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«Апокалипсис» из-под землиCurrently in mass media, Internet sites, in the programs of radio and television provides many details about the upcoming change of epochs, which will take place in December 2012. The excitement around this event is spreading. The causes of future disasters called the most different: global warming, the fall of the asteroid, approximation hypothetical planet Nibiru, the increased activity of the Sun, the planets, quantum transition, the change in the level of consciousness, etc. What are the true reasons (possible) cataclysm? And will happen if he really is?

In order to predict future events, you must install what disasters occurred in the distant past of our planet and determine the likelihood of recurrence. Information about the strongest earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods contained in myths, legends and legends of many peoples of the world. Information about rolling disasters that occur periodically on Earth, are in the Holy book of Hindus "Bhagavata Purana, Buddhist book "Visuddhi Magga" (Chapter "Global cycles"), "Avesta", "Edda", the codes of the Indians of South America. According to most historical sources, we live in the epoch of the fifth, seventh or the ninth of the Sun. Each change of epochs is accompanied by global destruction: the flood, earthquakes, hurricanes and fires, which killed almost the entire population of the Earth.

Plato in the text of the dialogue Timaeus mentions the information received from the Egyptian priests of the goddess Neith in SAIs, who argued that terrible disasters that occurred in ancient times, destroyed almost all inhabitants of the planet. This information he received from the great-grandson Droped, Critia Jr. Droped was relative and friend "the wisest of the seven wise men of Solon, who told him this amazing story. Salted, in turn, heard it during his trip in 10 years to Egypt from the Egyptian priests who gave him this information: "You are all young mind, " said he (the priest), for your minds do not retain any tradition from times immemorial passing from generation to generation, and no creed turned grey from time to time.

The reason is the fact, that's what. Already were and will be repeated and the various cases of destruction of people, and, moreover, the most terrible because of fire and water, and other less significant because of the thousands of other disasters... in fact, the body rotating in the firmament of heaven around the Earth, deviate from his ways, and because after a certain period of time everything on Earth is dying from the great fire..., flooding her waters"...

What would be nice or a mighty work or at all remarkable event not happen, whether in our region or in any other country, about which we hear all this from ancient times imprinted in the records, which we store in our churches; meanwhile you and other people every time, as soon as we have time to work out the script and again in due time from heaven, flowing streams, like a pestilence, leaving out all you only illiterate and unlearned. And you again start all over again, as if there were born, not knowing anything about what was done in ancient times in our country or have themselves...".

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher and scientist, wrote: "the same place does not always remain the ground, or always the sea. The sea comes into what had previously been the land; the land will return to where we now see the sea. We need then to think that these changes follow one another in a known manner and are known frequency".

Philo of Alexandria (I century BC) was mentioned in the works: "because Of the repeated destruction caused by water and fire, later generations has not received from the previous memory of the order and sequence of events." In his book "About the eternity of the world," he writes: "the Destruction of things on earth, not just once, but in large quantities, is attributed to two major reasons, sudden onset of fire and water.

These two disasters, as they say, drop us after a long series of years. When there is time to fire sent from the sky fire, fall down from above, spreads flows in many places, and covers a huge space inhabited lands".

Xenophanes of Colophon (about 570 about 470 BC), the Greek philosopher and poet, argued that "the earth is mixed with the sea, and over time is freed from moisture All people die every time, immersed in the sea, the land becomes the dirt, then it sets the stage for the birth, and this alternation is in all the worlds".

In the book of E.P. Blavatskaya "Unmasked ISIS" refers to periods of disasters on the planet: "At the end of each "Great year", called Aristotle - according to Censorinus is the greatest, which consists of six SAR (Saratov) on our planet there is a big physical revolution. Polar and Equatorial climates gradually exchanged places, first slowly moves towards the equator, and tropical area with its rich vegetation and teeming wildlife is replaced by the harsh deserts of ice poles. This change of climates necessarily accompanied by disasters, earthquakes and other space convulsions. As ocean containers will move, at the end of each desyatiletiya and one Narosa happens preselenci a flood like the legendary Noah's flood.

And this year in Greek is called Heliacal; but no one outside the sanctuaries nothing definite did not know its duration, and other details.

Winter this year was called Cataclysm or a flood, and in summer - Ekpyrosis. Popular tradition teaches that during these alternating seasons of the world turn to burn and be flooded. This is something that we, at least, we learn from the "Astronomical fragments" of Censorious and Seneca. Regarding the duration of this year all commentators expressed very uncertain - so insecure that none of them, except Herodotus and Linus, who attributed this year's duration - first 10,800 years, the last - 13984 years - no closer to the truth."

Catastrophe on the planet was happening with some regularity. The Chinese call the past era "KIS". At the end of each "kitty" "in General shudder nature ... all perish, and the ancient traces erased".

The Aztecs were counting eras names Suns, and, accordingly, cataclysms, which killed almost the entire population of the Earth. Global disasters are repeated on the planet, with average period - 4288 years. They were called the Sun-Water (with a period 4008 years, the Sun-Earthquake (4010 years, the Sun-Hurricane (4081 year) and the Sun-Fire (5056 years). The age of the first "Sun" started in 17 141 years before this legend was told to Spain.
First the sun - the Sun of the Tiger (Ocalotarie): "the God of the night sky tezcatlipoca, the Smoking Mirror, was the first who became the Sun. Thus began the first time. Other gods created human beings giants that have not worked and not worked in the fields and only eating the fruit.

But the Sun wasn't moving in the sky as expected, at noon, darkness fell night, and tigers devoured people. The cold and darkness enveloped the earth.

God West, Quetzalcoatl (the feathered Serpent) hit Teskatlipoka his staff, and he fell from the sky into the water. In the water he turned into a tiger, came to earth and devoured all of giant humans. So the earth again became deserted, and the universe was left without the Sun, and it lasted 676 years. That was the end of the first epoch in the history of mankind - the era of the First Sun. It happened in the fourth year Ocelot, or Tiger (4 Ocelotl)".

Second sun - the Sun the Wind (Ejectulation): "Then Quetzalcoatl, the feathered Serpent God of the West became the Sun, and began the second epoch. The earth re-inhabited by people. And there was peace on Earth for some time.
Then tezcatlipoca turned into a tiger, and with one blow threw the Sun to the earth. And again, the earth has remained without the Sun.
There arose a terrible wind and felled all the trees. All that was on earth, was gone with the wind. Most of the people died. Those that survived, turned into monkeys. This continued 676 years. Thus ended the second epoch of the Sun the Wind. It happened in the fourth year of the Wind (4 Ehecatl)".
Third, the sun - the Sun Fire rain (Kawichai): "Then the gods made of sun-Tlaloc, the God of rain and heavenly fire. Thus began the era of the Third Sun. This continued 364. And then Quetzalcoatl made so that the sky was falling down a rain of fire.
The fire fell from heaven in the form of lightning. Volcanoes opened its craters, and the fire hath devoured the earth. From the sky was falling sand and hot stones. Most people died and those who survived, turned into birds.
That was the end of the third age, the age of the Sun Fire Rain. It happened in the fourth year of the Rain (4 Kewill)".
The fourth sun, - the Sun of Water (Tonatiuh): "Then Quetzalcoatl has made the Sun sister of Tlaloc, the goddess of water, Chalchiutlikue, That In a Skirt made of Green Stone. Thus began the era of the Fourth Sun, which lasted 312 years.
Tezcatlipoca made so that the rain did not stop. For many days there was a rain, and the earth was flooded. Water has destroyed plants, animals and people. Those people who were still alive, have turned to fishes. So ended the Fourth epoch of the Sun. It happened in the fourth year of Water (4 ATL).

It rained so much that the sky fell to the earth. The earth at any moment could fall apart. Then four main gods gathered again in order to raise the sky. Tezcatlipoca, KaralkouTL turned into big trees, and the other gods helped them to put heaven in its place.
Four times the gods tried to create mankind, and four times the world was destroyed because of the enmity between Teskatlipoka and Quetzalcoatl. Again it was cold and dark, and there was the sun".

We live in the era of the "fifth Sun", which the Aztecs called "the Sun of movement" and they believed that happens is a kind of "movement" which kills the whole world. The Indians left behind calendars, which argue that the era of "fifth Sun" should be completed on December 21, 2012.

What kind of "movement"that is repeated with a medium period in 4288 years? According to numerous prophecies before the End of the world will happen tectonic catastrophe caused by the displacement of the inner core of the Earth. Harbingers of this devastating earthquake already remind myself.

In late November 2004, almost in a month continued earthquake in Japan. In the area of Indonesia were heard thundering sounds, which at first took for the explosions were organized by terrorists, as well as explained by the impact of large meteorites, but all these assumptions were not confirmed. In a week (26 December) West Sumatra earthquake with an amplitude of 8.9 points, which caused a shift of the earth's crust and powerful tsunami height of 10 meters, killed about 220 thousand people and causing considerable damage on the island of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, the Islands of Oceania, the East coast of Africa. As a result of this disaster, according to media reports, has shifted the axis of rotation of the Earth is insignificant only 2.5 cm and increased the speed of rotation of the Earth. Sumatra has shifted almost 30 meters from its original location. Seismic wave few times ran round the globe.

Seismologists have warned that a tsunami of 2004 there started a period of tectonic activity, which will last several decades. Scientists have found that tectonic shifts lead to change of a direction of coral growth. These data allowed them to delve into the past for many centuries and, having analyzed the structure of coral reefs, to get an idea of previous earthquakes in the Eastern part of the Indian ocean. It turned out that in the last 700 years every two centuries this region was shaken by a series of powerful earthquakes that are repeated with a certain periodicity. Recent increased tectonic activity occurred in the area in the first quarter of the XIX century.

The true reason for such a devastating earthquake and has not been clarified. And this is only the forerunner of the coming of tectonic cataclysms. Consider this question in more detail.

What is the danger to all humanity? Conventionally, the body of the Earth is divided into several different areas (layers). The upper sphere - crust extends from the surface to depths of about 30-70 km Below the surface of the oceans it is much thinner 3 - 5 km. Next area to a depth of 2900 km is called the mantle, and is made of solid hard rock. The third sphere is the external core of which consists of liquid substances and extends over a distance from 2,900 to 5000 km from the surface of our planet. Viscosity of the liquid outer core (Bullen) approximately equal to the density of water. Finally, at a depth of 5,000 to 6371 km is the internal hard-iron core. The radius of the inner core - 1390 km, its mass - 1,49 1023 kg, which is twice the mass of the moon, i.e. quite significant.

At the beginning of the first systematic observations of the geomagnetic field (1829), it was observed that the magnetic dipole of the Earth (respectively, and the inner core) shifted relative to the rotation axis of the planet on 252 km in the Pacific. According to 1965, this shift has increased up to 451 km, and continues to grow! At what distance from the center of the Earth is the magnetic dipole at present, could not figure out because for some reason this information in open sources is no longer published.

The earth is a kind of a gyroscope with three degrees of freedom. If the movement of the inner core to the side of the earth surface continues, then after a certain time the center of mass of the planet will move so that the Land will Koversada in space, like Julia with shifted center of gravity, to take a more stable position of the axis of its rotation. The displacement of the inner core of our planet may occur suddenly, under the influence of external factors, i.e. with the addition of the lunar and solar tides.

The issue of displacement of the inner core of the Earth worked great Russian scientist M. Century Lomonosov. In his treatise "On the layers of the earth", he wrote: "the Two images reveals the nature bosom of the earth: otherwise usiliyam bodies outside thereof traded, otherwise the movement of most of his entrails. External actions the essence of strong winds, rains, the rivers, the waves of the sea, ice, forest fires, floods; internal one - earthquake...". In correspondence Lomonosov you can read: "... made four newly invented my second year brings rare acorns (pendulum)... to find out whether always from the Earth center, attracting a heavy body is stationary or changes the place." With the help of this device were measured continuously from 1756 to 1764, but as the accuracy does not meet the requirements set research scientist was forced to admit: "Fluctuations in the force of gravity is so small that the said device could not be noticed".

At the end of the XIX century by time variations of changes in latitudes astronomers have discovered a global phenomenon - move the axis of rotation in the body of the Earth. This phenomenon was studied by the President of the Royal society of great Britain Diggory (son of Charles Darwin) and Japanese astronomer Kimura.

Diggory writes: "Japanese astronomer Kimura drew attention to the following strange conclusion, which he obtained from observations: ...latitude all six observatories Geodetic Association changes simultaneously on one and the same value, and they simultaneously decrease or increase, and this change has an annual period. Now it turns out that we need to add a small movement of all places observations immediately to the North or immediately to the South, with a period of the year. Such a movement could be caused by alternating movement of the centre of gravity of the Earth to the North and to the South along the polar axis...

Be assimilated the idea of shifting the centre of gravity of the Earth is so difficult that many have tried to explain the result of Kimura exclusively fictitious a consequence of the various inaccuracies astronomical observations. But if it were only fictitious results, the observatories of the southern hemisphere could not give a completely opposite change. Both hemispheres, of course, in this respect should be diametrically opposite. Specially organized observations on the southern Observatory for two years and the result was that southern Observatory gave the same testimony, as well as the North. The reality of this strange kind of hesitation latitude, thus, appears well established... and still we have to accept this fact as yet unresolved mystery".

In 1976, academician N.I. of koroviakov, through simulation of conditions and processes occurring in the center of the Earth (hydrodynamic top), has established a previously unknown pattern eccentric displacement of the inner core in the shell of our planet. He writes: "Solid inner core is not sticking out gracefully in the middle of the globe, nailed there by the authorities of Geophysics, it travels in molten magma on pentagonal trajectory". In his opinion, the motion of the nucleus and molten magma along the perimeter of the Pentagon affect the movement of the continents, the growth of the mountains, the drift of magnetic poles of the Earth. Move cause earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, have an impact on the climate and ocean currents.

International Association of authors of scientific discoveries and the Russian Academy of natural Sciences, confirmed the authenticity of the discoveries of world importance and in 1997 issued a scientist under the diploma № 63. Many years of experiments and calculations scientist has allowed to establish that the inner core of the Earth under the influence of gravity of the moon and Sun moves in the magma in a peculiar orbit trajectory pentagonal shape (pentagram).

Our ancestors certainly had esoteric knowledge about the causes of the disasters that occurred in the distant past. No wonder that in the occult use the pentagram for protection from Satan, the ownership of which are in hell. When he will break free (leaves the pentagram), then the world will undergo terrible devastation.
The daily and annual offset kernel depends on the position of night and day light on our planet. Korovyakov expressed concern that the moment will come when the center of mass of the planet can get shifted. And then there will arise the effect of "the bells" - mutual impacts between the inner core and solid rocks of the mantle, which may shift Earth's poles to the equator, and the disappearance of the magnetic field for an indefinite period.

The reason for the displacement of the inner core, most likely, is our neighbor - Moon. It weighs only 81 times less than the mass of the Earth. The system of the Earth-Moon is unique, as the ratio of the mass in the Solar system. The gravitational influence of the moon on the planet quite significantly. The soil under the influence of the lunar tides lifted on two feet, the ocean level meter, and in some places up to 18 meters (Bay of Fundy in the Atlantic). From ancient times people have tried to solve the mystery of occurrence of the tides. Enigma, which they called "the grave human curiosity".

The founder of hydrography French scientist Fournier said: "We will never solve the mystery tidal, until you attain happiness to himself in heaven." The solution of this problem is studied: otherseuphratesia philosopher and astronomer of Posidonia, the Roman scholar Pliny, Arabic scholar al-kazvini, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Euler, Darnell, Laplace, who made a major contribution to the creation of the theory of tides.

Our night light due to its large mass twice a day suits on Earth a small flood-tides. The moon is stronger attracts the point of the earth surface, which is closest to it, and in podlinnoi point grows tidal bulge. On the opposite side of the Earth has one hump, but two times smaller in height. Intelligible explanations of why there is a tidal wave in the remote from the moon hemisphere, no. I. Newton explained the formation of a tidal difference of centrifugal forces and the forces of gravity acting on the water when driving system the Earth-Moon around a common center of mass. Newton did not hide that he created the theory of the tides do not give a complete scientific analysis of the forces that cause this phenomenon. He wrote that "the periodic repetition of the tides should have another interactive cause of which is still unknown".

Each year worldwide by seismographs registered not less than 100 thousand earthquakes, and if to consider, and very weak, their number is close to 1 million! The earthquake is a terrible disaster that kills dozens, even hundreds of thousands of human lives. Why do they occur? At coincidence of solar and lunar tidal waves at one point, especially in the zone of earth crust breaks or active tectonic zone, earthquake or a volcanic eruption is the most probable.

Between the tidal forces and earthquakes trace a certain link. Astronomer Nagasari traced the relationship between tectonic processes occurring on the moon and the Earth. It turned out that they most often happen when the Moon is at a very close distance from the Earth. Tidal waves have considerable energy. They are like a trigger for earthquakes and highlight their own energy. The site of the future cataclysm is possible to calculate with accuracy up to several minutes, but it's quite a challenge, too many factors to consider when calculating the addition of tidal waves.

Perhaps the cause of tectonic cataclysms that recur periodically our planet is our night light. Under the influence of gravity of the moon is the Earth's core is shifting from the axis of its rotation and the result from exposure to the centrifugal force is gradually removed from the center of the Earth, overcoming the resistance of external viscous liquid core. The forces that would have returned the inner core to its original state, no. There is only one opportunity to move into a state of stable equilibrium to shift the axis of rotation of the Earth.

According to ancient legends, the Moon appeared in the sky recently. Of the many historical sources, we can conclude that our Solar system with a period of 12 thousand years attends a massive celestial body, presumably - neutron star (Typhon). In our Galaxy, under assumptions of astronomers, is about a billion neutron stars, which at insignificant sizes - 5-10 km mass 0,01 - 2 solar masses, have a strong magnetic field (around 1011-1012 Gauss.) and great speed of rotation around its axis.

The mass of this heavenly body bigger than Jupiter, but less Sunny. According to numerous information contained in the ancient legends and tales, this massive body accompanies 11 satellites and an extensive gas-dust plume. Object color black. When accretion (the deposition of a substance on its surface), and the release of the kinetic energy, its color changes to red or white.

This object our ancestors called Typhon (CET), Tiamat, Snakes Apopis, Krasnogolowy Dragon, Rahab, Huracan, Mat, Garuda, Humbaba, etc. This massive object with the passage of the Solar system by their gravity had devastating destruction of the heavenly bodies, perturbing the orbits of the planets and their satellites. Based on information contained in the myths and legends of ancient peoples, the neutron star is four times already visited our Solar system.

V.A. Simonov excerpt from the book "Cataclysm in 2012".
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