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Scientists have known cases where one or two adults Dolphin tried to save her baby, but the collective caring for an adult these mammals is celebrated for the first time

The first case of salvation by a group of dolphins adult perishing individuals recorded Korean scientists during monitoring of cetaceans near the South-Eastern coast of South Korea.

"Five dolphins simultaneously floated, forming a sort of raft, while the dying animal was on their backs" - said in the message.

Biologists have observed a flock of 400 dolphins-Delphis separating the group of 12 individuals, drifting slowly. Among them was a Dolphin fins which were paralyzed, and his abdominal Department was covered with red markings, said in a statement. Dolphins"rescuers" shifts supported weakened individual, forming a kind of raft.

One of the "rescuers" tried nose to support groupieblog over the water, however, despite all efforts kitoobraznykh, after a few minutes Dolphin died. However, animals are still some time tried to save his brother, supporting it by touching it with fins, said in a statement.

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Дельфины прекрасные создания.


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