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Аномалии древних памятниковMany archaeological monuments surrounded by a halo of mysterious legends. And not without reason! According to researchers, the ancient constructions are often located in anomalous zones.

A few years ago in the Voronezh region (where, incidentally, is known Novochopersk tectonic fault, in which there are UFOs and Chrono Mirage), during excavations of the Vlasov mound archeologists found underground labyrinth with a very narrow and low passages.

According to scientists, to build these tunnels could only creatures rise above 80 cm, and weight not more than 25 kg., or children, or dwarfs. In the caves, lay the remains of animals, lying coal - most likely, from torches. Everything pointed to the fact that it was a place of sacrifice. In the centre of the dungeon was found a human skull with traces of trepanation.

In July 2001, arrived group of archaeologists from Voronezh University. They defeated near barrow camp, going to dig. No local residents to help scientists disagreed - they firmly believed that the underground live tribes dwarfs and cannot be disturbed. However, researchers, of course, aboriginal not listen.

Soon in the camp started to happen strange phenomenon. For unknown reasons, exhausted batteries in all technical devices. As the head of the expedition Nikolay Prokhorov found in his tent knows how got there a horse's head. To continue the work became impossible. Scared archaeologists empty-handed returned home to Voronezh.

The fortress Arkaim under Chelyabinsk is the most famous archeological monument of the Urals. They come here not only archaeologists and historians, but also a variety of psychics, members of religious sects, and thirsty "enlightenment". They strive to become the local energy.

However, near the ruins of Arkaim lot of places that are difficult to call favorable. So, at the foot of mount Rooks (Grace) is a birch grove, whose name is Terrible. The trees there somehow twisted at the base. Tourists who dared to stay among birches for the night, covers a groundless fear.

On top of the mountain Chica in the rock is unusual notch. If you lean against it and something to cry, the sound is magnified, resonating with stones. Here strange vegetation: on the background of shallow overgrown allocated bands thick grass. And some young birch trees on the slope and at the foot Chica broken or uprooted by unknown force.

In addition, reviews of different people in these places there are mysterious glow and UFOs, sharp fluctuations of temperature and radiation, extremes of electricity and magnetic fields, malfunctions of the equipment, the physical changes of the course of time, mutations vegetation. In certain periods of the year by tourists and researchers she feels worse, they fall into an altered state of consciousness.

The pyramids are found all over Ukraine. Recently similar structures found in and near the city of Lugansk. They stumbled students, digging the garden. Later, here was raided by the archaeologists. They believe that the find is a sanctuary of the Sun God who was worshipped by the ancient inhabitants of this land. They had their own pagan faith of Runvira.

Doctor of historical Sciences Victor Klochko says that the Luhansk older than the pyramids of Egypt - their age about 5000 years! But, unlike the latter, they never played the role of the tombs. Came here to pray. In addition, perhaps the pyramid possessed healing properties and have them still. Anyway, here already pulled pilgrims. We can only hope that they do not suffer the fate of the victims of the famous Egyptian "curse of the pharaohs".

Irina Shlionskaya
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