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Домашний духProbably not the more controversial figures in old Slavic Pantheon than the House. All kinds of Water, Goblins, Frights - ancestral enemies of man, only to sorcerers and witches can about something to agree with them, mere mortals better with these entities do not meet. But the House... you can't ever be afraid of that invisible who dwell with thee behind the stove?!

Who's behind the stove lives?

Legends describe Brownie how stocky man rise up to half, then as a large black cat, or simply as a clump of dark energy. Well, to communicate with the energy cloud little-hunting - and-House, according to the legends, the essence sociable, therefore, takes different forms. And, apparently, quite often: the oral and written monuments of different districts of Russia are full of descriptions of the houses, their habits and habits. What's nice researchers, everything converges: where would the House nor lived in Ryazan or beyond the Urals, he cannot change himself. Lives behind the stove: there's the warmest place. Can't stand, when the house quarrel, abuse derogatory word, trying to take in hand insolent "residents", arranging small and large dirty tricks. Loves horses - if the economy is stable, and can settle there, beloved horses cares and cherishes, tails and manes them brushing her. But if the horse he will not appeal, before the death of her pain. To protect animal, was noticed by our ancestors, should be kept in the stable goat - the spirit of the goat House cannot stand. By the way, to cast out of the house, enough to bury the threshold of the house goat skull...

But, of course, for such radical measures people resorted infrequent: all the same House for the most part not plots building owners and protected house. And, most importantly, they created the same residential spirit, without which any building - only floor, ceiling Yes four walls... And therefore treated people with respect, was not Home, not to offend, and Grandfather, the Master, Myricom. Was used to cajole offering something a little bowl of cereal for the stove, put the saucer of milk, and so on Cutesy (the so-called days of House: September 20, 10 February and April 1) arranged his feast: put behind the stove glass of vodka, a bowl of honey and cakes, put tobacco. Considered: won't honor of the Grandfather in a day - will sarchet will bring upon thee all sorts of trouble.

Oh, what a Patriarchal cute picture turns! Is it all really?

A non-existent entity?

Won't ponder on whether there are in principle Brownies. There is no proof and can't be, here it is a question of faith and your personal feelings. Themselves Brownies to prove anything to anyone not going, but if in your house, this entity dwells " to be sure, one way or another it will make itself felt. So it is better, even if you're in the House don't believe him not to joke and your unbelief not to show...

I deliberately wrote: "if your house this entity resides". Yes, the House is not obligatory attribute of any home. Why? It's the nature of that spirit.

Kind, but strict Grandfather-the Owner is lovely and incredibly charming Domovenok Kuzma of the famous cartoon characters still fabulous. Fairy tales is not customary to ask the question, where, for example, took fairy appeared and everything. And fabulous House: lived side by side with people for centuries, such as the charge of the us Supreme powers to safeguard Yes to help. Alas, non-fairy, real house entity, though not hostile to the people, but still dark. For in reality is a bunch of residual necrotic energy dead creatures (humans and animals), which live within certain geographical area. By the way, that is why in modern high-rise buildings are higher than the fifth-sixth floor of a House will not find: far from earth, where they are generated this energy entity remains...

Caution: The House!

Did I startle you? It should be noted, you should know. In principle, the entity that we call Home, treats people friendly - probably, it is fueled by our emotions, figuratively speaking, we allow it to warm by the fire, which he denied. And because the House usually manifests itself from the best side: scares away bad people visiting the house, protects the apartment and its inhabitants from the negative energy. Frequent quarrels and squabbles between home cause a surge of negative energy - and the House becomes aggressive, and in the house start all kinds of trouble: from damage to emergencies, diseases of the inhabitants of the apartment to accidents.

Sometimes, unfortunately, that the family soul dwells in the soul, and the House suits pogroms. It happens when the house stands on the place of mass burial of the old cemetery, for example: a surplus of necrotic energy creates the substance, full of malice and aggression. Perhaps something else: in this house, or in the place where the house is built, there was something terrible: for example, murder or suicide. The tragedy of this kind generate clots powerful dark energy and the House turns into a poltergeist: the nature crushes everything that comes to taking rapid flow unspent energy, or wishing to revenge.

Energy dead souls generates events, driving people into melancholy, sometimes even leading to suicide. We all remember the sensational recently a story about a group of students, in turn committed suicide. Escaped the boy explained that he knew that would be the next victim, but could not prevent the events: "something or someone from the inside, led me, and forcing them to do it." The essence of the dead then gathered their crops and were quiet alas, probably only for a while...

What do the inhabitants of the house, where he settled spiteful and aggressive spirit? Immediately look for a specialist who can pacify dispersed nature. Or - to move yourself you to control the situation can not.

If a House, you usually do not prevented, suddenly, suddenly starts to manifest itself not the best, first of all, try to understand what he wants: often, so the House attracts the attention of the owners to the alarm situation, which they do not notice. There are in the family of a trouble - don't you see, that's the House and warns.

If the Grandfather was angry for no apparent reason, it is calming. Our ancestors did the following: the owner of the house took the whip with metal tip and began to walk around the house, hitting the furniture and walls, and saying:

"Know your place, know your place.

You brownie,

Should the home guard, the farm to take care,

Yes mistress to please, not to fight,

Know your place, know your place".

One must speak authoritatively, but calmly and without shouting.

Will be friends

Fortunately, cases in which House does harm owners and especially siivet them with light, rare. Death is one of the ingredients of our world, like life, and necrotic energy as natural as vital. But because we are human and House - live well with each other: to prove Millennium.

If you don't live on the top floor, and close to the ground, you probably inhabits a House - and will not be difficult to establish friendly relations with him. Let keep the house and you out of trouble - and receives its share of heat.

How cajole and to buy a House, I already wrote. Do it all means, and still remember, that the House does not like mirrors: as is known, in the world of the dead with mirrors their relationship, so don't overdo it with mirrored surfaces, if you do not wish to annoy the Grandfather.

As if the heat nor was your relationship with Home, moving to a new home, you will not be able to "invite" him: he is inseparable from the land that gave birth to it. But in the new house, you can make friends with the spirit of this place.

Importantly, when choosing an apartment, how to chustvuetsa in space: you will definitely feel, guarding this place is calm and friendly Grandfather, or hovers over it dark essence, full of vengeance and destruction.

In Cutesy (days of a House, September 20, 10 February and April 1) you can create protection for home. Around the perimeter of the apartment in the corners lay on the onion stuck with in each onion 13 needles, and read the plot: "the Priest House, keep my house the whole safely, forbid to break the wall of her goodness forbid to misappropriate Tati, Yes, keep me and my close from troubles and misfortunes, from enemies visible and not visible. So be it!"

You can also use a new needle length of five to six centimeters, to prick himself with the middle finger of the right hand to the blood and loudly say "Sirih, and preserve my house, for the life of Vedi fed da Ladna!" Then a needle stick in the upper-right corner of the casing above the entrance door inside the house.

Slavic mage Vladimir Dragon
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