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31-year-old programmer Zack water, lost a leg in an accident, is going to climb on Chicago's Willis tower with the help of denture, managed by the power of thought. On Sunday the man intends to climb the stairs to the roof top of a skyscraper, breaking 103 floor.
If all goes well, water participating in the experiment Chicago Institute of rehabilitation, will go down in history as the first man with the bionic leg
Leg will react to impulses from the hamstrings.
The man intends to do it in an hour is longer than it took him healthy, but much faster than with his usual prosthesis.
Ascent to Willis tower will be the first public test of the bionic legs. Together with Waarom on the skyscraper will go 2700 people, including researchers, who will observe the behavior of roboratus. The aim of the event SkyRise Chicago is a charity fundraiser for the Institute.
In the course of preliminary tests feet of water was able to kick a football, walk through the room and up the steps. Project with a budget of $ 8 million is funded by the U.S. Department of defense.
Thanks to the work of Chicago researchers, today there are bionic a prosthetic hand. However, before the appearance of working prosthetic legs have to wait another few years, despite the fact that the number of legless people exceeds the number of those who do not have the upper extremities.
The thing is that the lower limb prostheses difficult because you have to be perfectly tested and configured. If you refuse the bionic hand, people drop the Cup; if not work lower denture, a person runs the risk of falling.

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