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«Я видел ад. Это был современный город с рекламой»The man who had been in the afterlife. He was raised up 17 times in a row! Pensioner from Bosnia, eight years ago shocked doctors, friends and journalists sensational story about their adventures on the light disappeared...

Collage Andrei Dorofeev "AiF"

"Lyubomir Cubic talked about what he saw THERE. Many and colorful. In the afterlife he saw something that before and he could not imagine. When she was discharged from the hospital, closed in itself, was silent for a long time. And then somehow went out of the house without their belongings and left for the bus. Have no idea where exactly... rumored Lubomyr is now in one of the monasteries of Serbia, took a vow of silence".

"He was kidnapped by the secret services"

Carpenter Milorad Dibich have been tired to give interviews on this topic. Since his good friend Lyubomir Zebic, a native of the city of Rogatica (about 60 km from the Bosnian capital Sarajevo), 19 November 2003 managed 17 times in a row (!) to rise from the dead, there is often visited by journalists, doctors and psychics. Take the rap have neighbors - Zebic, as already mentioned, a few years ago have disappeared. I could not find a trace of him in all of Bosnia. "Either our old man and a true monk, or he was abducted intelligence service, is strictly told me pensioner Draga, who knew Cebiche. "Maybe he needed to secret experiments". In any case, the fate of Lubomyr unknown. However, he still remains the only person in the world, which in total was dead 42 (!) minutes - before the common efforts of the doctors returned pensioner in the mortal world.

- 64-year-old Cubic came to us with an extensive heart attack, " recalls Milena Begenesis, doctor of the hospital in the neighboring Rogatica town of Foca. The patient was unconscious. Died as soon as he entered the room. We had to use a defibrillator is a device that passes through the body strongest electrical discharges to restore the heart. However, hardly heart Cebiche started to beat, as was denied again. Once again, we have included a defibrillator, increased discharge - soon Lubomyr began to breathe, but not for long. Oh my God, Yes with us seven pots fell, until he was rescued. This is a unique case - man survived 17 clinical death and returned to life!

Clinical death is a transition period between life and "departure" in the other world. The average duration is 3-4 minutes. At that time stops heartbeat, breathing is completely freezes. If a person will not be able to return to life - he will die completely. "Resurrection" Cabeca fantastic even not the fact that he died seventeen times in a row. Each clinical death destroys part of brain cells, and, in theory, the pensioner was obliged to turn into a vegetable, but this did not happen. Moreover, survivors of the "clinic" describe their impressions sketchy and unclear. Lubomir same in detail told to the friends, the doctor and the newspaper "the Voice of Srpska"that he was able to see.

"In Paradise electronic gates"

He clearly saw the gates of heaven standing next to St. Peter, - says Alexander Babich, former head doctor of the hospital Foca. - Not medieval gates, wrought iron, and something modern: open the control panel. I expected that and Peter will be a clerk in a suit and tie, but no - they, according Cabeca, was grey-bearded old man with a halo. Hell, too, was seen - he was at the bottom, under the clouds, and looked like a modern city with advertising and neon lights. Cubic sure that they got the evidence of life after death. After all, being dead, he had heard the voice of the opposition, who shouted at him, "Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!"

It is already known that the vision of the people who survived the state of clinical death, for the most part standard. As a rule, it is a tunnel with a bright light spot. Why do they see it? Doctors consider: at this time there is inhibition of the cerebral cortex, the retina gradually ceases to function.

And a severe lack of oxygen, in their opinion, gives the dying feeling of flight. The silhouettes of the angels also been witnessed by many people, however, such a clear picture as Cabeca, observed for the first time. Scientists, however, and they are treated with skepticism. Professor of medicine Goran Milanovic, 2003 three times coming from Belgrade Rogatica, said: meeting with Saint Peter is the fruit of hallucinations. "If a religious man, then, of course, when he has a bad heart, he soon expects to see God. From lack of oxygen vision always colorful". However, no one had been explaining how Lyubomir Zebic, being dead, heard ALL the talk, even on mobile phones, not only in intensive care, but also in the other wards.

American journal of Psychology Today in 1992, sadly said: "World medicine almost no funding research okolosmertnyh experiences - have to rely on private donations". Frankly, very sorry. The case Lubomyr Cebiche deserves to be explored scientifically. I would like to understand, what brought this man in our world after 42 minutes death, were his vision hallucination or reality and how he managed to hear people speaking around? But, unfortunately, it is unlikely that we already know it...

In 1975, Professor-medic from the U.S. Raymond moudi published the book "life after Life", which became a bestseller. Collecting memories 150 people who survived clinical death, moudi systematized their feelings nine points.

? Unpleasant sounds similar to buzz.
? Incredible sense of peace and tranquility.
? Vision own body, the soul is like over him.
? Narrow tunnel with a light spot at the end.
? Moment in heaven - light, as if on wings.
? Meeting deceased relatives.
? Fellowship with the angels.
? All human life passing before my eyes.
/ Fully unwillingness to go back.
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