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Филиппины и Бразилию терроризируют оборотниMany residents of the Netherlands believe that the Apocalypse will come in four years and has already begun to take steps to prepare for a terrible event, according to the Dutch media, which conducted a survey of thousands of its readers asked when, in their opinion, will be the end of modern civilization.

While the answers presented a widest variety, most agreed that the date of the Apocalypse in 2012. This year will expire on the last cycle of the Mayan calendar, the end of which many people associate with the end of the world.

For this reason many prefer to prepare for the disaster now, stocking means for first aid, life-rafts and other necessary equipment.

The Philippines and Brazil terrorize werewolves

Rural residents of a district in southern Philippines claim that their livestock kills the vampire. They believe that monster makers day human form, and at night it turns into a bloodsucker, killed several dozen animals.

Three domestic goats were recently found dead, without internal organs. This is the second incident of the murder of livestock, before the victims of the monster became a large flock of sheep.

Local Filipinos came to argue with the village authorities, saying that animals are killed is not a stray dog, and the most that neither is a supernatural being. And now frightened peasants are afraid that, starting with sheep and goats, the vampire, in the end, can be switched on children and even adults.

Not sweet in recent times has and residents of the village of Taw in the northeastern Brazilian state of Ceara. Farmers argue that in their area there appeared a werewolf.

"For the last few days, the police have already received two complaints about attacks mysterious man-wolf", which breaks into homes and stealing sheep."

"According to the police, witnesses saw the robber only at dusk and from a great distance. However in both cases the same as the description is very scary creatures that smells of sulfur"."


In the Central hospital in the Peruvian city of Trujillo was operated 38-year-old man, from the stomach which doctors removed 17 foreign objects.

Relatives of Luis Zarate Arce took him to the hospital after a man complained of severe abdominal pain. During the surgery the doctors in his stomach were found pieces of wire, pins, nails, one knife, buckle the belt, the pen, correction pen and a sewing needle. It was the needle was the reason for coming to the clinic - it pierced the stomach and damaged intestine.

"It is established, that a man suffers from an acute form of schizophrenia, and that led to his passion for storage of various objects in her stomach."

According to doctors, currently Luis is recovering after the surgery, and in a few days he will be allowed to go home.

Watching horror films the cemetery

A unique opportunity has received thrill seekers in Mexico. Anyone wishing to tickle your nerves gathered in an unusual show of horror films the night, but not just anywhere, but in the cemetery of the city of San Miguel Allende.

Organizers of the show was timed the demonstration to the XI International festival of short films. The movie show took the master of horror - film Director John carpenter.

"The fact that the chosen films forced the spectators to poholodeli from fear, no doubt. Carpenter knows a lot about this horror - he owns such cinematic blockbuster, like Vampires," demon Child", and Halloween-2007."

In Kenya baboons do not admit people to the water

Water has become a real deficit in the Eastern province of Kenya. In the area Garba-Thule ongoing for several months of drought have led to the fact that all sources dried up, and the life-giving moisture remained only a few streams.

Here-and go to drink some of the most intelligent animals - baboons. They refuse to share water with people, attacking them in the case of approximation. Local residents at a complete loss as to kill the animals, in accordance with the law, have no right, and attempts to drive away monkeys stones and even shooting in the air does not bring any results.

While most affected are the children which parents usually send for water. According to the local press, in the hospital went for many children, who was attacked by primates.

The earth through the eyes of aliens

Scientists from NASA made a special film on which the Land is presented as if the eyes flying by aliens. Turned out that our planet is depicted in that view, which would have seen from space hypothetical alien guests. At that the Earth makes a complete revolution around its axis, and between the camera and the Earth passes the Moon.

This original video created from separate photographs, which are made while in space, the ship "Deep Impact". The distance between the Earth and the spacecraft "Deep Impact" was about 49 million kilometers.

The main task in creating this film NASA believes the help in search of earth-like planets. Received full video allows you to explore the Solar radiation that is reflected from the surface of the Earth. To change its brightness over the oceans, land or clouds can detect Earth-like planets, analyzing the light coming from space.

On the circles grew grebes

In the Park on the outskirts of Pushkin appeared the so-called vedminy circles. A strange phenomenon discovered by the St. Sergei Zavgorodny.

He noticed about fifteen laps regular shape and diameter. They were open circle. Grass inside was darker than everywhere. The most amazing thing in these circles grew grebes.

Measured the background radiation dosimeter in the square was completely normal.

Secrets of the Mediterranean sea

Ancient sexual curse discovered by archaeologists in Cyprus, in ancient city-state of Amathus, which is located near the southern coast of Limassol.

"Curse scrawled in Greek lead to the plate. That's part of this text: May your penis hurts when you're making love", - quotes the ancient conspiracy French Professor Pierre Aubert, head of the Athens archaeological school."

According to Ober, on the plate depicts a man, something is holding in his right hand. The inscription dates from the seventh century ad when Christianity on the island, all of which have been strengthened as a religion.

"Meanwhile, at the other end of the Mediterranean Israeli rescue David Shalom, running on the beach the Palmach 15 km South of Jaffa, made at the bottom of no less amazing discovery - marble disk that is 2,5 thousand years ago, was used by sailors for protection of ships from the evil eye and envy"."

A white disk with a diameter of 20 cm dates from the V - IV centuries BC. On the one hand artifact flat, with another - convex, with traces of a paint and a through hole in the middle, in which, as explained by archaeologists, were hammered bronze nail, krapivsky it to the hull.

"Yakov Sharvit, Director, marine Department of antiquities of Israel, argues that such amulets were naveshivanii on the fore part of the ship to take envy and damage, and besides, as believed superstitious sailors of old times, served as an additional navigation device and a keen eye, designed to alert the captain and the team ahead of impending dangers."

Unidentified flying object over the Caspian sea

Between five and six in the morning near the village of Sahil Garadagh district of Baku on the Caspian sea was observed unidentified flying object. According to witnesses, he was in 500-600 meters above the sea and did not move. After some time the UFO suddenly disappeared.

Witnesses believe that they have seen the object was not a plane or a helicopter.

Every fourth Dane believe in ghosts

According to a study conducted by the Danish newspaper MetroXpress among 1020 respondents at the age from 18 to 75 years of age, 27% of the population believe in ghosts.

Of these, 15% of respondents say that personally faced incorporeal creatures from another world.
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