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Подземные мирыModern science claims that life has many forms. Life exists not only on the Earth's surface, it exists everywhere. A great many of the worlds exist in the atmosphere and inside the planet. People don't see or feel because there are at different frequencies with them. You can make a comparison with the TV or radio, have many channels.

However, a single channel transmits its programs without interfering with the work of others, due to the fact that works on its wave frequency. The same principle underlies the existence of many worlds at different frequencies his "channels".

Crystal heart planet provides the possibility of creating a special frequency of being and even the whole world that exists at the given frequency inside the Earth.

To provide as inside the planet can the world exist, should consider the structure of the Universe. Our universe consists of thirteen measurements. The thirteenth dimension is Central Universe, the Sun, where is the birth of the Universe, and where did it seek out. You can imagine that the thirteenth dimension - the center of the Universe from which the circles differ areas other dimensions - the twelfth, eleventh, and so on, We live in the fourth dimension, with four measures: length, width, height, and time. We are in chetyrekhmernoi. In the fifth dimension five measures, time and space are different. This Is The Upper World.

Third, second, first dimension is called the lower worlds. More correct to consider that the fifth dimension is internal to us, and the third is external, because the third dimension is located closer to the edge of the Universe, although it does not have edge, the universe is infinite. The first dimension can be represented by a straight line, that is, in the first dimension, there is only one measure, such as length, width and height not. If you add the width will be the second dimension, or two-dimensional space. This is the model of the lower dimensions, which presents the worlds of lower dimension.

In the first dimension has only a straight line, we can say that the first dimension is an abstract corridor without width and height. If this line to continue indefinitely, it will result in the thirteenth dimension, which is Great universal Sun is the center of the Universe. Scientists are aware of this paradox. In ancient times it was represented by a snake biting its own tail, which is a symbol of the Universe, a symbol of the end which is simultaneously the beginning. This is not a vicious circle, and the spiral, representing a scheme of the Evolution of the Universe, in this symbolic spiral develop all spiritual and intelligent beings in all the worlds.

Thus, the first dimension is associated with the thirteenth dimension. But from the first measurement to get in the thirteenth impossible. But, on the contrary, from the thirteenth to the first dimension can get. Great Central Sun sends Energy and Light in all the worlds. However, the relationship thirteenth of the twelfth dimension and the first special, because they are the end and beginning at the same time.

In the heart of the Earth, inside the planet is a portal through which comes the energy with the universal Central Sun to the Earth. However, this energy directly into the second, third, fourth, etc. measurement cannot go. The energy of the universe Central Sun in our world, and all the worlds of the Universe, comes through twelfth, eleventh, the tenth dimension, and so on, through the prism of these inner dimensions.

Starting an Experiment on Earth, the Great Angels set the task "to deliver" energy in the outer world through the prism of the" external dimension, and not through the prism of" internal. As a result, in four-dimensional world energy must enter through the prism of the first, second and third dimensions.

This is a Grand idea! This in our Universe has never been carried out. This was considered impossible, and no one planet through the lower measurement did not receive the energy of universal Central Sun.

It may seem impossible and amazing, but the Greatest of Angels-Experimenters includes all who came to Earth in this world, that is, we - representatives of humanity among them, and worthy of love and respect. Even those people and other spiritual and intelligent beings on the planet, which, for the moment, from a human point of view, don't deserve good marks for their behavior. Many have forgotten that they are Great Angels, because life in this world is very difficult, angelic beginning lies deep within people. Therefore deserve great respect those who remembered that he is an angel, and went to work that hard, but very honorable. The tasks of the Great Angels of grandiose, their great mission critical to the development of the whole Universe.

Angels from the Great Central Sun on the planet Earth are not only people, but also other Great Angels representing other Space Race. One such amazing race is a race Golden Dolphins.

More than a hundred thousand years ago, in a time when modern human species existed on Earth lived civilization Golden Dolphins. First dolphins lived on the Earth's surface and swam in the waters of the world ocean. Then they were asked to change their vibration and go to the underworld, into the planet.

We have already encountered the idea of the existence of parallel worlds. Often in the literature or film we saw how to move between worlds, the heroes go through a mysterious portal. What is a magic wardrobe" from the "Chronicles of Narnia"? This portal is a transformer, Converter matter, to be more precise, energy, since matter is condensed energy. In the portal there is a change in the energy of the wave, similarly as when you switch the channel . The journey between worlds is a change of frequency of vibration of matter (energy). If you learn how to change your vibration, you can learn how to travel to other worlds. Often during sleep, people travel to other worlds, involuntarily "switching" their energopitanie.

Golden Dolphins switched their vibrations, tuned to another "channel" and by increasing the frequency of vibration of their bodies, went into vnutriplanetna?, underground world. At the high frequency vibration of the earth's crust and other layers in the planetary body are not so thick. The matter turns into a kind of "sea energy"in which to live, to swim and bathe. The earth is a dense substance for people living on the same planet with Golden Dolphins, for which the Earth is a "sea energy".

In our Galaxy there is a Spiritual Government, which is known as the galactic Federation Council of the Free Worlds, led by kind and caring beings in the Galaxy. If in the earthly concept of link is to dominate, control, having a personal benefit, the work in the Spiritual Government is the manifestation of care about other things. The members of the Spiritual Galactic Government can be only those who sincerely loves all creatures in the Galaxy, regardless of their species and habitats.

Galactic Council appealed to the Golden Dolphins to go into the underground world of the Earth. They have done so, it asked their hearts and souls, because the main goal of the Golden Dolphin is the help of a Great Experiment.

The purpose of their departure into the inner world of the planet was to create a new special world, in carrying out the necessary preparatory work to create extraordinary beings.

To create a new vnutriplanetna? world, a world which was not yet in our Galaxy, it was necessary a new Crystal heart of the planet. Inside the planet is creating an unusual site representing a world, which must be connected first and thirteenth dimension. Such a world has never existed in our Galaxy.

From school course we know that appears first planet, over time, it produces water, land, animals, and people. Actually, it's not. It all starts with the fact that Spiritually rational Beings come to a certain point "space-time", creating planet and life on it. To create a special world need special beings, able to create this world and live in it then.

Creatures that can live simultaneously in the thirteenth and in the first dimension, while simply does not exist. They are not yet created. Golden Dolphins, gone in vnutriplanetna? world had not only to help in the creation of new special world, but also to prepare the necessary conditions for creating extraordinary beings.

Such task was set before the race Golden Dolphins because they are very closely related to Galactic Central Sun, with the Galactic Spiritual Center, physically manifested in our dimension as the star system Sirius. Once people will be able to raise your vibration and closer to the fifth dimension, they will be able to detect that the system Sirius has three stars. The manifestation of the Spiritual Sun of the milky Way galaxy is the unity of three stars or the Sun realnosti. The energy of the universe Central Sun goes through the Galactic Spiritual Sun.

At the Golden Dolphin crystal structure of consciousness, based on Trialeti which is universal for any Space Race, and, at the same time, unique. The basis of the crystal structure of consciousness Golden Dolphin is the Genome, including spiritual-material genes three races: humans, dolphins and the cat family.

The basis of structures of consciousness beings special planetary the world, pprednaznachennyh to create a Portal establishing a special relationship between the dense Lower and advanced Higher worlds, will become crystal structure of the above-mentioned Space Races.

In the thirteenth dimension of the Gods live, with all the divine abilities, facing the task to go in the first dimension, i.e. to become a mere point. Because the Gods can do anything, they will turn. To move from the first dimension in the thirteenth, or "force" the point to be God, the task of the greatest complexity, seeming almost impossible. And yet it has a solution. And its not that infinite Gods must be compressed to the point. The gods must be expanded to the point that is the paradox. Things like studying quantum physics. Something is extended to a certain point, and then shrinks to a point. If a point to compact, it can expand.

A special inner world of the planet must be created in the result of the process of simultaneous compression and expansion. Incompatible things can connect in this world.

In the end, the Gods or Angels thirteenth dimension of the Great Central Sun, will be able to come right in the center of our planet - in the first dimension, without going through twelfth, eleventh, etc. dimensions. But then, the creature from the first measurement will be able to go directly to the thirteenth dimension and become true Gods. Not only representatives of the first dimension will be able to get to thirteen, but residents of second, third and even fourth dimension will be able to aspire in the thirteenth through this special world. That is, if you create a portal with a new special vnutriplanetna? world, people will be able to get into the Divine thirteenth dimension and become omnipotent Gods.

People for so long dreamed of living in the upper worlds, and here Kryon offers to descend into the lower worlds. It looks like a provocation. And if this is indeed the Great Plan of God the Creator of the Universe in the galactic Council? And if humanity has long been involved in the implementation of this plan and just forgot about it in the fourth dimension? The correct answer will give Heart, ask him.

On the one hand, this seems like a fairy tale or, worse, machinations of the Forces of Darkness. On the other hand, in mathematics, there is the concept of the singularity - a point at which the function tends to infinity. Official scientists have discovered a point, beyond which begins infinity.

The information that is given to the Kryon channel that does not have anti-scientific nature, the purpose of its transfer to people is to make the understanding of the world deeper and more comprehensive. Science provides only part of the capacity to cognize the world. There is the intuition, the inner world of the person, representing the whole Universe. Inside a person has a lot of knowledge and skills that he has no ideas.

Source: "the Mission of the Sphinx" from the cycle Kryon in Russia, adopted Sergey Kanashevsky
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