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Атлантида спряталась в АнтарктидеAtlantis looking for for so long now, that has had time to try it almost all the continents and Islands. Were very bright hypotheses were more dull, but they did not convince mankind that the legendary Atlantis finally found. And when eyes researchers

In the country at the Northern Boreas

So wrote the ancient Greeks about the legendary civilization in the Northern polar region. Having in mind that it is a magic country still further those places in which God dwells North wind. Search Hyperborea-Arctida in the Russian North has shown, that, most likely, here in antiquity there were developed civilization. It traces found on the Taimyr Peninsula Kola Peninsula, the southern Urals (the ancient town of Arkaim), etc. Here in the times of the Atlanteans lived legendary people - Aryans. He is the ancestor of almost all European Nations, Iran, India and other countries of the world. Legends of the Aryans were carefully preserved by the people of India. Examining them, scientists and managed to restore the image of this lost many thousands of years ago civilization.

"In this Northern country high above the horizon there was a star, which indicated the Northern axis of the globe, writes candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences Mikhail Burleson. - A few months lasted polar day and night, divided by the dawn and the sunset, the duration of which reached 30 days. Sometimes the darkness of a long night, broke through the Northern lights. That the North polar region was warm and comfortable for the existence of an advanced civilization, according to the opinion of paleoclimatologist E. borisenkova and Cent. of Paleckova, pointing that rapid global warming began about 13 thousand years BC. Subarctic forest has shifted to 300 kilometers North of the Arctic border. And then came the terrible for the whole Earth event: the climate in the Northern polar area has changed dramatically. Everywhere in Siberia, Yakutia find cemeteries unexpectedly died Northern elephant - mammoths. Radiocarbon analysis of organic remains allows to determine the time of their death - 11-12 thousand years ago. This coincided with the time of the catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis".

So, in the polar region of 10-12 thousand years ago it was warm, and there were all conditions for the development of civilization. Not only had extensive land for settlement. But this land was there from the opposite side, in Antarctica. And its area was about that, about what Plato said: huge island of the same size known to the ancient Greeks part of Asia.

Old maps of Antarctica

"The model of modern scientists, glaciation of this continent began approximately 8-12 thousand years ago. Before Antarctica was no different from the rest of the world: there were the mountains and forests, rivers and lakes

The second card was painted by the French mathematician and geographer Aranci Finney. It shows a completely ice-free Antarctica. The outlines of the continent almost one to one match with maps, compiled modern specialists. It turns out that Finney as if seen through the ice without instruments capes, mountain peaks, river estuaries, hidden today ice shell. To make such a map, our contemporaries took decades of hard work. She begs the idea that map, most likely, made by people who lived in Antarctica before the beginning of glaciation. You have no idea how many conclusions can be made with just one card, if you know what to look for and how to look. Antarcti were excellent sailors and on their ships reached the Mediterranean sea, were trade and war with the local peoples. 10-12 thousand years ago on the Earth there was a global catastrophe: some believe that planet was hit by a giant meteorite, perhaps there is something else that is still unknown. The climate has changed dramatically, and suffered the most circumpolar region.

In the Northern lands, situated at a considerable distance from the pole, the changes were not so catastrophic. Lived there arias were ousted cold and glaciation on more favorable for the life of the territory. The southern region, Antarctica, was less lucky - it is right on the pole and also cut off from other continents oceans. 3DES consequences for the living of its inhabitants turned out to be catastrophic. The changing climate has led to the death of the animal world and vegetation. To retreat residents had nowhere, and their civilization died, buried under the mountains rapidly growing glaciers. From the civilization of antarktos in memory of the peoples who inhabited in ancient times the Mediterranean sea, preserved the legend about the existence of rich possessing an extensive knowledge of the country of Atlantis, and the individual elements of its culture. Perhaps the looming global warming will be the archaeologist who will reveal to us the secrets of an ancient civilization. And we finally uncover the mystery of Atlantis.

The secret expedition of Hitler

But speculative research theorists was not limited. There were people who saw in search of the Antarctic Atlantis practical sense. This was Hitler. On the eve of the Second world war, the Fuhrer has attached great importance to mysticism and preserved from the lost civilizations of ancient knowledge. In search of this knowledge he organized an expedition to Tibet, in South America, Greenland and Antarctica. Specially equipped vessel, a specially trained team, special research equipment and technology - everything was thrown to the assault of the mysteries of Antarctica. In January 1939 the ship called "Shvabenland" safely reached the coast of the Ice continent.

Was examined and photographed almost a quarter of Antarctica. Pilots not only conducting a survey and photography. Simultaneously with the aircraft every 25 kilometers from clearing pennants with the sign of the swastika. Nazi Germany declared himself a master huge territories, called "New Swabia" (now the Queen Maud Land). Then began a secret development of the ice continent: to the shores of Antarctica secretly went German submarines. All this world learned only after the Second world war from the secret archives of the SS. It turned out that the submarine found logons giant caves, located beneath the ice. Sent to the study group saw underworld with lakes and vegetation, with such warm air that you could be in caves without winter clothing. There have been found yet, unknown: whether the Germans did not have time to carefully study the ice world, whether with researchers got hurt... Reporting on the results of the expedition, Karl Doenitz (gross-Admiral, commander of the Navy of Germany since 1943, the successor to Hitler /Mai 1945/, founder and leader of the submarine fleet Germany) said the mysterious phrase: "My divers have found a real Paradise on earth".

For a long time the existence of huge caves under the ice of Antarctica was considered improbable. But the results of recent studies conducted in the area of the subglacial lake Vostok, make more seriously to this information.

Country under the ice

Lake Vostok, tell us encyclopedia, is situated 480 kilometers from the South pole. By area (15,000 square miles) it is not inferior to such great lakes, as Onega and Chad. Its deepest point is 1200 meters. Instruments installed on artificial Earth satellites showed that over the surface of the lake there is covered by an ice dome of the cavity height of 800 metres. The water temperature in the lake varies between 10 till 18 degrees, and in the depths there are any sources of heat. Analyzing the data of instruments, some scientists have suggested that the sub-cavity may be self-cleaning atmosphere and perhaps there is vegetation.

"Information on subglacial lake system and queer formations, reminiscent of the ancient city, made scientists to take more seriously the rumors about the amazing meeting, periodically coming from the Ice continent, writes M. Burleson. - Soon, articles began to appear that the system of interrelated subglacial lakes in Antarctica inhabited not only by people but also by strange beings. One of them journalists dubbed "the monster of Gorlitsa"after the polar Explorer A. Garvina encountered with the monster in the summer of 1960 during the trip from the metro station "Amundsen-Scott" hypothetical "pole of cold". At one of the researchers was short of magnetology Stoppard. The traces left to the scientists, led to the crack. In depth, on the cornice, you could see the spread of the human figure. In the crack down Horwitz. Held-climbing ropes he sank deeper and deeper into the darkness, and finally got to the ledge. It managed to find only a fur glove and stains frozen blood. The body itself has disappeared.

The winter that year was severe. The temperature on "Amundsen-Scott" has fallen to 70 degrees, and the wind is cold, and even made it unbearable. Came to light only in the most extreme cases. 6 July has been an accident left and never returned Art Shorts and Kenneth Millar. On the third day, when the wind dropped, in one and a half miles from the station found clothes and "flesh" of the missing scientists, their bones were gone. "Something"by killing people, devoured only the bones.

Several weeks passed, and Horwitz himself met with an unknown creature. In the light of the moon scientist noticed the approaching huge white "bat"! Shooting all the bullets in his gun, Horwitz was able to drive away the terrible animal."

As you understand, such stories have been named serious scientists tales and written off on a mental disorder participants of the expeditions that occur after long trips on Antarctic sea ice.

What were these animals? And where did the rumor about some white people living in the ice cities? About it tells the hypothesis American historian, Professor Charles Hapgood explaining the origins card Piri Flight. According to Hapgood, the Admiral map came from the archives of the Byzantine emperors, who for many centuries have brought old maps and scrolls from all corners of the great Empire. In the diary of a Flight noted that the map is compiled on the basis of materials of the times of Alexander the great. Hapgood believes that map drawed residents of Antarctica 15000 years ago.

Professor from the United States believes that about 12,500 years ago on the Earth there was a global catastrophe. Perhaps it is, as mentioned above, was connected with the fall of a giant meteorite. The catastrophe was accompanied by earthquakes, floods, sharp cold snap. Towns and villages of Antarctica were buried under a kilometer-thick ice, civilization perished. Impact of this disaster on the globe: have shifted the earth's axis, glaciation in Europe ended, glaciers moved North, and there was the Arctic ocean.

Antarcti were forced to settle in other warmer continents. They were educators, who came to the tribes who were at low levels of development, and brought with them the legend of a lost continent and country of high culture. They tell about the Almighty white gods or heroes, problemasi, and sometimes which came to him on the amazing ships and brought to the amazing people of knowledge.

Climate change did not happen overnight, but gradually, stretching for tens and even hundreds of years. Therefore, it may be that not all antarcti left the country. Part of the people, using their knowledge and techniques, able to adapt to the harsh climate and go to "ice" way of life. This assumption is confirmed by the words of the recently published book by German researcher,-U. von Krantz "the Swastika in the ice. The secret base of the Nazis in Antarctica". It says that in order to establish contact with antarctida on the Ice continent was seconded by the German scientist Otto Gott, who prepared a special message, made in the form of icons with an offer of friendship and cooperation. The message was delivered to antarktis with the Boers. If Boer, making a hole in the ice, fell, then it was put a capsule with a message. But, despite all the efforts of German scientists, antarcti has not responded to this proposal.

Is there someone more than said Kranten? I hope to learn it and to tell you...

Victor Potapov
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