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Солнечный цикл на минимуме Дальтона: ученые в раздумьяхLife on Earth depends on different factors, and one of the main is the Sun, which literally may or melt or freeze-third of the planet itself. One of the versions of the Apocalypse says that life on our planet will be completed due to the abnormal activity or passivity of the Sun. Anomalous solar activity can Wake the supervolcanoes, and abnormal passivity to bind the Earth thickness of ice from Asia to America, from the Arctic to Antarctica - and then the "end of the world" will be not a myth, but a terrible reality.

According to the scientists from Russia, in the current cycle, the Solar activity is premature peaked and declined, which has become one of the minimum values for all the observations of the solar cycles.

As they note, the activity of the twenty-fourth of the solar cycle is close to Dalton minimum", which is the lowest. What led to the crash of the Sun, scientists still do not know, but asked not to panic - this in itself speaks about the upcoming global catastrophes.

The low activity of the Sun as its increased activity, does not mean that the Earth should shake a global catastrophe. But if we are talking about the expected low or high solar activity. The catastrophe of global scale can only really abnormal changes in the Sun.
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