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Так что такое бозон Хиггса?As you may have already heard, we now have strong evidence that the particle called the Higgs boson", whose existence was predicted on the basis of theoretical calculations are true.

Let me explain to you, what is the Higgs boson.

A joke! No one can explain to you what it is, because if he tries, it will be something like: the Higgs boson is the particle that gives mass to other particles. And if you think clearly, immediately you say, Wait, what does this mean? Do you mean that if the Higgs boson will disappear, the other particles will exist but will not have mass? While they may be particles - that is, how they can be particles in the traditional sense of this word?

And the answer to this question is, perhaps, is that the particles actually just are not particles in the sense in which we are accustomed to think about them. At least, this may explain why physicists often are interchangeable words "particle" and "field". (As for the "field" - that is the same as the particle, only more).

Here is an example from the article air force, which a few months ago I tried to describe the essence of the Higgs boson:

As the cooling of the Universe after the Big Bang, invisible field, known as the Higgs field, formed together with the associated boson particle.

It is this field (not the bosons) gives mass to the fundamental particles that form atoms.

In fact, this article of the air force, though, and promoted the idea of the Higgs field instead of the Higgs particles, has put forward a metaphor that was trying to explain how a beam of particles in General may behave in a similar way:

Then, how does the Higgs field, just as photographers and reporters accumulate around celebrities. A group of people strongly drawn to celebrities and creates resistance, which prevents it to move across the room. In other words, they give a celebrity "mass".

In summary: clear, what the Higgs boson, still no. And most likely, physics which "understand"what it can do so only because they have no common aspiration to imagine a world solely metaphorically. Or, at least, these physicists refused from the idea that for a full understanding of something you must have in your mind is crystal clear metaphor that is not destroyed under any circumstances and does not contain internal contradictions. For them to have a purely mathematical description of something equivalent to understand this.

For the rest of us, apparently, the Higgs boson belongs to the same category as some other parts of modern physics: and here we are forced to conclude that the human mind, apparently, created by nature, therefore, to understand the macroscopic world, and not the microscopic.

So, on what means the Higgs boson: it means that we all must try to learn some of intellectual humility, especially when we think of the great philosophical matters, because the thing that we use to understand the world - the human brain is by and large very primitive tool.
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