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10 реально существовавших магов и волшебниковMagic since time immemorial attracted people. A human being always reaching for something difficult, unknown, and inexplicable. In these days a lot of talk not only about paranormal phenomena, but also about people with paranormal abilities. Magicians and fortune-tellers fully in every city, but most of them are who they say they are.

Anyone can call himself a magician, but in reality such people can be counted on the fingers. The glory of them remained in the history. All these people have made their important contribution to the world of magic and left an indelible trace in the memory of many. Learn about the most famous magicians and enchanters that existed or exist in reality.

1) members of the order of the Golden Dawn

Magical order, received the official name of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, included a group of people involved with the occult in the late 19 th - early 20-th centuries in the UK.

Although this order once passed through the split, its members still managed to settle their differences, and he lived up to our days.

2) Samuel Liddell (1854-1918)

Liddell was one of the most influential members of the magic order of the Golden Dawn. He had a passion for magic, occultism, and mythology. For its time, was conducting a peculiar way of life, for example, did not smoke and did not eat meat. It was rumored that he had played chess with the pagan gods.

One of the members of the order were told that Liddell made his move, and then closed her eyes in anticipation of the signal about the return course. Who was it who won, no one knew.

3) Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)

Crowley is considered one of the most famous magicians and occultists, he was an astrologer and a Satanist, was studying Kabbalah and founded a religious school Thelema. In the theory it is the power of Will. One of his most famous quote is the following: "Do his Will, is let the whole Law".

Aleister Crowley led a controversial lifestyle for its time, experimenting with different drugs, spoke openly about sex. Crowley was also a member of the order of the Golden Dawn.

4) Penn and teller

Penn and teller - famous Duo illusionists, perform magic tricks in Las Vegas, and sometimes shown on television.

In the Arsenal of Foam and teller are not so many tricks, but they are many became famous thanks to his performances and gather on their shows huge number of spectators.

5) Siegfried and Roy

Siegfried and Roy - duet artists who like Penn and teller worked mainly in Las Vegas.

Show Siegfried and Roy included tricks with trained animals, they made a huge predators to disappear right on the stage, and then again to appear to surprise the public. Because of the wound Roy in 2003, the Duo has ceased to act.

6) mark Wilson (born. 1929)

Mark Wilson, known in America mage and presenter of popular programs, began to show his magic show in Las Vegas, and then and on television in the 1950-ies. Wilson worked at the dawn of the era of television, him many imitated.

7) lance Burton (born. 1960)

Lance Burton - known American illusionist, who became famous thanks to its unique abilities to entertain the audience. Burton fell in love with magic in early childhood, and in 20 years already has been awarded the International brotherhood of magicians.

His show was watched by presidents and kings, and leading the famous program and invited into their projects as a guest. In Las Vegas in 1990-s specially for his performances was built Theatre of lance Burton for 1200 seats.

8) Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin (1805-1871)

Rober-uden was called the father of modern magic and illusionism. The former watch, uden followed the traditions of other magicians and played with his own stunts in theaters and private receptions. It uden for the first time showed the trick with catching bullets.

9) David Copperfield (born 1956)

David Copperfield, whose real name is David Seth Kotkin, perhaps, is the most famous magician and mentalist of the late 20th - early 21st centuries, shows which impress with their magnitude and unusual tricks. He began to practise magic even at the age of 12.

In addition, David Copperfield is able to demonstrate great tricks, it is also an excellent storyteller, who captivates the audience with their exciting stories, while astounding power of magic. Among the most famous tricks of the masters of the rape of the statue of Liberty and the flight over the Grand Canyon.

10) Harry Houdini (1874-1926)

Houdini's most famous magician. For many magic and the name Houdini are almost synonymous. His career began at the age of 9, when a boy, he began to show unusual tricks, striking the imagination of the public. Later he became a real expert in his business.

The magic of Houdini was that he could get out of the most difficult positions and situations, being bound in chains, and so on. He was the author of several books, devoted to his craft, and also frequently denounced the charlatans-magicians.

Source: listverse.com
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