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Опасны ли НЛО для самолётов, или Едят ли деревья кошек?The notorious Michael Morella, the author of several acclaimed publications on the topic of aliens, started a new campaign for the education of the masses by publishing an article that thousands of UFO recorded each year by different observers may, distracting the pilot put the plane and its passengers serious danger. But is it so terrible green men, as their mallet this gentleman?

Alas, flying saucers are often a way to explain human, all too human errors and shortcomings. (Here and below illustrate the Associated Press, NASA.)

We know exactly when people began to see a UFO, it 1942-1944, and it was, apparently, the increased length of stay of the representatives of Homo sapiens in the air. First in English, then German, Japanese and American pilots - especially the night-are massively see balls of fire, spheres and other objects, which in the European theater of operations chased them, always holding out on small distance, and in the Pacific theater and above the Indian ocean, on the contrary, remained in place.

Regardless of what you think about the nature of UFOs, it should be recognized: it is impossible to suspect that the whole thing in nervousness pilots. Yes, they make mistakes, Yes, Soviet, say, the air force, like German, years reported that they had met in the air, such an enemy aircraft, which was never on the front, and so on. Yes, no lie, as in war and hunting. And yet it is doubtful that the Japanese, the British and the Germans suddenly conspired with American pilots and began to talk about the same fictional phenomenon. The number of such messages in those years, as in the first post-war, is enormous. Some of them mentioned the threat that balls of fire was created by the pilots. But, contrary to Mr. Morrel, no cases of attacks or negative impact UFO flights were registered.

It was not until January 7, 1948, before the events in Kentucky. When the four fighter "Mustang" P-51D 165 squadron, following the signal received from the watchful population who are afraid of big subject, gleaming metal and hung in the air, began to pursue the object. Two of them (the third was not enough fuel) at the altitude of 6 km approached him and could see; fourth, Thomas F. the Mantell, flight commander, decided that he needed most of all...

Before 15:15 (local time) communication with him was broken, he said: "get closer, in order better to consider it. He's right in front of me and flies still twice slower than I... This thing on the mind of metal and huge size. Now it is gaining height and is with the same speed as me... That is 360 miles per hour. Will rise to 20,000 feet, and if I can't get close, stop the persecution".

The wreckage of the plane and the body of the pilot were found in a few hours.

The official explanation of what happened - unannounced launch of the pilot Skyhook balloon taken US Navy - would satisfy all, if not for these very words about the speed of the flight altitude equal to 360 miles per hour (576 km/h), 160 m/sec). Balloons rising into the sky with the speed of a fighter, not so much. Theoretically, the pilot of "Mustang", on the contrary, was easily cut into circles around an object that does not have its own motor. Observations are similar object in Ohio in those days (presumably, the same) and does noted that that could greatly reduced almost to the ground, and then again to climb sharply. Demonstrated in Ohio the speed of horizontal flight, reaching 800 km/h, looks far too remarkable achievement for a balloon.

But guilty if UFO incident is a big question. The pilots of "Mustang" served "by the standards of the peace-time", so the oxygen mask was only one of the four, and that was of little use, because of oxygen almost was not. Rising to around 7.6 km, Mantell lost consciousness and fell down - at least in his place would have done without any oxygen cylinder.

It is this history and laid the Foundation for endless conversations of ordinary people about flying saucers and plates, not silence still. Internal horror story fought pilots became a subject of public concern: UFO force down planes! He immediately began to appear Homeric details about what watch the pilot stopped at 15:10 (15:18), and the plane allegedly fell 15:45 (the exact time of his fall unknown), and the witnesses have been, seeing as it exploded in the air. It is clear that here the wines of "alien" was "proved" in the shortest possible time. Don't write off all on negligence pilot...

Since then there have been many stories, but we will mention only two. Note that in all other cases never before another accident was not registered negotiations pilot ground (or between pilots), which would be mentioned UFO. However, enthusiasts often tend to innocent jokes, type this, which is why it refers Mr. Morella, insisting on the existence of dangerous dishes:

Alas: in the case of the "Phoenix lights" it is about the making of pranksters, have adhered to the hand flares to helium balls. What do you want, postmodern epoch...

But there were cases of more serious. And they are forever able to put an end to discussions about whether UFOs to distract pilots. Talking about the incident with the flight of Japan Airlines, known as JAL 1628. At that time "Boeing-747", which, fortunately, was the cargo, faced three (!) UFO. First, at 18:15 on Alaska time, the crew spotted them on the radar. Then asked for ground services, but they said that no planes in the area should not be. Soon the crew as a whole has seen two UFOs, about 1.5 km unlike most previous cases, the monitoring lasted a long time, for almost an hour.

Опасны ли НЛО для самолётов, или Едят ли деревья кошек?

The next day all the Newspapers hastened to explain the events balloons. From the report of a soldier (right): "the Speed of horizontal flight of the object was above 800 km/h".

Air navigation lights objects, including flashing (or saw there the crew under the command of Gyeongju, Teraguchi?), looked white and yellow. The objects looked too big for the aircraft, the size of something like an aircraft carrier. Ground services were advised to do a full circle, pilots obeyed. This UFO, in the opinion of the crew had disappeared. In fact, however, the radar nearest military base recorded them behind the aircraft. In other words, during his UFO maneuver change the location after perching in the tail of the car. By the time naselnikam managed to send in this area is another plane, objects disappeared.

What happened, everyone can easily guess himself. History has announced fiction/hallucination pilots. Yes, all at once. After the incident dragivhevo about him captain insisting on the truthfulness of the testimony, was removed from the flight, and so on. Well, the military radar allegedly caught "radar shadow of the plane", no more and no less. Indications of the on-Board radar cargo aircraft, record objects before him for about an hour, and chose to ignore:

What are the conclusions? These two cases is the most real (documented) human interaction LA with UFOs. The first ended badly, the second well, and that seems to be little to do with the actual UFO: extract the commander of the second plane had helped him to maneuver near objects without any problems, although their "extremely bright light and blinding". As a fighter pilot was killed because of their own imprudence... it Seems that if UFOs and can distract the pilot, then to blame it on them and the creation of an emergency will not work. No, flight accident in as the root cause has always had and will have the human factor, no matter whether the pilots, the errors of dispatcher services or misses ground preparation LA. No need to blame for allegedly alien mirror, with all its accidents person copes itself, whatever the authors wrote like Michael Morella!

Prepared according to US News, Discovery News and other sources.
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