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Сибирь спасет человечествоFifteen years ago, in the Siberian village Okunevo came on foot from India... Rasma Rosita. Eight years this woman held in the Ashram (spiritual community) Sri Babaji, until the death of the great guru in 1984. Successor Babaji - Munyagi told Rasma that in Siberia there is a place associated with Hanuman - loyal assistant God Rama, and she must find this place in the interests of Russia and the whole world, for there is a communication channel with space that you want to discover and activate before it closes.

The secret expedition

Ancient Indian legends say that the Frame has led his people on the Indian subcontinent from the territory of Western Siberia. Cause displacement allegedly served as a kind of planetary catastrophe unfolding on Earth thousands of years ago, which resulted in Siberia has dramatically changed the climate. Fleeing from the cold, the ancestors of the Slavs - Aryans - went into the southern lands. Its highest culture and obtained from deep space Vedic knowledge they have brought in India.

According to Rasmy, near the present Okuneva once stood in the temple is the place associated with the Hanuman.
All this may seem fantastic. However, we know that in the USSR there existed a secret research Institute, which dealt with the study of sacred places, such Okunevo, with the aim of using them as means of deep space communication. Moreover, in the summer of 1947 near Okuneva worked secret research expedition.

The space communication channel

Once in Nizhnevartovsk I met with a famous clairvoyant Olga Kurbanovich. And that's what she told me:
- Close to Okunevo very long stood a magnificent temple that had seven domes. The Church was spiritual and scientific center. It was "extraterrestrial treasure", which served as a tool for deep space network. Now the temple, the Observatory is hidden under the ground.
- How is this "treasure"? - I asked.
Is octagonal crystal height of about 1.2 meters. You need to find. This artificial intelligence of the highest level, established outside of the Earth. This can help to establish contact with other worlds. The energy is concentrated in it, can close the protective energy-screen almost all of Western Siberia. In it our salvation, because humanity is on the brink of self-destruction.
So Olga (regardless of Rasma Rosita!) brought me on Okunevsky the temple and "channel space communication".

Mysterious anomaly

In the summer of 1998, I organized the first expedition to the area Okuneva, and in July 2000 went Moscow geophysicists headed by the doctor of technical Sciences Alexander Zaitsev.

Before field research, I was contacted by academician V.P. Kaznacheev. He suggested the involvement of research psychics, as the scientific instruments still far from perfect.
Using special testing I have selected five of psychics, and they (together with Olga Kurbanovich) identified the places near Okuneva, who had to investigate.

...Complex geophysical studies have shown that between the rivers Tara and Irtysh is a powerful anomalous zone. It is noted here that the gravitational and magnetic anomalies. And seismic scanning of the earth's horizons showed that at a depth of 12 to 18 meters instruments recorded unique phenomenon - the effect of waveguide - signals from almost amplitude is damped... Classic seismic exploration of the causes of these signals are not explained.
Our psychics said that in this place is the ancient tunnel that leads to the desired temple.

About crystal knew... Nostradamus!

The following year, geophysicists and geologists re-examined mysterious place. I was brought there two groups of Omsk geophysicists with more perfect equipment able to "see" on depth of 100 meters. And it turned out that under the earth there are some objects that are likely to have an artificial origin.
But is it possible to find here the legendary crystal? Yes! We have collected a lot of circumstantial evidence indicating that it really exists!
Incredibly, however, on the Siberian crystal pointed out back Nostradamus! Here is his prophetic quatrain:

Great holiday will bring
tartaricum Fiery horse,
Swept the first time
the Third way
Hooves kicking up the ground
and having thus
The value of unearthly,
hidden deep in the bowels.

It turns out that the country Tartary was located on the territory of Western Siberia. Under tartarni need to understand Russians, and under the Third way - the third Millennium, where the Fiery horse falls in 2026.

Skolski experiment

Scientists of the USA was held a unique Skolski experiment, called "the Essence of crystal". - The initiators of its steel, Robin and his wife Sandra Foy. Later their studies joined NASA, Institute of mining Sciences and international scientific and medical network. The work was carried out not only in the USA, but also in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. At the beginning of the experiment was manifested hologram shining crystal, which is then found to be in shape and researchers have even been able to touch him.
The audit materials Scole experiment published in both academic and popular literature, and known throughout the world.

Moreover, the contact was received by the following information: "On Earth ends aging greatest source of energy of the crystal, which is able to change the system, the principle and technology of power supply of the planet... It can provide life-giving energy of people for the next thousand years, and to help implement new technical ideas. Purified environment, will solve the environmental problems. People will live much longer. The war will stop! Crystal will bring new thinking!"
Of course, it's hard to believe, but the ancients warned: all conceivable valid!

Prediction of Vanga and time capsule

In 1963 after the flood under the steep Bank of Containers were two mirror-polished light-gray stone plates, which, alas, later lost, although eyewitnesses who saw them, a lot.
According to psychics in the vicinity Okuneva under a layer of sedimentary rocks is a very ancient city! If this city be undetectable come to pass that he predicted the great Wang: "Will be excavated the city that will change people's view of the ancient worlds!"

It turns out that died as a result of the planetary catastrophe civilization was superior to modern!
There are ancient legends about some "time capsule", which contains a warning that the us expects the same problem suffered by our ancestors. In the "capsule" supposedly there's recommendations, subject to avoidable catastrophe or to experience it with least losses.

Humanity will prevent catastrophe!

Here one has to return to Sri Babaji - spiritual teacher of Rasma Rosita, which clearly hinted that soon Russia will move the center of the world of spirituality. Moreover, Babaji indicated the Western Siberia as on the original Ark of mankind. One of the prophecies Babaji sounds like a death sentence: "Some countries are doomed, they have no future. Most of America will be destroyed.

Russia will survive. By God's grace Russia always was under the protection".
The foresight Babaji on the future global catastrophe have been confirmed in Circulation more R leading scientists of the world, dated November 18, 1992: "there are not more than one or a few decades before the chance to prevent threats, which we are now confronted, will be lost. Necessary to make fundamental changes in our Ministry Earth and life on it, if we want to avoid huge human suffering and irreparable damage to our common home".

Source: "Mystery of the twentieth century. Gold series" №22-2011
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