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Станет ли 2013 год настоящим 2012 годом?Of course. She goes up, and me - conservative believing, will leave on the sinful earth. What a touching concern about prokletije as expected ascension in due time has not happened, my frustrated girlfriend turned his new religion.

However, the year 2012 is not over. The prophecies of the Maya, the tenth planet Nibiru and exponential flashes on the Sun (did I forget something?) promise the world end on 21 December 2012.

Scenarios are impressive - tsunamis, earthquakes and floods will decorate agonizing planet. And if the morning of 22 December, we will Wake up alive, all pumped ominous prophecies voltage deflate like a leaky balloon.

And maybe we will Wake up just obepechenie the nitwits. But look a little further his nose, we are fully able to foresee the likely event of 2013.

Although another war in the middle East coupled with the global pandemic look rather modestly amid gloomy prophecies 2012, their consequences can be equally disastrous. Maybe we won't see the right hand of the Lord stretched from heaven for the salvation of the elect with the problem of a planet or benevolent ETS, materializata in the living among the crumbling walls - but a world government has something to surprise us.

The possible spread of a global pandemic in 2013 voiced not too Intrusive. We need to be careful to discover forecasts such insiders, former senators Jim talent and Bob Graham (both of "Center for scientific research of weapons of mass destruction"). One more devoted to the idea of "great microbe" 2013 is Dr. Daniel Gerstein at the Department of homeland Security. Gerstein made his prediction in the time spent in the U.S. of activities related to the conference on biological weapons, last December.

But as can be linked to a global pandemic and the attention given to the biological weapons Graham, talent and Gerstein?

Threads stretches to the past decade - for the events of 9/11 and their consequences, as well as to the mailing of anthrax week after the fall of the towers. Our government has responded to the 9/11 attacks draconian measures to strengthen control over society, simultaneously limiting our civil liberty, which, in General, have made us more vulnerable to interference and attacks by the government. The emphasis on the word "attack". The answer to the mailing envelopes with spores of anthrax began billions of dollars invested in the program of biological warfare, which is impossible to see and to control ordinary citizens.

Since September 2001, the us government has spent more than $ 60 billion that inaccurately called "biosecurity".

So let's take a moment and take a look at what this program is, and that the other end comes. To deal with the "biosecurity", you need to define the concept of "dual purpose". Simply put, dual purpose implies that the first step is to create a microbe, and then cure it.

In our BioShield program involved: the Ebola virus, the virus Marburg and the anthrax Bacillus. And now we are working on the combination of these individual horrors in recombinant nightmares.

Now the main question. What happens in the laboratory on development of "biosecurity", allegedly working for the sake of "national security"? Not now exist, the project "Sunshine", whose work was directed "against the use of biotechnology for purposes of aggression in the epoch after the cold war", reported a very low level of control of laboratory research. In 2007, the head of the project "Sunshine" - Edward Hammond, sent to the sub-Commission monitoring and investigations of the house of representatives Committee on energy and Commerce report, dedicated to the hearings on the theme "Germs, viruses and secrets: secretive increase in the number of biological laboratories in the USA". Here is what he wrote in the report:

"Our research indicates that in most cases, it is impossible to ensure proper oversight of federally funded research at the local level, and to ensure the actual execution of works on preparation of protocols of the meetings and the annual reports by the responsible commissions".

And further:

"During the Bush years, the increased number of laboratories, in the absence of an appropriate mechanism of control, went far beyond the reasonable and necessary".

In summary, Hammond posts biovorous industry and writes:

"The rapid increase in the number of laboratories BSL-3 and BSL-4 in the U.S. since 2002, does not meet the needs of our country and security. Spot application of NEPA (the law on the national environmental policy of the USA - approx. mixednews.ru) is not effective and sufficient measure to solve such problems on a national scale. Congress should impose a moratorium on state financing of construction and launch of the new laboratory in the area of biosecurity. The signing of new contracts for construction shall be suspended and new laboratories should not be revealed until a comprehensive inspection the Main Control and Management".

Someone may ask, where did the billions invested in biosecurity? The answer is unclear. It is known that we have not received even second generation vaccine against anthrax. It is believed that the vaccine first generation causes the Syndrome Gulf war and other diseases. Scientist of the laboratory of BSL-3 in Arizona recently proudly informed me that created the smallpox vaccine, which also treats herpes. Brilliant, my friend... And nothing that we almost smallpox was eradicated a few decades ago?

Having learned about the plans on construction of a new complex for research in the field of biosecurity at the military base, the Detrick, Maryland, local activists raised the alarm. Beth Willis - Chairwoman of the "Advisory Committee of the district Federic for containment laboratories" and the founder of the movement "Citizens Federica for the safe biological laboratories", said that the construction of the laboratory may be a violation of the Convention on biological weapons". The complex of the Ministry of National Security is already running but not yet at full capacity. While some activists decided not to say that the United States actually began implementation of a programme to develop an offensive biological weapons, others not so shy. Barry Kissin is a lawyer and activist from Frederick, said that the US illegally produce and accumulate the funds biological attack.

For the production of biological weapons need laboratory, equipped in accordance with the level of danger that germ, with which you are working. Laboratories are denoted by BSL-1 to BSL-5. This BSL-3 and BSL-4 are dealing with the most dangerous microbes. BSL-5 allegedly engaged in space of germs, which, however, could not confirm the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To a query about the activity limitations BSL-5, submitted in accordance with the "Law on freedom of information", the CDC said that the requested account is missing from the office.

CDC, is responsible for the control of these germs and for the registration of laboratories, desperately refutes the information about the increase in the number of BSL-3 and BSL-4, struggling to convince us that since 9/11 the number of these laboratories remained on the same level.

In fact, the sharp increase in laboratories of this type is simply amazing. According to the documents of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Energy, there are at least 1360 BSL-3, although the CDC insists that the number of laboratories closer to 250. When it comes to BSL-4, counting ability CDC limited number six, at the same time, independent sources, such as the Federation of American scientists" can consist of up to 13 laboratories. The existence of the secret laboratories at military bases, supported by evidence and civil employees of several engineering firms), proudly state that they have built a BSL-4, at least two bases, and the number of such laboratories as "Topsy", only continues to grow.

If a global pandemic should happen in 2013, it is a very high chance that its the reason will be the use of biological weapons manufactured in one of the labs. The similarities between what is happening now in the US and what happened in Germany in the 1930s, is quite disturbing: the use of provocations to restrict civil rights and the project on poisoning us... well, let this time it will not be "Zyklon-B".

If our government had studied the mistakes of Adolf Hitler, it would monitor their image. The USA have earned a reputation as a free and fair country. The number of spots on this reputation is growing according to the amount of evidence to the contrary, and the accumulation of these facts, the state denies them all emotional.

One reporter tried to get rid information received in 2003 from a high-ranking source) about the destruction of Israel at the time, roughly coinciding with the time of a biological attack. Israel? But isn't the Israel all this time I pull the strings?

It seems that Israel was created to be destroyed. A shelter for the Jews after the horrific events of world war II and the Holocaust has turned into a ghetto for those who are far from diacontroversy. Forty percent of all Jews are now in Israel. Successfully launched a rocket or two, and you get rid of 7 848 800 people, of which approximately 5 865 300 Jews. Hitler in hell will go squat jumps.

The Israeli government is only waiting for a war with Iran, war, which Israel, to put it mildly, is poorly prepared. Actively advertised "Iron dome" is the main missile defense of Israel, can intercept missiles launched from nearby areas, such as the Gaza Strip. From missiles flying at a higher trajectory, Israel poorly protected. Note the possession by Iran of modern missile systems s-300, and all doubts about the winner in this conflict will disappear by themselves.

Israel will be wiped off the map, thanks to the heated situation in the middle East from the United States, the subsequent conflict with Iran and the spread of the virus through the water system or illegal pharmaceuticals. Here's the new Holocaust, and the U.S. is not involved.

Further America, post conflict squeaky clean, quickly develops its population vaccine, which may contribute to further reduction of the population, talking casually about how we were trying to help Israel.

What do you say? The Zionists rule the world? Yes and no. If the Zionists to understand those guys-Semitic (like Mark Sykes and Otto Rand, the Creator of Israel to gather Jews from all over the world in one place, and then to destroy, then Yes, we can Zionists really rule the world.

And some of these Zionists are Jews.

Jews are poorly informed regarding the traitors in their own environment. The same pest - Stephen Wiese was the head of the Jewish Congress of the USA during the Second world war.

Through intensive lobbying Wiese was preventing the immigration of Eastern European Jews to America, so they could not escape the Nazi death machines. One of our activists had to personally deal with the hypocrisy of the leaders of the Jewish community.

And please don't get me wrong. The Jews will not be alone in a meat grinder. When the dust he invasion "big microbe" settled, we likely will not missing many dark-skinned people on our planet. The process is already underway.

Africa AIDS devastates. Now even amongst dark people walking epidemic "silent killers" - diabetes and hypertension, which, supposedly, is a consequence of the application of biologically active substances that are distributed through food and responsive to the melanin (dark-skinned more melanin). According to Dr. Trudy Gaillard - researcher from the Medical center of the Wexner", about 12 percent of African Americans today have diabetes, which is three times more than in 1980. Actual numbers may be higher. If you look at the statistics for African American women 55 years of age, we will find out that 25 percent of them have diabetes. The number of patients has increased in all groups of colored people, including the Mexicans and the inhabitants of the Pacific Islands.

Dr. Wouter Basson, Beniusis at the hearings of the Commission of truth and reconciliation in South Africa, has become the object of attention due to participation in the project "Coast" (the programme for the development of biological weapons during apartheid). Presumably, in the 1980s Besson worked to develop biological weapons "against blacks." The epidemic of diabetes and hypertension among black began to appear soon after. Did Besson success in creating a racially aware biological weapons? It does not apply to this topic.

Once noticed a familiar writer from Los Angeles: "anyone who is able to sell his brother for the sake of its own security - seeking power". Activists of the resistance can also be victims of selective action of biological weapons. What a convenient and diabolical plan! Any inconvenient person, any unnecessary group of the population can be solved by the efforts of state and municipal services and/or pharmaceutical companies. No charges and no responsibility. No Nuremberg process, no "Commission of truth and reconciliation", because the fault none other than fierce microbe is a mistake of nature.

After the large-scale graves world will be obedient and white - dream of the Nazi.
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