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Ученые выяснили, как люди воспринимают времяSurely you have had an experience where you were caused a lift to your floor, and you thought that it goes forever. However, when the Elevator is causing your friend, cabin appears in front of you after 5 seconds. You come to the conclusion that your friend is a wizard with a magic touch, but actually is a phenomenon that philosophers and psychologists call "time constraint". Events that occur each other in space and time sometimes "connected" together, and we begin to see them in a causal relationship.

Research psychologist Brand Bonera (Marc Buehner) from the University of Cardiff, Cardiff University, Wales, proved that our perception system ties together two different events if they happened approximately at the same time, and even forming between them a causal relationship. However, in reality, these events can be completely connected, and that the intent is not required.

Mr. Byner conducted two experiments with the use of the paradigm of anticipation and events. The participants of the experiment were asked to predict when the ready light displays. The participants were divided into three groups. In the first group (basic) directly before turning light displays light up the signal. In the second group (independent) participants had to press the button to light display lit up. In the third group (automated) button pressed a special mechanism, regardless of the person. Initially it was assumed that the most accurate predictions can only be expected from one group from self, as its participants deliberately hit the button to the scoreboard on fire.

The experimental results showed that the participants in the basic group, as expected, much stronger than was late with predictions than members of the other two groups. However, between the results of the participants of independent and automated groups was virtually no difference. This proves that the intent of the action really is not a condition of education temporal link between the two events. The main condition is that the events were similar in time.

The practical application of this discovery is that the prediction and planning for the future is impossible without understanding of the past and those of causal relationships that it happened. If one understands the reason was one or the other - it is more prepared for the future. If he does not understand the reasons happened, he will not be able to predict the future.
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