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Основные варианты причин гибели Атлантиды...this happened when the Earth started to revive. No one knew what might happen next. Was a rain of fire, the earth was covered with ash, rocks and trees turned toward the earth. The stones and trees were broken... From heaven fell the Great Serpent... and fell on the earth his skin and pieces of his bones... and arrows fell into orphans and old people, in widowers and widows, who were still living, though forces for the life they have lacked. And they found his own grave by the sea. Then came a terrible wave. The sky with the Great Serpent collapsed and flooded her...

V the book "Chilam Balam"


Many atlantaga believe that the earthquake could be the natural disaster, which lowered the Atlantis on the bottom of the ocean. In accordance with the new concept of the block structure of the crust and the movement of lithospheric plates strongest earthquakes occur at the boundaries of these plates.

The main shock lasts a few seconds and all earthquake can last up to a few tens of minutes. Means allotted by Plato days is enough for earthquakes. When earthquakes recorded cases of sudden subsidence of the earth for a few meters. In Japan recorded the ten-settling. In 1692 the city of pirates Port Royal, Jamaica sank into the sea on 15 meters. 15 meters enough that most of the flat of the island disappeared under the water. Thus it is not excluded that during the destruction of Atlantis happened many times more powerful earthquake. The Azores and Iceland in the Atlantic and the Aegean sea in Greece are areas of high seismicity.

The earthquake with the epicenter on the seabed cause a tsunami is another type of natural disaster.


Tsunami literally means "long waves in the port" (jap.). Scientists use this term to denote a giant destructive waves. Most often tsunami occurs because of an earthquake, but it may cause an eruption of the volcano, and the collapse of banks.

The height of the tsunami in the open ocean may last only a few meters. When the wave length of several tens, and even hundreds of miles it's not very noticeable. The speed of the wave in the open ocean may reach 1000 km/H. a Classic example of a tsunami generated by volcanic explosion is a tsunami, caused by the eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia in 1883. Wave height was 36 - 40 M. It was even registered in Panama, in 18350 km from the point of occurrence.

First sea recedes, its level goes down. Then accumulates wave height of several meters. After 5 - 10 minutes passed a second wave, just below. And after 10 to 20 minutes there comes the third, highest wave. It can be up to several hundreds meters.

Thus, the tsunami may two hours to destroy the coastal zone of the mainland, or even the whole island.

Oddly enough, something similar happened around 1500 B.C. in the Mediterranean sea, close to one of the possible places of location of Atlantis, Crete...

Cosmic catastrophe

An asteroid collision with the earth

An asteroid or meteorite can quickly destroy any island. The only condition is sufficient mass and speed of the asteroid. In the beginning of XX century there were many hypotheses related to such disasters. However, now scientists seems clear that this asteroid would destroy all life on the planet. (That does not reduce the number of supporters of such hypotheses)

The Capture Of The Moon To The Earth

In 1912 the Austrian engineer Gerbera was established theory, claiming that 11,500 years ago the Land seized its current satellite, the moon, owing to what on Earth happened tides great height, rose the giant wave, stopusa Atlantis, and at the same time killed mammoths.

Many atlantaga believe that a giant mammoth cemetery due to the fact that high wave recessed them, and, due to the rotation of the earth's axis, mammoths were close to the new North pole, why, and froze for a few thousand years. However, this theory does not explain why near the mammoths are not other animals, and how the giant wave that destroyed Atlantis, and got to the mammoths.
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