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В каждом из нас живет НострадамусIt would be great if our body can prepare for our event, which we do not yet know! I think this is kind of fiction? Not at all: the body can really predict future events without any prompting from the outside. This is the conclusion of the staff of North-Western University, USA, after analyzing the results of research carried out since 1978 and 2010.

The fact that our subconscious knows more than the consciousness, for scientists are not new. So, in the form of a deck of cards avid players experience the excitement, not even realizing that it is put on the table their counterparts. "It was still unclear whether people can predict important events in the future, if this it nothing shows" - says Julia Mossbridge, author of the study.

The clerk sitting with headphones on his head in social networks, you hear his Desk perfect boss. But if you tune in to it, you can feel the looming threat in advance from two to ten seconds and close all unnecessary Windows, explains Mossbridge. "You even has a chance to open the report for work. And, if you are very lucky, do this before your boss will take up the door handle on the other hand" - adds the researcher.

This phenomenon is sometimes called premonition, but Mossbridge notes that it did not believe that people can really see the future. "I would like to call this phenomenon "abnormal proactive activities". This is really an anomaly, according to some scientists, because today we can't explain it, using modern understanding of biological processes. "Proactive" this phenomenon is called because it allows you to predict the physiological changes that will follow the event, without any indication. And "activity" in the title of this phenomenon means that in cardiovascular, nervous system and skin changes".

The body, by the way, not only can predict, but also to effectively confront serious diseases. The only thing that is needed is positive thinking. In 2008, the researchers found that optimistic mood has protective properties.

Ronit Peled of the Israeli University Ben-Gurion examined 255 women with breast cancer and 367 healthy women. All of the subjects were asked to rate their level of happiness, optimism, anxiety, and depression before they are diagnosed. It turned out that women with cancer before diagnosis was encountered any negative events - for example, the death of loved ones.

"We can with some caution to say that a strong shocks are a risk factor in the development of breast cancer in young women. On the other hand, the feeling of happiness and optimism play a protective role", explains Peled.

The study authors note that the mechanism of interaction of hormonal, immune and Central nervous systems is not yet installed, and why these systems cooperate in confronting the disease is still not clear. However, scientists intend to closely study the positive mood and health, to develop appropriate preventive measures.

Natalia Sinitsina
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