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Ходьба быстрым шагом снижает риск развития инсульта, сердечного приступа и продлевает жизньWhen you walk, you leisurely stroll or energetic pace, as if in a hurry? The researchers ascertained that the walking speed can play a role in preventing stroke and heart disease, the recommended for people to walk on a daily basis and at a fast pace.

Scientists with the support of the British Heart Foundation (British heart charitable Foundation; approx. mixednews.ru) found that people are moving at a fast walk or running Jogging, much less at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, including stroke. Accustomed to walk quickly researchers compared with predominantly strolling or leading a sedentary lifestyle people.

Surprise it did not - the more intense work muscles, the stronger they become.

It is better to raise the dumbbells than paperclip; the heart is also necessary load to be healthy and strong. Fast walking or Jogging make the heart work more intensive and less frequently for oxygen-rich blood to circulate through the body. This is very useful for health.

Walk slowly, too, need - when you need to relax and calm down and not to think about the loads. However, as a daily exercise is needed, a daily walk briskly after dinner, for example, can be of great importance for strengthening the heart and prevention of his illness.

In another study, similar findings were made in relation to walking speed and longevity. Published in the journal of the American medical Association, the study results showed that the speed of movement was directly linked to life expectancy. Those who are accustomed to walk faster, most of them live longer. It is reported that regular Jogging extend the life of six years or more. Compared to prefer not to run, the rate of mortality among the runners was surprisingly low.

In walking distance there are a lot of advantages: lifting mood, increased life expectancy, control of body weight, and even stress. Like any other good habit, walking requires regularity. However, if you are able three weeks in a row every day to do the walk, you will lay the Foundation of permanence for healthy habits. Even better bring nature walks, for example, in the woods.

Of course, you can't eat anything, drink like a horse and to comfort themselves with the thought that walking will solve all your problems with health. On the contrary - walking, it is only one aspect of healthy longevity. For best results, eat well and maintain an active lifestyle daily.
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