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Армагеддон: Основная информация о катастрофеNot knowing clear direction, it makes no sense to run. We have already talked about the fact that the star Nemesis is coming to the planets of the Solar system in the near distance every 3600 years. The death of many civilizations of Lemuria and seven civilizations Atlantis are connected with passage of Nemesis its perihelion (closest to our Sun point of the orbit). Sumerian Chronicles say that in recent times Nibiru (Sumerian scientists have called! Nemesis) passed perihelion in 1500 BC.

With this date is related death Cretan-the Minoan civilization, the explosion of the volcano of Santorini, which destroyed the city of Atlantis on the Greek Islands and drying bottom of the red sea during the flight of Jews from Egypt. To find out the exact date of the death of the island of Poseidonis in the Atlantic ocean, let's add to 1500 twice for 3600 years. It turns out that a Large Flood occurred in 8700 year BC. To check the current Armageddon need to 1500 BC to add 3600 pet.

It's somewhere around 2100 BC. Why have so many aliens who are observing the planet with earth orbit, according to earthlings-contactees and clairvoyants that the Flood and the world disasters on Earth will occur in 2013 Gad, and not in 2100-MD? And why the Flood was not repeated in 5100 year BC? And all the matter is that Nemesis each time slightly changing its orbit. As each person has his own karma and have free will, and the Nemesis has its karma - the trajectory of the orbit, and she has free will. This free will is sometimes stronger karma.

Free will Nemesis rejects its motion along the orbit, allowing you to go left and right. As a domestic dog, running to and fro on the long chain that and turn my chain looped on a long wire and planets-giant, there is a certain freedom of movement. Nemesis the speed of its movement, it slows down, nastorajivaet, as a shepherd before the jump. She then goes up from the ideal of the orbit, then dives down. Periodically during the time of perihelion passage this wandering giant planet Earth and Nemesis are on different sides from our Sun.

So the Earth is experiencing the most terrible shock only every 21600 years. That is one of the six periods of passing Nemesis perihelion is fatal for all life on Earth. The other five perihelia also bear the Earth floods and volcanic eruptions, but they are not as destructive, not as terrible as this, the sixth. Never in this world of hatred does not cease by hatred, but there is no hatred stops it. Simple calculations show that this time Nemesis should fly from us at a very dangerous distance.

It turns out that once again, the ocean will be blown up three-kilometer mountain, and the tides will increase by approximately 13 times. Two-hundred-meter waves howling would rush to the United States and Europe. Under the thick ocean waters will flee Spain and Holland, Belgium and England, half French, half of Germany and so on... All of Europe, up to the Ural mountains. experience the cleansing power of the tidal wave. After the Flood will begin continuous eruption dazzling lava from the bowels of the earth. Continental plates will be broken down on a flat place, and to fall in magma. There will be many new volcanoes and continents, and the old continents with a hiss and a roar immersed into the molten mantle of the planet. In 1997 the American astronomers have discovered approaching the Solar system unknown cosmic body, a thousand times superior to the mass of the Earth.

And you probably felt, my dear readers, like gravity of this body has an impact on your life. Electromagnetic flow Nibiru excite solar activity, and on the Earth destroy water molecules, making them shorter and saturating water by electricity. Water molecules, the crushing, generate heat and free electrons. Therefore the average temperature of the Earth's surface over the last four years has increased by almost one degree. The increasing gravity Nemesis warms up the Earth's core and causes magnetic storms. The climate is warming and slowing the earth's rotation. All metabolic processes on Earth is rapidly accelerating. Heartbeat of the Earth (Schumann) increased with the frequency of 7.8 Hz to 10 Hz.

For 5 thousand years Schumann was a 7.8 Hz. Millennium she was so stable that earthly military scientists and unearthly non-military astronauts had on her ultra-precise instruments. However, in recent years the frequency of the Earth has started to grow rapidly and now has reached 12 Hz. In line with increased frequency Schumann wants to bring its internal frequency every cell of your body. When the frequency reaches the value of 13 Hz. there will be a shift of the poles and the equator. Nemesis - FEROZIT UNIVERSE

Small thoughts as viruses that can infect only small, sick and slabiky to believe the ancient Sumerian Chronicles. Nibiru. having numerous "Suite" of 12 large and many small heavenly phone as a result of collision of one of the accompanying satellites with the planet Tiamat (Chaise) was involved in the death of the fifth planet Sonechny system. Now the former orbit Tiamat leaving only numerous fragments of a huge planet, which amounted tai-called zone asteroidwatch interpretation invasion Nemesis in a different solar system and the destruction of its humanoid civilization and even whole planets, is based on the comparison of this wandering planet with favoritom - immune cell Universe that is responsible for General] health Space.

If you compare the body of the Universe with a person, then when the disease of any part of human body to ill body taut as a hurry special protective cells, phagocytes. These phagocytes devour germs - various alien bacteria or the cell's own body, which refused to work for the benefit of man and began to live only for themselves. This process of healing the body's immune cells in our medicine is called phagocytosis. Today the Earth is seriously ill evil people living as cancer cells, only for themselves.

It was enveloped in black veil, woven from a multitude of evil thoughts, egoistic actions, aggression and godlessness. Teachers of Shambhala and Agharti through his Messiahs and prophets repeatedly offered us to think, to calm down, to rise spiritually, to re-educate themselves, and subjugated their evil inclinations. But alas, the religion that had been given to mankind Shambhala for happiness and prosperity, today are between a religious war; knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics, these Teachers Hermes, Pythagoras, Saint-Germain, currently used for the seizure of power and the destruction of nature.

Due to a General degradation of humanity and hopelessness in anticipation of a change for the better, planet Earth sends Space distress: "805 " I seriously ill, small parasites have razgruzki my skin and sucked all the blood. 305! Urgently save me from bipedal viruses, otherwise the disease will go on healthy organs of the Universe! ' Good people of the Earth are not born. Cry sick cell was heard - and it is to the rescue phagocytes-Nemesis, the immune cells of the Universe. Nibiru is a foreign material reasonable structure.

This is the planet - eater evil. She still has the duty orbit flight of its protected area, but often its way define black astral allocation humanoid civilizations. As soon as evil produced by earthlings or Martians in the surrounding space reaches a certain critical point, it begins to show itself. And Nemesis, "sensed" the smell of food, rushes in this place. She may deviate from the right course, "devouring" found selection of black and negativism.

Therefore, the trajectory of Nibiru can be quite intricate, were beyond the human mind and calculations. But the approach of her inevitable. Because by and large, Nemesis is a plumber, cleaner Universe, eating negative energies of human civilizations. Without such immune system porridge universe would have long since died...Able to cut down, the sword is not needed. When Nemesis will be close enough to our Land and will eagerly devour her black aura, that will begin the process of electromagnetic interaction between the poles of two planets.

Currently, the aura of evil over the Globe has a very high density and SIPA clutch poisoned astrosphere with the physical body of the Earth has reached very high values. Therefore, the process of purification of the aura will cause severe disturbances of physical fields, in particular electromagnetic and gravitational.

The result of such "shock therapy" will become an instant magnetic polarity reversal and tilting of the earth's axis by 90 degrees, causing huge floods, tsunami, earthquakes and dissolution of continental plates in the blazing magneto that the great sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce is right, and the end of the world will not be complete. Likely to survive small cradles of civilization in the South of the Indian subcontinent.

And from there eventually civilization will again spread across the world. However, there is a much more serious danger posed with a Nemesis. During absorption of the black aura of the Earth it will delay in yourself and the souls of those who are burdened by karma and produces evil in the surrounding space. And to escape from captivity Nemesis souls of sinners will be impossible, as they will be completely dismantled and dissolved in pranic ocean. Planet Nemesis arrives and departs, and strongly thinned after her visits mankind remains on the tapered bloody bandages Earth, quickly degrades and runs wild.

So not all the survivors turned into a flock of wild monkeys, underground civilization of Shambhala and Agharti open the stone door of their tunnels and take in their city Light frightened people. And again, for the salvation of reference kinds of different races of people and animals our parents - alien civilizations - on - installed as underground Autonomous city and orbital stations. Such stations - flying city - spins like the moon, planets around the solar system./the Ancient Vedic texts often mention the device orbital stations and flying cities.

For example. Shiva Purana describes the three flying cities, developed by engineering genius from another planet, called Maya Danava: "Air car, shining like the sun disc, studded with precious stones, moving in all directions and is similar to the moons lit up the city"Available.modern evidence also talk about a huge air so-called material flying ships surrounded by smaller luminous aerial vehicles. Eyewitnesses compare such latausha city with aircraft carriers, surrounded by escort ships and auxiliary vessels.

Year 2013

All who have reached spiritual perfection, all yoga and ascetics have received the knowledge of the Absolute through meditation. When a higher knowledge achieved already see neither the past nor the future. Everything is present. My dear, the Vedas say that about every 13 000 years on the planet there is a change of Poles. This event leads to global planetary catastrophe and to erase the memory of all living creatures.

The Pole shift is also connected with the cycle of precession of the equinoxes. The period of the cycle is approximately 26 000 years. During this time the axis of the Earth describes a circle on all twelve signs of the Zodiac. Generally speaking, the Earth was in the last 2000 years in the constellation of Pisces, and now has moved into the constellation of Aquarius. After passing the point of maximum approach and maximum removal of the Solar system from the center of our Galaxy on Earth just happen and the pole shift. The last such change of about 13,000 years ago led to the death of the previous us civilization of Atlantis, destruction of Atlantis on all continents of the planet. Fourth Race has gone down in history. Came the care of our Fifth Race.

Currently, the Earth is just going through a similar process of "polarity". famous for many predictions as "end of the world". This planetary catastrophe, which will shift the earth's axis, the movement of continents, terrible floods, volcanic eruptions, terrible earthquakes and abrupt climate change, will move more than half of the land people in the fourth and fifth dimension. After the end of 26,000-year cycle in 2013 is coming to a whole series of other "anniversaries".

The constellation of Pleiades, which includes our Solar system, is about to end my stay in orbit around the Galactic centre. Here it was over 230 000 billion years, and now goes to the inner orbit. But all of our Galaxy we call the milky Way, too completes its period of rotation around the conditional center of our Universe. "Milky Way" will also be on a different orbit. Therefore, my dear. now the Land offers fantastic opportunity to make a Spiritual transition. The ability to commit mass teleportation souls of earthlings in the atmosphere of the etheric double of our planet in a different space.

Such a transition in four-dimensional space "in scenario should happen in 2013. My dear, you are probably now and do not remember that during the "polarity" very easy for the mind to leave the physical body, because removed magnetic field, electromagnetic protection of the Earth's surface, and hard cosmic radiation enhanced by hundreds of times.

And this, in turn, greatly contributes to the separation of the astral and mental double from the dense medium. In dokolumbovsky the era of the priests of the Mayan civilization claimed that over with 3113 years BC till 2012 our era of human history is determined by the Galactic Beam, through which the Earth and the Sun. All the cycles of development of the earth's civilizations are subject to the principles of "galactic seasons", which were described by miyanzali in mathematical and symbolic form.

And not by chance that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, which means the end of cycles - "end times". According to the conception of the Indian priests by 2013 transition earthlings in four-dimensional space should be completed.
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