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Ожидание Апокалипсиса – что говорят учёныеAccording to scientists, the mankind was gripped by fear associated with the pending Apocalypse in December 2012 that can become a cause of irrational fear, phobias, end of the world.

Around the world many believers on judgment day waiting for him on December 21, 1012 year, date based on the predictions allegedly made Mayan more than 1000 years ago. Even if the sun will rise on December 22, peace will be short, almost immediately will be developed another scenario of the end of the world.

Researchers say the cause of these concerns lies in several factors. The flow of misinformation on the Internet, weak or insufficiently developed critical thinking skills, the very nature of man, convincing many to fear the worst, despite the lack of competent evidence.

Astronomer David Morrison, a senior researcher of the Institute of astrobiology, said that the forecasts the end of the world happening throughout history every few years.

Although Morrison and other scientists tried to negate concerns associated with comet Elenin (Comet Elenin), with the mythical planet Nibiru and other similar phenomena, their reasonable arguments can hardly hear.

"We are completely choke the flow of false information in the Internet... Even speaking the truth, it is very difficult to be heard," says Morrison. "".

Especially notorious is the case of young people, many of which are simply unable to distinguish between reliable and unreliable source of information.

Morrison: "In the best case they will be easy to calculate, for example, 83 sites information that doomsday will take place in 2012, and on one website that will not. Therefore, it is true - most".

Andrew Fraknoi (Andrew Fraknoi, head of the Department of astronomy at Foothill College, believes that some disinformation is a common way of earning money.

Andrew Fraknoi: "Today, money is more important than truth. Fear has become a large and profitable".

But fear nourishes not only the Internet and money.

For example, some believers, believed that Jesus Christ would return to earth in 1843-1844 years, and then had to come to an end. Another group, believed that on 21 December 1954 there will be a flood.

Leonard of Mlodinow (Leonard Mlodinow), American physicist, said that it is human phenomenon. "The people we think are very reasonable, believe in such things all the time"

Seth Shostak (Seth Shostak), one of the leading astronom, believes that such faith is important for self-esteem

Seth Shostak: "To some extent self-evaluation supported the idea that you know something very important that these dumb... academicians do not want to admit"

Despite this fear of the end of the world is quite popular around the world.

For example, a survey conducted by the information Agency Reuters, showed that 15% of the population believe that the Apocalypse will come in their lifetime.

Morrison: "Such concerns not only interesting sociological and psychological phenomena. They can have dire consequences for the believers."

Morrison: "... young people aged 11, 12 years say that commits suicide before the end of the world.... I know several cases of suicide, caused by the obsession with the alleged end of the world in 2012".

Andrew Fraknoi: "the best way to reduce apocalypticism concern, especially among young people, it is education. It is necessary to develop in the children of critical thinking, to impart love to discovery..."
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