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Странное торможение "Пионеров" раскрытоNASA specialists were able to determine the cause of the mysterious braking space probes "Pioneer 10" and "Pioneer 11", which even cheated on action unknown laws of physics. It turned out, this process is connected with the technical peculiarities of the devices, the equipment of which allows for electric and thermal effects, creating a jet thrust.

"Pioneer-10" became the first spacecraft that reached the third space speed and photographed the planet Jupiter. It was launched on March 2, 1972. On the body of the device was installed anodized record of durable aluminum alloy, which shows the message of potential extraterrestrial civilizations: the neutral hydrogen molecule, two human figures on the background of the outline of the aircraft, the scheme of the Solar system, etc.

In 1973 probe crossed the asteroid belt and flew a distance of 132 thousand kilometers from the clouds of Jupiter, making data were obtained on the composition of its atmosphere, its mass, magnetic field parameters and other characteristics, including the density of the four largest satellites of Jupiter.

In 1976 space station crossed the orbit of Saturn, in 1979 - the orbit of Uranus, and in April 1983 - Pluto. on 13 June 1983, the device for the first time flew through the orbit farthest from the Sun, Neptune. Officially the mission "Pioneer-10" ended 31 March 1997, but still continued transmission of data. In February 2012, the ship began to move away from the Sun at a speed of about 12,046 kilometers per second, it is sufficient to come out into interstellar space.

In turn, "pioneer-11" was launched on 6 April 1973. From "twin", it featured only the presence of induction magnetometer to measure intense magnetic fields near planets. In December 1974, he flew a distance of 40 thousand kilometers from the edge of the clouds of Jupiter and transmitted to Earth detailed images of the planet. In September 1979, the probe was at a distance of about 20 thousand kilometers from the cloud surface of Saturn, has produced various dimensions and transmitted to Earth pictures of the planet and its satellite Titan. After performing research mission probe has left the Solar system and now must be on the way to the constellation Shield. In 1995, the contact with the aircraft was lost. It is known that in February 2012, he distanced himself from the Sun with a speed 11,391 kilometers per second.

The anomaly was discovered back in 1998, when both probe was delayed by 13 billion kilometers from the Sun. Then NASA researchers drew attention to the fact that their speed is beginning to slow down with the acceleration of 0.9 nm per second squared. After crossing the orbit of Pluto probe began to deviate from the target path. Experts came to the conclusion that it could not be caused by the influence of solar gravity.

The known laws of physics did not give an answer to the question about the causes of what is happening - it was even suggested that this phenomenon contradicts the General theory of relativity. Perhaps on satellites affects "dark matter"! We are talking about the curvature of space, which means in fact a transition to another dimension! Thus rejoiced science fiction fans, who received a lot of food for thought.

Experts, however, remembered that something similar has already happened in the early 1980s, when some unknown force start "pull" machines back to the Sun. However, it found the explanation, saying that all the matter in the remaining fuel that has leaked out of tanks during a flyby of Saturn. But now in tanks "Pioneers" not a single drop of fuel, nevertheless, their rate continued to slow down.

In 2004, scientists began collecting historical information related "Pioneers" and other similar instruments. In the course were not only computer data, but paper, and tape recordings. As it turned out, "anomaly" was observed only in "Pioneers". For example, the Voyager probe showed no braking...

In the end, cause oddities was revealed. It turned out that the electric current scientific tools and heat generators on Board vehicles, creates a very weak jet thrust, and almost impossible to notice in normal conditions.

This news was disappointing to some researchers, especially enthusiasts opening "the new law of physics". However, the results of the research can be useful to the designers of space technology for further development.
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