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И снова намёки на марсианскую воду и древние ледникиJune 6, stereo cameras with high resolution spacecraft Mars Express again staring at the plain of Argir - this time, however, the mountains of the Spirits that 380 km North-East from the crater of a hook. This is the Northern border of Argiri - one of the largest impact craters of the red planet.

Mountain Nymphs stretches for about 1 150 km. of the title they have received on behalf of the famous Greek astronomer Eugene Michel antoniadi crateres (1870-1944). Remember? He came to the conclusion that the Martian "channels", discovered by Percival Lowell, no more than an optical illusion.

In pictures visible fluvial and glacial features, as well as the result of wind. Extensive tree-like figure, reminiscent of the river network (lower right), clearly shaped by the water that flowed towards deeper areas. On Earth like it occurs after heavy rains or melting snow and ice. Similar processes is considered by some to have occurred on Mars in the distant past.

Some craters, especially in the Eastern part of the region (the bottom of the image), bear signs of concentric filling. The ratio of the diameter and depth filled craters suggests that there may be water ice, possibly in the form of ancient glaciers, buried under dry sediment. The estimated depth of the ice varies from several tens to hundreds of meters.

The largest crater on the South-West (upper left corner) looks like over the edge had rolled over something like a glacier (toward a lower area, which on the topographic image given in blue).

The smooth area to the East of the possible glacier looks very young, because almost completely devoid of craters.

The presence of subsurface water points and fluidized train secratery emissions surrounding the crater in the North (right side of picture). Such formations occur in cases when the comet or an asteroid crashes into the surface, saturated with water or water with ice.

And the last. Everywhere (as a rule, near the weather-beaten hillsides and canyons) are vast fields of sand dunes.
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