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Известный экстрасенс Александр Литвин: В 2013 году будет Всемирный потопThe winner "psychic Battle" gives the forecast for 2013. Alexander Litvin - one of the most famous psychics Russia, expert on energy and its impact on our lives, the winner "psychic Battle - 6" tells that awaits us in 2013


2013 - year activation energy of water, and our life will be under the influence of this element. Under her influence the pace of life will fall, we will begin to drop speed, decrease speed. This time calm, measured movements.

The energy of water will increase, which means that it is worth to wait for the break of dams, flooding, floods, typhoons, and so on, But first of all 2013 is the year of fresh water. It is with them will be related disasters. Due to the fact that the activation will happen quite a large extent, will increase the level of ground waters, the earth will become more mobile. Plastic. Can occur landslides, land subsidence, soil movements. The necessary special control over various structures - dams, etc.

Crimean disaster last year - a kind of call to save us from more serious accidents. Control
for hydraulic structures. Since Water is such a pervasive substance, it will lead to other effects - poor visibility in the atmosphere. Such phenomena are reflected in the transport and aviation. Therefore, I look for in 2013 large number of delays on weather conditions, in this situation, a great role will be responsible for meteorological services. Of course, this will affect seafarers as possible icebergs even where they had not been. That is, in those latitudes, where they do not exist. Or astranet any ship.


As for the weather - I'm waiting for the snow, damp winter, with fog. Poor visibility. Heavy snowfalls will bring additional load on the roof. There is a high probability of collapse of the roof, falling of the icicles and snow rocks, etc. Water affects the transport - including on the railway. Perhaps the destruction of the railway paintings and support structures. But this is a temporary phenomenon.


Such natural conditions will affect the psycho-emotional state of people. People will become slower, will attend some sluggishness of consciousness. We will switch more logical operations. 2013 - year logic, calculation.

The calculation will become dominant in the sphere of personal relations. In 2013, will be a huge number of arranged marriages. Account will be taken not only ordinary human qualities, mind, intelligence, attractiveness partner, but its material component. The success of a business card.

The second moment - we will be less trust each other. This factor is already not very good. Suspicion of people will lead to the fact that we can expect the destruction of many of the unions. The leader sick imagination, sick curiosity that we will satisfy - glance. In 2012, a huge number of marriages fell apart. The surge in divorces and broken marriages that lasted 20-25 years. In 2013 will be mistrust to each other, but it breaks will be much less. People will strive to ensure that all were in their places.


Since we are distrustful of each other, then don't trust many institutions, such as the banking sector. This is where it could end in disaster, it is not only in our country but in General in the Northern hemisphere. This can result in a serious crisis. The crisis could be triggered by a group of people that can really influence the situation, creating the effect on public opinion, the dumping of disinformation. Us would be easy to cheat on the basis of misinformation. Somewhere someone something.. quite crisis year, but not earlier than may.


But I can't call this year is critical for our country. Nature has made so that we are NOT in the epicenter of events. In General, the situation is quite favorable for us.

In 2010, actively fought openly, 2013 will be the year of the war hidden, imperceptible, undercover. Spyware year. Will be activated special services. Struggle without pomp, hidden, detailed, hidden from the press.


In 22013 year are expected to be very serious discoveries in the field of medicine, new methods of treatment, created at least prototypes of some drugs of the future. Will be received serious data, statistics in the hydrosphere. There will be new stars in the sphere of exact Sciences, new world champion on chess.


Event sad, next year may be the last game for the famous political leaders. The point will be put on a physical level. At least two well-known politician go to the other world. I'm talking about the limits of the Northern hemisphere.


Accidents on transport will be linked to weather conditions. But with the fact that people at high speeds will not have time to react. This year is no means of work at high speed, in time trouble. This requires a speed reduction, requires attention. And, in the most literal sense of the word - the control over the speed regime is very important. Speeding even at 20 km per hour negatively. This is not a race. This time calm, measured movement.


Speaking about the various spheres of professional activity, the more successful industry this medicine. Doctors will be more efficient, careful, accurate. This applies to doctors therapeutic profile, pediatricians. No surgeons. A good time for those involved in the calculations - various financial sphere. Researchers different. And one more thing - very well will work representatives of bodies of internal Affairs investigators, detectives and so on, many of them will expose the crimes that were committed many years ago. Another thing - will announce whether they are the results of their work? Disclosed crimes on the basis of intelligence. The pharmaceutical industry is on the rise.


Quite problematic months in terms of health will become the February and November we will be prone to depressive States, the Blues, bad mood. In General, this year it will be reduced cardiovascular disease, but the level of diseases associated with the spine, especially his neck Department, in contrast, is quite high. There is a risk of gastrointestinal infections and intoxications in 2013 will be observed the phenomenon in which to decrease the shelf life of many products. That is, if in normal conditions the product is valid for 30 days, now this term is reduced to 15 days. So you have to be very attentive to what is on your table.


Will the crisis. Where to invest money? As for the inhabitants of the metropolis, the situation is one, regarding residents of small cities is another. Residents of large cities makes sense to invest in real estate, the best option is to continue the trend of investments in the metals, but this trend will continue only until February 2014. Then perhaps the sharp depreciation of the precious metals.

If you invest in stocks, the stocks of companies of woodworking industry, pulp, paper. They are now invisible, but in the future will have a tendency to growth. The vehicle is better to buy in January-February, some days of June, the most favorable months - October and December.


January 2013 should be working, this in order to secure supply for the summer. I am against the long holidays. In January need to work hard to ensure supply for the summer. Only three months in the year to March, July, November - good for relaxing. About journeys through space. January - house, in February preferable to the Northern direction, in March - Eastern sector - Thailand, China, April better stay at home, in may - East. June, July, August - South direction. September - October - West and South-West. November-December - North and North-West.


Move to the South in 2013 will be negative for 90 % of the population. Now you cannot move to Thailand, India, Egypt. Better is closer to home. But if you really want, direct forces not - North, North-Western, North-Eastern direction. The southern sector is quite complex. If you want on the sea, the inhabitants of the European part of Russia I will displease - suitable only the Baltic sea, it is safe to go.


Children who will be born this year will be slow, slow. And this must be taken into account parents do not need to "adjust" them under the standards development, these kids will gradually absorb the world. You need to give the maximum of knowledge, but to reduce the speed of the material, go to the subwoofer speech, then knowledge will be well utilized. It is good to teach children to play chess, checkers - where you want to learn strategy, logic, ability to think on 5-6 steps forward. Calculation, intuition. A foreign language. Learn from January 2013.


Beneficial effect on the skin will have procedures related to water. But it should teachaccount that balneological, mud treatment should be taken with caution. It is impossible to prevent dehydration. If this year you decide to plastic surgery, then the best time for it is September and October. It was then that surgeons will be particularly accurate. All kinds of fitness in 2013 should prefer yoga and meditation practices - something that can exist in a smooth, contemplative mode.

Alexander Litvin was born on July 25, 1960 in the city of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region. First profession was a medic, on the second pharmacist, for 15 years, was the head of medical service of the military unit in Chukotka. After retiring at the age of 33, he returned to his native city, where for a long time worked in customs. The first two entities added management and legal. In 2008 took part in the project "the Battle of psychics" on the channel TNT and won.
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