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Еще один взгляд на переход: Грядущие событияRecently several people have received similar questions about the future: what do you expect people than would mark themselves 2012, will there be a new era for what it is, can we expect a "doomsday", what will be different life in the near future from the present.

These are questions I turned to the grandfather, but his answers always move towards development, search and improvement is to expand the knowledge about the universe and the Divine Laws. He argues that the response will give only one who is NOT interested in the fact that the person responsible, accelerated his thought and opened in itself laid the Creator of the information. Harmonious same (correct) answer is that inspires one to work on himself, to do good actions and bright aspirations - to forgiveness, humility, repentance, clean.

Whether it is necessary to tell, that again I had to read some literature, and also to be familiar with concepts such as: lightning electromagnetic fields and radiation, electric charge, interstellar gas, cosmic rays, protons, ions, plasma.
Grandpa said that in the ancient Scriptures already reported that today's scientists know too much. The only drawback that all available information is fragmented, not linked together and not meaningful at the appropriate level, so incomprehensible neither ordinary people nor scientists.

On the question of whether large-scale natural disasters, grandfather replied that harmful unpredictable natural disasters do not happen.

- How is this not the case? Yet as can be! The hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, all kinds of disasters.
- Ignorance of the laws of existence, nature produces disasters human. When a deaf man and a blind to the living space of the earth, he will not understand and will not feel that the rest here necessary space that the Earth is tired and force her to recover. Life on the planet is the process beautiful, perfect, and that is logical and predictable! Harm to a person causes himself when not to hear the call, the cry of wildlife that is the purification and change. And because the vital process sees man as a catastrophe.

- How do you know, just do not know how to listen to the language of nature?
- People are able to listen and understand a lot.

- Who? Where?
He who communicates with animals, trying to understand them, knows that they are good predictors.

Yes, the Internet I found many stories about how animals saved people, cats know in advance where will any of destruction and flooding in Thailand animals have gone to the mountains.

Read the book by Nicholas Roerich "Shambala", which figuratively refers to our time and upcoming events (they can speak in many books, but a lot of things I had no idea), though in this book and confirmed much of what was said grandpa, I was able to find something to argue and what to ask.

In confirmation of the long-said grandfather about pensioners tells that since 1924 began to be realized warriors of the spirit - "invincible army of the Lord of Shambhala with the last battle". Or here from the Internet: "Many of the exalted personality of others, prosperous, eras want to incarnate on the earth at this time. The matter is that during this period in our planet descends many pure devotees of the Supreme Lord, and communication with these spiritually exalted personalities opens reasonable people of all ages the opportunity to achieve in Kali-Yuga, the Supreme spiritual perfection".

- What is the "Give My sign lightning"? Eastern Gessar Khan as our Perun, armed thunder arrow, the arrow is lightning. This is what the whole Earth will be a thunderstorm? Is that possible?
- Yes. The phenomenon of lightning is not fully studied today by the scientists, but the available information that the lightning are different and there are often coming from the space of flows.

- And where will those lightning, or "heavenly fire"mentioned in ancient Scriptures?
- Space inhomogeneous - planets, stars, cosmic dust, gas, rays, clouds. The life of the Cosmos, like the Earth, in motion is continuous. Planets, star systems, galaxies are all moving in space. So the Solar system is not the first time, in just a few minutes, will pass the border, the one that "cloud of charged particles" is called. You have long known example from the field.

A long time ago on TV saw a report from some of the exhibition, was startled by the invention: transparent, probably, glass ball, and there, in the center, small ball, when someone touches his hand to the glass sphere, from the hand go the lightning (electric discharges) to the little ball. I was surprised why there is electricity, lightning, and the one who touches the glass external sector current does not beat. Then I realized that within the sector (around the inner ball) created a special space - electric field. Think, who knows better than me in physics, you will easily understand and be able to explain this phenomenon clearer. I've heard that lightning is, and on other planets.

- It means that our Solar system for a few minutes will come in a cloud of charged particles (hydrogen and helium), and will push for changes, including magnetic. Areas (fields) of the sun and the planets will be under the influence of these particles around Earth will manifest electric field and in many places probable numerous electrical discharges, which will have negative charged particles. But such particles are changing not only the composition of the air, but also able to freely enter the cells and atoms of all living things, all in all, to influence the atomic level. So?
- Yes. Everything is simple and logical. The motion of the planets, star systems in the Cosmos. And many thousands of years ago, this phenomenon was known to people. It happened time and again, it is not new and beneficial. Will last only a few minutes phenomenon is, but necessary happens, great, unmatched for the prosperity of people and the whole Earth!

- Well, I don't know. Shifting magnetic grids of Earth, increased solar radiation, and here it is unclear charged cloud, electric field, lightning. What is the blessing? Roerich also talked about the possible return of some incredible riches hidden until the time that after the appearance of lightning, will acquire all people.
- Great energy will Wake up on the planet. Oh, how wonderful future! Herself think, the Earth comes out of the darkest space of the Cosmos, and the output of this will mark the border, that the cloud was nicknamed. About it the oldest vedrussy knew. They could! Preserved! Told! The science of imagery in perfection with, in the Millennium itself has retained the knowledge that is necessary for people of today.

- What did they do?
Ancestors, their energy strongest, knowledge and feelings, as if chained inside those cells that genes, blood related to their descendants are passed themselves weaker did, with less remorse nature, all living weakening.

You know that a long time ago, in the Vedic period of life on earth, people had the knowledge is incomparably greater than it is now. They knew that the planet will be the darkest, dense expanse of space, they knew that this age will end and Earth will come out of the darkness, he knew how comes out. And knew that by this point you need to save energy and knowledge. As to the density, the destruction and the darkness did not destroy the subtlest energy, their disabled parents in itself. Voluntarily they hid himself, as though by sending in a dream. So feelings vedrussy fell asleep. Himself voluntarily deprived great abilities, powers, given by the Creator. All in order to give her descendants, and to preserve the life of the Earth.

Invented grandparents wisest way of knowledge transfer in the future of their descendants. Not predictions now will help people, and all the familiar rituals and words that with the memory of ancestors preserved. The epoch of the revival of ancient knowledge, the great awakening, unmatched abilities and feelings. Each will start to Wake up those asleep once energy-feelings.

- Is unclear. Well, preserved the rituals, and we are their values now do not understand. And the technique Wake of new energies what?
Well, everything is very simple! By the cleansing of the Earth will pass. You learned about the phenomenon of the purest air after a thunderstorm?

- Yes. Read that after a storm in the air appear negatively charged ions. They curative health and kill the pathogenic microbes or inhibit their development, something. The Chizhevsky lamp, pendants to air ionization. Understood...

Again I will explain, scientists in many countries are used in the medical purposes the information on charged particles. The Internet is full of all on this subject. There is heavy charged particles - positive ions. There are light - negatively charged. Now, when our life is disturbed the harmony of exposure of these particles. Healthy, negatively charged particles is in the air after the storm (after lightning!), at waterfalls, sea, mountains, coniferous forest in nature. We, spending most of her life indoors, deprive ourselves of this healing purifying energy, receiving in exchange harmful heavy ions. Negative ions, on the level of particulates, cleaned all the space and the body. In just a few minutes they kill many pathogens.

Conclusion: these lightning or whatever it is (the bits field, as it is better to call, don't know) can in a short period of time to clean the entire biosphere of the planet and affect the life of organisms.

Grandfather call it cleansing, revival, transformation, and scientists say that there will be changes organisms at the genetic level. Grandfather said that thanks to this transformation, the people will start to Wake up laid down by God and hidden progenitors of knowledge and energy. Yes, this will happen at the gene level, because the information is hidden in your DNA.

Oh my... what is this new energy, you can tell?
- Can. Please tell about them, although we have such knowledge already many. After effect of charged particles on the entire planet, you know that microorganisms, like all living things will change, right? Appears, rather, will revive, Wake up and force will find those that thought or word of man feel and understand.

What do you mean?..
- Have you already read that the children of a new energy future?

"Yes... Oh, remember, we Vogra in the fifth book read, as in the near future will open a new energy! Exactly, there microorganisms desires girl did! They are metal in seconds ate, destroyed the weapons, even the clock was moving. Wow! Here it is explained! Understand the simplest natural physical phenomena will give impetus to cleanse, to the change of living organisms and, consequently, the emergence of these new energies with which people can feel a lot and manage the physical phenomena using biological beings - organisms.
- Yes, that's right, not only to appearance but to the opening.

- How is it?
All these microorganisms and now live. They are just much weaker. They now realize the man, listen, act.

- Oh well... tell me it's clear in the examples.
"We'll talk more and more clearly. This is knowledge of the origin, which has managed to keep parents up to the present day, by creating special rites. Do you know any of the words "prayer", "conspiracy", "evil eye", "corruption"?

- Known. All this applies to information exposure, good and bad, and what?
"Right, so you agree that there is an effect verbal per person. That is, words and feelings that can help another Ile himself to restore health, and there are those that do harm.

- Yes, agree, of course, but sometimes I understand, and here microorganisms.
- And now microorganisms listen people! In each person is the smallest creatures that seem to hear the thoughts and feelings sent by other people. The distance to these little creatures has no value.

"Well, well, something comes...
- Oh, how wisely our ancestors, they managed to preserve the knowledge that is necessary for the lives of their descendants. You know that you're sincere, kind words, prayers affect the individual, wherever he was. They are able to heal. What happens in the human body? Restored harmonious level of microorganisms useful, necessary, strength gain and win harmful. There is a balance of energies of body and Soul. Think of the phrase this is a Blessing gets people. The word is a complex vibration frequencies. Every organism has its own life the frequency range of vibrations. Already using today's doctors of this knowledge in the medical purposes.

"Got it, Yes there bioresonance therapy, the effects on microorganisms certain frequency... wow, I never thought about it before. But how is the damage?
- The words spoken out of anger, or jealousy, with any bad feelings affect other micro-organisms pathogenic to call them. Those organisms gain strength and begin to multiply. That feels this man? Malaise, loss of strength, trying to treat sores.

So, to cure the word, spoken with warm feelings, can one? Conversely, put a spell just Posleslovie?
- Yes, microorganisms perceive immediately sent to the person's feelings and words. They perceive and act, thanks to donated to someone to vibrations.

- CSOs. And if someone sends nothing, but just gossips with someone about the man, as they say, "bones perenimaet"? Also, whether that effect?
- Yes, microorganisms, and so perceive the information and act according energies.

Oh my... well, you know, if such microorganisms and even force will acquire... and people will understand immediately what to do next?
- To learn information to influence blood. To clean.

- People will understand immediately that they do... but no one knows how, as You say, information to work with blood.
- How do not know how? Can anyone! Grandparents and this knowledge has managed to keep, including their great achievement! Blood like water, liquid and water all know how to influence the information.

- The same words?
- Yes! Only words will be partially affected.

- And what else?
- I already spoke, that feeling will Wake up, sensitivity will increase many times over in every person. And people will begin to feel the energy and power of the nature of the universe, the Earth. In blood cells, not in vain them in everyday life "iron" is called. Iron is known, is sensitive to magnetic radiation. And radiation of these have planets, technical devices, Yes everything.

- There you are. It's not enough that people will Wake up to the power of thought and speech, and hypersensitivity will appear. Indeed, for some it will be called "the end of the world". Because people now live in some places, it is not suitable for life, but for the sake of money. In pathogenic zones live and work. And that, they all those influences to feel?
- Yes. But the awakening of new forces will take place immediately, but gradually, though, and quickly.

- And what to do then?
As what? To use your new feelings, to leave the places that are not suitable for life, and to live there, where the benefits will be for the body and Soul - in the kin estate, in harmony with nature.

- That's right... if people would feel physical pain from electromagnetic radiation equipment or electric wires, it wants to or not, and have to move into the village. To live in a natural shanty from natural materials, to heat the stove and to carry water from the well. Now I understand why some future events are called "end of the world". Lived yourself, insensitive, blew up the mountain for production of crushed stone, but now began to feel the pain areas.
- Yes, many people will have to rethink, to raise awareness repeatedly, and the actions aiming at the correction of one's mistakes of the past. About mercy want to remind you - healing energies important it is. The fire of the Soul that are called psychic energy today, will be revealed with time the future, it will become visible glow.

"Yes, and about the fire I also read, and Nicholas Roerich in the beginning of the last century, wrote the film "the Burning darkness". I think that this is, like, well, that will awaken in people the feelings of origin that will Wake up the sleeping once civilization, will awaken your senses, it will increase or will revive those old - new energy, people will remember the power of thought, you will learn a lot. On the other hand, I see that some people like to sleep, they are satisfied with the life they lead today, Wake up they don't want.
- Sleep was possible only in the dark - in the dark time, but it is now undergoing. In the morning we have to accept the energies coming from all over the Universe, the power gain for the day of the great and bright.

So if everyone wakes up, what the reality will see?
"That which has created to date.

"Exactly who she like?
So the new energy will enable their actions to correct. To the prosperity, health, harmony, love and joy force their guide. Glow unprecedented planet is waiting for the whole universe, it rejoices!

In legends and tales different encrypted grandparents knowledge necessary for today, and their behavior, rituals managed to preserve, to carry them through the centuries. Now, perhaps, some will not understand rites and legends of the antiquity, superstitions of their calling, however many people know that the ancestors and step one't done nothing, just like that. It was not empty, meaningless words, movements vain and harmful was not, of any steps - everything was done with meaning, with great purpose.

In ancient times millennia past all our ancestors knew about the upcoming test descendants. They tried, their lives were devoted to the search of how to help the descendants how to save at least a grain of knowledge, greatest energies that destroyed could be a dark space. They found, could have carried in the centuries to form other behavior is sleeping. All because knew - sleeping awake at Dawn. After all, their rhythms all has - the smallest particle, man, the universe. There is night and day, and the evening and morning time. No one can change the order of the Cosmos, the Divine Law.
Oh, how great are the deeds of the forefathers! To be able to keep only the smallest part of themselves in the blood of his descendants, all that in time she woke up, and Shine with the fire and power of the greatest. Worthy ancestors good memory and glory! The glory of our great ancestors! Glory! Everyone has their own prayer may be that cleans the blood and helps, I will give this one:


The glory of our Ancestors, glory to the Father, the Almighty, Omnipresent, the glory of the Mother-Earth, the glory!
Thank my family, parents, grandparents, all my family and mankind, glory!
Repent before ancestors in their hearts for my sins. Repent before parents, grandparents, before kin of mine, before mankind, forgive me. Forgive me Father, the Almighty and the Earth-Mother for my thoughts weeds, dust my Soul.
Yes, I shall get rid of weed thoughts, from weed words from ailments, from porche my Soul and my body, I will become clear as the Source of Life. So help me the glorious ancestors, my wise my ancestors, God help, so help the Earth-Mother.
Yes leave me spell of dark, Yes will bypass languages evil, so away oblivion, so away excess of me.
Yes you abide in me, the Light of Mercy, that he may abide in me the Light of Men. Yes abide in me love, faith and joy, that he may abide in me strength and wisdom. He may abide with me wisdom and blessings of my ancestors, my grandparents, wisdom, power and protection of my family. Let me Light the Father Almighty, Mother Earth. Remain in Light, wisdom, power, love, will strengthen the will of the Father Almighty, Yes will stay nice and praising. You know, they know my word is steadfast.

Galina Joyful
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