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Марсианские хроники Curiosity: на Красной планете есть вода, сера и хлорSamples of Martian soil, which were analyzed by instruments of Curiosity Rover, contain a large set of chemicals, however, traces of organic materials not found yet. This was reported by the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA, which experts lead the mission of the unit. According to them, Curiosity discovered many different chemicals in low concentrations. Among them - a substance containing water, sulfur and chlorine.

Curiosity took samples of soil is a mixture of Martian dust and sand on the small patch, which scientists have christened "Stone socket". Devices of the Rover found that about half of the substances found in the soil, are also found in normal volcanic rock. The other half is non-crystalline materials such as glass.

Curiosity is the first Rover, which is able to analyze soil samples using their own devices. Including he can examine the sample on the subject of presence of organic substances. So far, the scientists there is no exact evidence of the presence of organic substances on Mars, they are going to continue the search in other parts of the Gale crater, ITAR-TASS reported.

However, the Rover still found in the soil samples signs of simple organic substances - perchlorates (compounds of oxygen and chlorine). But experts are not sure that these compounds are of Martian origin. It is possible that they were "brought" to Mars from Earth by Curiosity.

Although the first laboratory analysis of soil was also a sensation, it became an important stage, which allowed to test the scientific research systems Curiosity. The mission of the Rover will last two years. Perhaps more significant discoveries there.

Earlier, some media reported that researchers Mars allegedly ready to inform the public "something terrific". It was suggested that the Curiosity could find on the red planet simple organic molecules.
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