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Парниковые газы достигли нового потолкаThe concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has reached a new record high in 2011, and the level of carbon dioxide amounted to 391 part per million, according to the world meteorological organization in the annual Bulletin. According to its authors, carbon dioxide accounts for 85% of "radiation heating of the"leading to global warming.

The level of carbon dioxide, apparently, every year grows in the area of two parts per million in the last ten years. Now it into the atmosphere by 40% more than at the beginning of the industrial revolution. According to estimates of WMO since 1750 released 375 billion tons of carbon, and about half of this mass is still present in the atmosphere. "These billions tons will stay there for centuries, heating up the planet and affecting all aspects of life on Earth, " said WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud. - Future emissions will only aggravate the situation".

The ballot will include the Annual index of greenhouse gas emissions National Board of oceanic and atmospheric research (USA), which indicates that in the period from 1990 to the year 2011 the share of carbon dioxide in the radiative heating of the" increased by 30%.

The level of methane, a more potent greenhouse gas, also set a record: 1 813 parts per billion - more than two and a half times above the pre-industrial average. The concentration of nitrous oxide, which is estimated approximately in 300 times stronger than carbon dioxide, rose to a record 324 parts per billion.

The Mr Jarraud stressed that now carbon sinks is the first World ocean - pull half of atmospheric carbon dioxide, but it cannot last forever. "The ocean becoming more acidic as a result of absorption of carbon dioxide, which is reflected on the delivery of the food chain and coral reefs," said the expert.

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