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Пирамида Дьявола оказалась Храмом СолнцаOver the Mayan city of El Sots in the jungles of Guatemala, archaeologists discovered "pyramid of the devil", exterior walls of which are decorated richly painted masks moulded. As the researchers suggest, this legendary Night Sun temple, built 1600 years ago, represented the relationship between the buried under the pyramid of the ruler and God of Sun.

The sun God Maya Cynic-achau (meets a different writing: Kinich Ahau or K'inich Ajaw), which, apparently, and was dedicated the temple, is one of the most ancient deities. Revered him as ruler of sunlight. Most Cynic-achau portrayed young, playful, strong and passionate. In his honour called the most distinguished leaders. Typical for Kinic-achau was looking out from the mouth of a T-shaped Fang.

In 2010, on top of a hill near the center of the ancient Mayan city of El Sots (El Zotz) a group of American archaeologists, led by Stephen Houston (Stephen Houston) from brown University met first at some of the artifacts and human remains. Scientists have suggested that the pyramid could serve as a link between the dead and buried ruler and the Sun.

Their self-righteousness turned detection 13-meter high Pyramid of the Devil (Diablo Pyramid). At its top was excavated ruins of the Royal Palace and the tomb, probably belonged to one of the first rulers, who lived with 350 th to 400 A.D..

On the sides of the temple are located one-and-half masks moulding, solar deity personifying that changes throughout the day its guises, in other words, demonstrate the various phases of passage of light through the sky. According to Houston when the disk of the sun rises from the horizon of the Caribbean sea, it is like a shark. At noon is the ancient cross-eyed monster, pusee blood, and at sunset - Jaguar, in the darkness of the coming night goes hunting in the jungle.

On the pages of National Geographic Houston notes that in the Mayan culture, the sun is closely connected with the notion of a beginning, hence the hypothesis that human remains, buried in the tomb near the temple, belong to the first Governor of El-SOC.

The pyramid of the Devil is one of the most lavishly decorated buildings of ancient America, according to the German website Grenzwissenschaft. Produced excavations will allow scientists to look at the view of the Maya of the heavenly deities, solar light and its close ties with the rulers of the Maya and their families.

Still archaeological expedition has cleared only 30 percent of the temple. Based on previous experience, the specialists came to the conclusion that nearly two-meter stucco masks are finishing the base of the pyramid, and above there are the smooth terrace.

Archaeologist David Freidel (David Freidel) also convinced of the correctness of the hypothesis of his colleagues Houston, that the building was dedicated to the relationship of the solar deity and Maya rulers. The pyramid of the Devil, according to the researcher, will contribute to our knowledge about the early period of Mayan religion and ritual practice.

On another assumption, also expressed by the Houston, at a time when the pyramid was built, the residents of El Sots and neighboring Mayan city of Tikal first came into contact with people from teotihuac?n, located near what is today Mexico city. In this case, the pyramid could be built as a symbol, to emphasize the strength and value of the authorities of El Socialist. Because modern researchers absolutely unknown in any relationship consisted El Sots and Tikal. Whether they were friendly, allied or hostile. And some wanted to impress others.

Masks are sculpted with remarkable skill, said archaeologist from the University of California Karl Taube (Karl Taube). They are made in three-dimensional image, and the play of light and shadow gives them special expressiveness. Painted in crimson color, which was evident at sunrise and sunset, they were already noticeable from afar, from a distance of 25 kilometers.

Although the construction and decoration of the temple came at a cost to residents of El-Social, religious building was used for rather short time. According to archaeologists, it found evidence that the Church has already thrown in the V century. It seems that the architects simply dropped their tools and disappeared. It is quite possible that it has something to do with the end of the dynasty, founded buried nearby ruler.
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