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Черная магия Третьего рейха"...Lord and master, I urge you as his God and promise to serve you, as long as I live, and from this day deny all others, and from Jesus Christ, and Mary, and of all the saints in heaven, and from the Church, and of all acts and prayers of her, and I promise to worship you and serve you and to inflict as much as possible over evil, and to bring to commit evil all whom I will be possible, and from a pure heart deny confirmation and baptism, and with all the grace of Jesus Christ, and in the case if you want to go, I give you authority over my body and soul, and life, as if I had received it from you, and forever you are inferior, without intending to regret it..."
(Signed blood: "Adolf Hitler".)

Who helped Hitler to come to power?

Fake? A group of researchers came up some time ago to the conclusion that the document was found in Berlin in the basement subject to the demolition of the house, really is a contract that Adolf Hitler had made with the devil. As reported by German media, the contract dated 30 April 1932 and signed by the blood of both parties.

According to him, the devil gives Hitler virtually unlimited power with the condition that he will only use it for evil. In exchange, the Fuhrer has promised to give his soul exactly 13 years.

Dr. Greta Libert, for many years specialized in exporting various types of written agreements with the evil spirit, expressed its full confidence in the authenticity of the document.

"That's the way Satan does it, " she says. - Selects loser, afflicted with ambition and thirst for worldly pleasures, and promises to fulfill all his desires. The result is a lot of damage... And Hitler completely fits into this scheme.

Four independent experts thoroughly studied the document and agreed that the autograph of Hitler really genuine, typical of the documents signed by them in 30-40-ies.

Devil's signature also coincides with the one that is on other similar contracts with a stranger from hell. And such documents historians know a lot.

"The Treaty helps, adds Greta Libert, to solve the mystery of how the Fuhrer has managed to become the ruler of Germany. Judge for yourselves: it is up to 1932 he was just a loser. He was kicked out of high school, he twice failed on the exams at the Vienna Academy of art, even in prison.

However, in 1932, his fate changed - he literally left in the seat of power in January 1933 already ruled Germany. And on April 30, 1945, exactly 13 years later, hated of all humanity, committed suicide".

But before this, however, should be added, has already was awful lot of cases, including, magic, the occult, magic. Hitler was thirsty great flood of the Apocalypse. And before poisoned, wrote the last message to the world, claiming that its end would be the end of the Universe.

The policy of the fascist state was built on the principles which differ from those commonly used. Hitler considered himself a great magician and was surrounded occult advisors. Throughout the Third Reich were conducted black mass, ritual sacrifice, was created magical society and whole units of their followers are ready to perform the most wild orders...

"I make the order!"

In February 1957 divers plunged into the lake of Devil mountain Czech Republic, to find the body of a drowned a few days ago the student. But soon seized with horror had come to the surface. At the bottom of the lake, he saw a group of SS - soldiers in full form in helmets and with skulls, gun carriages loaded with boxes, cars are sitting in their skeletons.

It turned out that in April 1945 whole Armada in a state of hypnotic trance entered into the depths of the lake without any attempts to save his life, obeying the salvation of the secret documents.

Most historians agree that the activities of a Nazi SS not caused any political or military necessity. The SS was needed for other purposes. What these goals, Hitler said: "I create the order. This order will be the person who will measure and the center of the world, man-God!"

Officially Hitler banned in Germany Masonic lodges and occult societies, but this order is not concerned astrologers and occultists surrounding the Fuhrer and his closest associates of the Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler.

Himmler, as the historian Century Konovalov, many years collected literature about the Jesuits and borrowed a great deal from their "General" Ignatius of Loyola in the organization of the SS. Hitler was even called Himmler my Ignatius".

Speaking in 1940 before associates, the Reichsfuhrer announced that his goal is to create "order thoroughbred", elite Reich.

The SS was built as a true monastic order. Highest leadership level formed devoted. The greater part of the order of the SS were monks-soldiers "dead head"who empowerment in schools ordensburg. Here was only Aryans pure Nordic type after passing the qualifying tests. Opening one of these special schools, Himmler formulated the secret doctrine in the short sentence: "Believe, obey, fight. The point! That's all!"

The SS, received in Burg, learned there, among other things, and secret knowledge that death for them is a deliberate act of self-denial for the sake of serving the "Black order". Dedicated brought vows and entered on the path of superhuman of fate found themselves on the wrong side of Genesis, which was dominated hierarchy sect.

Here prepared for the coming of the God-man, Superman, which will send upon the Earth "Power" after dedicated to alter the balance of spiritual forces, destroying the "inferior races".

As the historian D. Rusin, for those who joined the school, there was no way back. If the SS had stumbled, ran from the school, it was destroyed together with family, wife, children. These were the inexorable laws of the SS.

At the completion of the school of the SS men had been initiated by a mysterious magical ceremony "thick air." It was like a black mass in the satanic tradition.

One of the prominent figures of the SS was Colonel Tungsten Head. He was a performer, a priest donor and ritual killer of the order. In the concentration camps Head held dedicatory sessions Nazi magic. There was made a bloody human sacrifice in order to obtain favors secret rulers to the case of the SS.

At the Nuremberg trials Engineering limited formal protection. And before heading out to execution, asked permission for the last time to send your cult and offer secret prayers.

Mystical power Tula

The whole ideology of the SS was based on a new black cult. For example, in the spring of 1942 three climber-SS climbed Elbrus, the sacred mountain of the Aryans. There they made a number of magical rituals and hoisted the flag with a swastika. All this was done with one purpose - to establish power over the elements. Ritual on Elbrus was magical preparation for the battle of Stalingrad, where the main enemy for the Nazis was cold.

In its "Black order" was based on faith in the existence of supernatural forces with cosmic energy. Perceiving itself as the demonic personality, Hitler, according to Century Konovalov, it seems, without a moment's doubt and valid existence of the so-called island of Tula, the legend of which dates back to the origins of the German tradition. This island is located somewhere in the North and the now-vanished from the eyes of the people, considered the legendary center of the magic of civilization.

But not all the secrets of Tula lost, assured Nazi occultists. Special creatures, intermediaries between the people and the Fact that There", a place of energy forces, accessible only to the initiated.

It Tula had to give Germany over the world and make her a prophet coming sverhcheloveka.

Occultists believe that the inner strength of the members of the "Black order" form a common energy chain. But to use this energy for the purposes of the group is possible only through a medium, which accumulates force. In the newly created "the Thule society" medium was considered Adolf Hitler. He kept returning to the idea of "decisive turning world" or, as he puts it, to "the hinge of time"

Himmler, in turn, believed in the transmigration of souls (the reincarnation) and often talking with the spirits of the dead geniuses of the past. He considered himself the new embodiment of the mythical king Arthur of the Britons, collecting around themselves the knights of the round table, king Henry I, the spirit of which were alleged to him and gave instructions.

Himmler saw the link its activities with the legendary Holy Grail that gives its possessor of power over the whole world, in search of which were sent during it's king Arthur.

Reichsfiihrer was inspired by the ancient German legend, according to which the hidden treasures appear on the surface of the earth every 700 years. In 1944, when the Third Reich was, in essence, doomed, he even sent an expedition in search of the Grail.

And on March 16, 1944 even sent an expedition Alfred Rosenberg, who over the remains of the castle of the Cathars - last owners of the Holy Grail - raised a huge flag with Celtic cross. This date was chosen not casually: on this day in 1244 were destroyed by the enemies of the guardians of the mystic Shrine. The Nazis, in fact, has made another ancient magic ritual, asking a higher power for help and protection.
<br />the Herald of the Apocalypse

When creating a "Black order" were drawn up plans full lifelong isolation "dead heads" from the world "humanoid". Hitler wanted to create cities and villages of the SS around the world. Their territory was to be the likeness of States subject only to the order of the SS and they managed.

The family tree of the new rulers of the world" taken from the legendary giants of the founders of Aryan peoples. To search for the traces of these giants Institute Tungsten Siversa sent the expedition to Ethiopia and in Tibet.

And even when the collapse of Nazi Germany was imminent, Hitler continued his magical activities. He ordered to flood the Berlin subway together with human beings, considering that brings their "gods" human sacrifice, and believing that the collective splash bioenergy sinking in the subway, people will shift the earth's axis by several degrees, and then will start icing Europe - the price paid for the defeat of the Germans in the war.

In may 1945, by the way, the world was stunned by the news that the Soviet army, fighting came to the bunker of Hitler, found at his outskirts of the bodies of the dead Tibetans, dressed... in SS uniform.

In those hot days no one and thought have arisen concerning investigation of strange phenomenon, and only decades later it turned out that a lot of hope in the end of the war, the Fuhrer was laid on specially brought from Tibet expedition of the SS black magicians.

Hitler was not enough to three months

And not only on them. According to the Russian researcher E. Levich, in March 1945 Hitler at the session of the General staff announced that scientists Reich, who worked under the auspices of the occult organization "Annenerbe", has developed a fantastic tool, the introduction of which in the blood of man did his murder pointless from the military point of view. If his body was not destroyed completely, soldiers continued to exist and to participate in hostilities.

Moreover, it was already after death invulnerable to bullets of the enemy and programmed to perform combat tasks at any price.

Hitler said that the drug was tested, and in the ranks of the German army already battling soldiers zombie. To the German army was developed into the invincible, according to the Fuhrer had only three months needed to start the production of the drug in the series.

Apparently, the enthusiasm Hitler was caused by the report about the success of the laboratory of Dr. von Dock. In 1935 the doctor received the official task of the Nazi Ministry of science. He had to do invulnerable to bullets of the enemy soldiers of the Wehrmacht. He gave money, room for laboratories and six employees. In the future, the whole project was classified.

In October 1944 the background Doc reported that achieved great successes in their work and it is necessary to conduct experiments on people.

Volunteers-the SS were injected the drug and returned to its position in the Ardennes in the North of France. In February 1945, they were surrounded and trying to evade capture, and perhaps referring to his participation in the experiment, committed suicide.

Three days after this German scouts managed to take a language-English. During the interrogation he revealed that in the rear of the advancing allied forces operates a small but very dangerous group of Nazi saboteurs. Soldiers of the allies celebrate these Germans total disregard for their lives, desperate courage, incredible physical strength, and remarkable ability without harm to their health tear electric wires.

In the rear of the enemy, the Germans sent a special group, whose task was to find these officers of the SS and to describe their actions. The group completed its task. She found two zombies and provided a detailed description of their actions.

According to the scouts, they personally saw two people in a Nazi uniform suddenly attacked the camp of American soldiers. Americans opened fire from automatic weapons, and then thrown into the Germans a few grenades. However, this did not cause the coming absolutely no harm. Approximately twenty Americans retreated before the two zombies.

However, the attempt of the German scouts to enter into contact with them were not successful. Apparently, zombie differently to death, saw what was happening, did not understand human speech, they themselves could not make a single sound, and every living creature was made by them for the enemy, who had to be destroyed.

Thus, concludes E. Levich, Nazi scientist Karl Heinz von Dock created what he wanted: the perfect soldier, invulnerable to bullets and programmed to kill without hesitation.

The case remained for small - run drug that turns people into soulless machines for murder, mass production and to introduce as many soldiers. It was said to Hitler, it was required at least three months. However, as we know from history textbooks, these months the fate of Hitler did not give...

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