of perestroika. They have overcome this ordeal...close".

The years of Grigulevich in Italy has repeatedly called aerobatics illegal. Thanks to its ingenuity and operational improvisation, Soviet spy became Ambassador of Costa Rica in the Apennine Peninsula, although he never was in this country of Central America. "Max" with passport in the name Teodoro Bonneville Castro and his wife "Louise"under the name of Ineii of Idalina arrived in Italy on tourist visas and settled in a modest hotel near the centre of Rome. "Latin American" couple managed to convince the Consul of Uruguay to knock them to the police permission for permanent residence in the country. Consul even nominally designed Teodoro Castro Secretary of the Consulate. He instinctively felt that this enterprising Costa Rican will acquire a successful business and hoped for share participation in profitable business.

On trade coffee "Max" is not only rich, but also acquired a good reputation among businessmen. When in October 1950 in Italy came a group of politicians from Costa Rica, one of consuls remembered Castro. When in the office of Grigulevich phone rang and he was invited to a meeting with the former President of Costa Rica Jose Maria Hipolito Piereson Ferrer (Jose Maria Hip?lito Figueres Ferrer), part of the delegation, the scout was no time for consultation with the Centre. "The Costa Rican "homeland" I have never been - recalled Grigulevich. - My knowledge of this country was based on the popular guidebooks and information drawn from interviews with two or three "compatriots". There was a danger that I seem Figures suspicious and I'll check out".

Upon learning the details of the biography (or "legends" scout, an illegal immigrant) Castro, Figueres, which in his homeland respectfully called Don Pepe, said: "we are distant relatives! Your late father had a nephew aunt's husband, my mother! Where have you been all this time?". Theodore Castro had "honestly"that "illegitimate son and didn't want to let the father". Two months of almost daily interaction and joint trip to Italy so brought together two outstanding people that they soon became friends and switched on the "you".

Teodoro B. Castro, he co-founded the trading company, engaged in the implementation in Europe of the Costa Rican coffee. "Max" even invented the slogan of the company: "Coffee from Costa Rica will enrich your dreams". One of the veterans SVR later recalled how during an impromptu competition among the former Soviet spies-illegals on the improvised topic about coffee Grigulevich became the winner, having written, "the best essay on the coffee in the Soviet literature".

After Castro handed the bag of selected coffee beans for personnel table Pope Pius XII, the businessman paid attention nephew of the Pontiff, the Prince Giulio Pacelli, Nuncio of Costa Rica to the Holy see. Selling the Vatican first batch of coffee at a discounted price (with solid profits for Pacelli), Grigulevich has become regular supplier for the papal throne. "Max" his erudition and knowledge of Catholic doctrine is so subdued cardinal of Baroncini, the head of the police service of the Vatican congregation "Holy Department"that brought Castro to present his "Study regarding the exact date of Christ's birth".

Meanwhile, on behalf Figures Castro wrote for him as for a presidential candidate a political campaign. In several "adjusted" program was adopted at the Congress of the Costa Rican of the national liberation Party (Partido Liberaci?n Nacional). Figueres in democratic elections again became President of Costa Rica and offered its commercial partner to become his political representative in Europe.

"My program led Figures to power in 1953, - confessed Grigulevich. "He afforded me a black ingratitude. As Vice President I never received!". Instead Grigulevich may 14, 1952 as the Ambassador of Costa Rica presented his credentials (real!) the President of Italy. Pluralistically he was Costa Rica and in Yugoslavia. Encyclopedic knowledge of Grigulevich helped him to have a good acquaintance with almost all ambassadors and messengers from Latin America. Some he discussed details of the monumental painting or problems in the Amazon region, with other - the genealogy of the Inca emperors or the history of mission of Catholic monastic orders. Relationships are not formed only with the Chilean messenger who during the Second world war was the Ambassador of the Third Reich and was friends with Nazi bosses. Grigulevich quite correctly suspected him of complicity in the escape of Nazi leaders in Latin America.

Grigulevich was elevated to the dignity of knighthood, having received the order of the Maltese cross. Despite the successful work abroad, Joseph Grigulevich by the end of 1953 recalled to Moscow. On further its work in the USSR we already wrote.

To sum it up: the scout illegal immigrant could be an artist, a diplomat, scholar, businessman, scientist. Now it may beb also a benefactor.
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