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Где находится Бафомет?Almost 200 years have existed spiritual knights of the Catholic order of the temple, and that's exactly seven centuries that have passed since the time of its liquidation, as he is a genuine interest not only professional historians. Around Templar there are lot of myths. Let us consider the most typical of them and also the most popular.

The appearance of myths promoted by many factors, but largely in their appearance blame yourself knights-Templar. In the papal bull of Pope Clement V (Clemens V) from 1312 Vox in excelso about the official dissolution of the knights Templar is celebrated "mystery, which was adopted in this order"and "oath not to disclose anything about this technique, which is required from everyone". Note that the main reason of the dissolution of the order was alleged denial of Jesus, which demanded new brother during the reception ceremony.

If advance the Templars were cast shadow on the fence on a clear day, and strongly encouraged to present their activities mysterious and suspicious.

In the official statutes of the brotherhood of the knights Templar, for example, forbidden to disclose that was discussed at meetings of the Chapter. Remember ridiculous secrecy Soviet times, amounted sometimes to the point of absurdity and anecdote. It was enough just to meet behind closed doors. However, the Templars, slightly sellisena on secrecy, climbed to hell and shorebirds and carefully selected a narrow circle of persons, everywhere retrouv about his mystery.

Total and not always understandable secrecy. Without special permission was forbidden to own a copy of the official Statute, so that he fell into the hands of persons not involved in the Affairs of the order. Historians have this provision is puzzling: the official statutes of the Statute of the order written quite clearly, in them there is not a trace of a double interpretation and they do not give rise to false interpretations. Russian mistress of the XIX century on this occasion would have noticed his companion: "Darling, Yes you interesnaya!"

More serious ban for all the Templars - to confess to other priests, in addition to the chaplains of the order. It turns out that you cannot confess to his colleague-the Templar, who also tied a Holy obligation to observe secrecy. When in 1307 against the order of the Temple was first put forward charges, along with other ecorysnei to the address of the Templars at this practice is also referred. In other monastic orders is also met, but was not indispensable.

And, of course, as the saying goes, former Templar does not happen. If you hit the Templar, forever. For grave sins brother could not only cast out, but be detained. However, to those who were willing to voluntarily leave the order of the Temple, were treated with great suspicion. When this happens among people engaged in secret activities type of intelligence, or secret societies, where required to undergo an initiation is in the order of things. But it is believed that the order of the Temple he wasn't... Hence, we can suppose: the inside of the order had its own elite, consisting of dedicated, and this double award in fact, not only was a state within a state, but was a secret organization.

The most intriguing charge brought against the Templars, is their idolatry and adherence to the pagan rituals. In worship some head, probably a beard. There is a hypothesis, according to which Bafomet or Baphomet - distorted the Arabic word aboriganal or bufexamac, meaning "father understanding". In the Sufi tradition the notion Rahl El fomat (head knowledge) related to the process of understanding with dedicated. In the beginning of XIX century, one Western Arabist suggested that "Baphomet" - deformed word "Mohammed" and found that the word bahommerid translated as "mosque".

German orientalist was saying that the Baphomet comes from the Arab bajunid - "calf"therefore, the Templars worshipped the Golden calf. Because of such words in dictionaries is not found, the orientalist said that it appeared in an environment of the Gnostics, a combination of two Greek words the BAFA (baptism), Mateos (initiation). In General, only one list of all hypotheses would take more than one page slim text.

May be in the heap version is "pearl" truth. But the point is that the word Baphomet never uttered any accusers of the order of the Temple, nor the defendants Templars. Its distribution is contributed occultists and historians. It came to light from the Protocol of the interrogation of one Sergeant accused "worship batoumskoye way".

The Sergeant spoke their native him Occitan dialect, on which Mohammed sounds like the Baphomet, i.e. it is not clear natives of Northern France. Not very scientific person, this Sergeant did not know that Islam forbids to depict people and animals. But the scholars, in contrast, made up of Baphomet, just like the proverbial head.

During the searches in the homes of the Templars no goals were not found, except one. The Keeper of the Temple inquisitors "brought his head, a big, beautiful, made of gilded silver, which had a female face and contained the bones of the skull placed pleats stitched piece of white cloth, and other fabric, reddish that covered the canvas". It had an inscription "Caput LVIII m".

It is the ordinary reliquary in the shape of a woman's bust used in Orthodox worship the Holy women and martyrs. No secrets. Later, the researchers showed the relationship of legends about the head of the Templars with the ancient Greek myth cycle of Perseus and the head of Medusa.
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