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Конец Света как повод для праздникаA wandering planet Nibiru, change of magnetic poles of the Earth, the revolt of the zombies excessive wickedness and greed of mankind (who would doubt), the parade of planets - this is an incomplete listing of the reasons of the End of the world, which should take place on December 21, 2012. But really, all these probable cause Armageddon appeared in the result of reflection on the theme: "why the Mayan calendar ends on that date".

Indian "parade of planets"

In the early 60-ies on one of the scientific conferences Professor of anthropology Michael CoE drew attention of his colleagues to the end of the Mayan calendar, which accounted for 2012, calling it "the end of the world is Miejski". The original idea walked the long scientific and non-scientific circles, but after two thousand years, when the change of millenniums was expected without excesses, she went of "the people" as the new date of the End of the world.

On the reason that the end comes, the Indians are not much affected. The only thing that scientists found, that the inscription at the temple Maya Tortuguero about the deity of the underground world, creation and war beaulon-Joke, which "will descend from the sky" at the end of the calendar.

The ancient Maya had a wonderful knowledge of astronomy. They figured lunar cycles with precision to thousandths of a percent, predicted celestial phenomena on several millennia ahead, enjoyed several, pretty accurate and mathematically verified calendars. Accordingly, that the expert opinion was impossible to listen only to understand the reason why the Earth will come "beaulon-jochec". And if God had to come down from heaven, plus the Indians had the reputation of a genius astronomers, and the search threats originally started "from above". Therefore, the first alleged causes of the End of the world steel comets, asteroids, wandering planets or mysterious black holes. The only astronomically rational reason is the so-called "parade of planets", which falls on December 21, 2012.

This astronomical phenomenon, in which the solar system planets line up against the sun. Theoretically, the total gravity of the giant balls" may cause tidal influence on the sun. On Earth gravity "small" the moon causes regular marine and oceanic tides. In the case of exposure to the Sun it would be a "surge" hot plasma, resulting in solar activity will increase sharply. The release of a huge amount of charged particles in interplanetary space will cause the "revival" in the Earth's atmosphere, will also increase seismic activity (which, incidentally, is especially dangerous for the South-West USA, located relatively close to the residence of the ancient Maya). Plus, for the most gloomy versions may vary the speed of rotation of the Earth and "change" magnetic poles. However, the "parade of planets" is not the same on an astronomical scale, a rarity. In the near past, the "tight" the planets are lined up on 11 June 1128. However, that year, nothing apocalyptic become famous. In this year in Europe graph Portugal Alfonso Henriques defeated in the battle of the forces of his mother Theresa, Queen of England Matilda (the Queen Maud) married Geoffrey Plantagenet. At the end of the world does not pull. The sun "was hit in the head" is that Hungarians who suddenly broke the contract with Byzantium and looted a couple of cities (which is about and paid). The last "parade of planets" occurred in 1982. In that year died Brezhnev, but the world did not end. In General, too (thankfully) planets of our system to raise the deadly wave on the Sun.

Calendars and Mayan calendars

What, then "finish" calendar of the brilliant Mayan astronomers. There is a long pause, and ask - what is the calendar? The fact that the ancient Maya had three calendar, and only one of them "death"! The rapture modern astronomers caused by a combination of the most ancient sacred Mayan calendar "Tzolkin" ("Count days") and (especially) solar calendar - "Haab" ("Count years").

Look at this three-dimensional model. The two inner circle on 13 digits and 20 names - this is sacred Tzolkin. Combinations of numbers and names it repeats every 260 days. Large outer circle is a 365-day calendar Haab. Thus, usual for modern people astronomical year (Haab) astronomers have measured with great precision. But this is not all! The combination Tzolkin and Haab gave the Mayan of 52-year cycle, or "short account". Every so often repeated a combination of three characters. "Short account", this is the life cycle of a man, the change of generations. People who have lived a short account, enjoyed great respect and honor. Even greater honor and respect began to use the ancient Maya, who invented this calendar system, beautiful from the point of view of mathematics and astronomy. An interesting point. Neighbors Maya - Aztec - were convinced that the world would End at the end of 52-year-old "short" cycle. But not this calendar alarmed the modern mankind!

The end of the world on December 21, 2012 is attributed to the third calendar, called the "Long count". It is similar to the metric system: 20 Keane (days) = 1 WinAll. 1 Tun = 18 ainalov. 1 Katun = 20 Thun. 1 Baktun = 20 Katun. But if in our system, you can count to infinity, then the "Long count" is cut off on the 13th Baktun (5125 years or Maya easily operated huge numbers. Why they stopped the countdown, not bringing Baktun at least to 20?!

The relevance of this issue has never been greater. As scientists believe, that the Long count "started" in 3114 BC and the end of a great era will come on December 21. However, this date is wrong to bind to astronomy and celestial mechanics, rather it is another mathematical puzzle ancient Maya! With the same success it was possible to say that the inventors of the first computers were waiting for the end of the world in 2000. Remember the notorious problem of 2000, when everyone was expecting computer Armageddon in connection with the fact that software developers in the XX century is often used two digits to represent the year in dates. For example, on 21 December 1999 the program was presented as "21.12.99, which was fraught with serious failures 01.01.2000. And it is a modern mathematicians and programmers! And what do you want from the ancient Maya, who until 2012 was still very far, and the crash missing Baktun not threatened (for lack of programs). But modern humanity "zybailo" from the Mayan calendar.

But, suppose the end of the calendar is not random, and Mayan prediction say about 2012. And again there is no cause for concern. First, the Mayan prediction is not always true. In its time an incorrect interpretation of the prophecies of the coming of the white gods became the reason of destruction of the Mayan Empire. When a correct interpretation of the prophecies, the European "newcomers" cut would have on the Bank, that was looking for India somewhere in other place. As they say, there is no prophet in his own country.

And one more thing. In Palenque in the Temple of the inscriptions scientists have predicted that in 4772 A.D. the Indians will celebrate the coronation of the great king pakalya. We can assume that the end of the world in 2012, the Indians still not waited. As we already mentioned, much more Indians feared "short account". At the end of 52-year period, they always waited for disasters, and the Aztecs and at the end of the world. "Long" calendar was more optimistic "Soviet" sense of the word. To round dates Indians repaired buildings, bought new things every way, and had fun. This is ancient Indian version of "the 50 anniversary of the USSR", "the 25th anniversary of the October revolution", etc. etc. but this round date for all history of the Maya was not yet. Therefore, on December 21, 2012 is the reason for a very, VERY big holiday. Well, except that the holiday will spoil the revolt of the zombies.
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