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Голландское ноу-хау – велосипед-рюкзакConquer the highest peaks always been a goal of any person involved in professional or just keen on mountaineering. However, the descent down the rocky terrain "on foot" often provokes joint injuries. Another thing mountain bike, but for extreme skiing, you must first pull on the mountain.

The solution to this problem was found in the Dutch company "KOGA". Its employees developed a bike Bergmonch", which literally in a matter of minutes is in a backpack that fits right behind your back.

Голландское ноу-хау – велосипед-рюкзак

The Dutch know-how - bike-russellelatasergius novelty has no saddle, and instead of pedals there are special footrests, standing on which the rider without special efforts will be able to overcome the necessary distance. Thus, according to the manufacturer, the upright riding position, as well as different sized wheels, ensure reliable operation of the vehicle and safety for its driver.

The representatives of "KOGA" I hope that in the long run, their product will be able to make climbing more safe sport and active rest. Retail value "Mountain monk", exactly translates the title of the invention is about two thousand dollars.
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