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Что нашел петербургский Зоологический институт в волосах йетиLast week the scientist-cryptolog Valentin Sapunov said that hair, discovered during the expedition on the Kuzbass year ago, with 70%belonged to the snow man. However, learned this the scientists even in winter - and the news somehow appeared just now.

Conducting examination of hair Director of the Zoological Institute RAS, doctor of biological Sciences Oleg Pugachev argues the opposite: studies have not brought any results.

Whether DNA
A year ago in the Kemerovo region took place the conference of hominology (the science of Bigfoot). Scientists from five countries - the USA, Canada, Sweden, Estonia and Russia - then set out on an expedition to search for Bigfoot. With them went Nikolay Valuev (as written by some media, as bait - someone thought boxer in half-naked resembles a female Bigfoot). The Bigfoot nobody saw. But in Ezerskoy cave cryptology found traces (like the Yeti) and some hair. Doctor of biological Sciences Valentin Sapunov proposed to submit them for examination.

Examination agreed to perform in St. Petersburg Zoological Institute. What the Director of the Institute, correspondent member of RAS Oleg Pugachev already regrets: "I gave up the slack, agreeing to participate, sorry this man. Nothing that I did this. I will do no more."According to him, the examination yielded no results: "Molecular-genetic methods nothing was unable to identify. Because no DNA we have not learned at all. Hair is dead scale, what can be DNA! We spent the electron microscope, looked these hairs but in structure it is difficult to determine. This may be a goat, and a bear, and anyone"Sovsem another story told Valentin Sapunov: "was made of light microscopy and electron microscopy - and it became clear that this is not an animal, common in those places, that is not a bear, not a wolf. And man these samples are not exactly belong.

The guys from the Zoological Institute - excellent specialists - even at the level of electron-color microscopy was not able to pinpoint the family. This is some unknown mammal, fully covered with hair,"Sapunov assures that DNA from samples available still managed to get: "However, DNA was allocated insufficiently, therefore difficult to draw conclusions. But it was found out that the difference between the DNA of this being from human DNA reasonable less than 1%.

In the case of the Yeti as it should be - because chimpanzees differs from person to 1.5%". Moreover, according to Sapunov, examinations for the detection of DNA was a few - in Russia and in America. The result allegedly received one GEODATA he believes that the data are not sufficiently accurate. "In science there is such a thing as a confidence probability. It is usually estimated at 95%. The probability that the hair belonged to the snow man, 60 - 70% - not more. But is the science because one fact does not conclude. And we have an avalanche of diverse information - for example, tracks, which were recorded on Kuzbas, 95% belong Yeti. This authentic material.

And when there are multiple independent data obtained when one acknowledges the other, with such data has to be considered As funding Mamontovka the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Pugachev assures that all of these stories Sapunova - not true. "He believes in UFOs, strongly believes in Bigfoot. And he is very convincing, which is characteristic of people with such disabilities According to Pugachev, Valentin Sapunov not even present during the examination, because it "is not a specialist in any of these areas. Examination I had and found nothing"Oleg Pugachev compares the absurdity of this story with stories about cloning a mammoth. Clone mammoth impossible. From the remains can be distinguished DNA, but there is no surviving cells. Due to the fact that these remains were freezing and thawing, all structures of the cells are broken: there is not a single kernel, none of entire chromosomes.

Only fragments of DNA is - but how to sew? Suppose even get to sew. But both chromosomes to distribute them? I do not know. No cloning here and speech cannot be."But stories with a mammoth deal, relying on public funding of research, explains Pugachev - this is the case in Japan and Korea. But the search of Bigfoot completely unclear, he said: "About financing of such expeditions on the part of any state, I never heard".

In Russia not only mammoths, but even normal science, the state does not support. "If we talk about the Academy of Sciences, we are in the condition advertised financial war, says Pugachev. - If you add up wages, taxes, and utilities - get 98% of the budgetary financing of science. For those articles that are directly aimed at the development - the purchase of equipment, communications, money does not occur. Even the remains of mammoths, which detect, are the responsibility of the subjects of the Russian Federation. If in the USSR such objects were obliged to deliver us, they now keep in museums, if any. Earn money so".
Last year the Governor of the Kemerovo area Aman Tuleyev has declared, that is ready to pay one million roubles to the one who will find the Yeti. However, the active assistance of the Governor of such search is simple - forest Kuzbass after such expeditions attract tourists where silcnet scientific millenialists Sapunov skeptical scientists calls "the inertia of thinking": "many animals are recognized on the basis of even smaller amount of material.

Bigfoot has been studied relatively well. When it comes to the dinosaur, can one tooth to describe him, but when close to humans - we need a more serious evidence, AND because no one was satisfied with traces, hair, eyewitness accounts, and other so-called evidence, left, speaks Sapunov, just don Yeti to find. "Generally, the principles of Zoological nomenclature must be the instance is accessible to researchers. Although it is often violated, for example, when it comes to insects: have described, called - and the view is already recognized. And show it to no one."But to find Bigfoot is very difficult, Sapunov said, because they supposedly have "the ability to connect to Chrono information field. And this ability is almost proven. After all, we know that animals can predict large emissions of energy (in earthquakes, for example) in advance. The Yeti this ability is probably more pronounced.

So catch it almost impossible - it connects to this field and feels unpleasant situation. For example, to meet with a man. We alternative view, which can be dangerous"Sapunov said that he is aware of snow man: "They live across the globe, it is a cosmopolitan look. All of them in the world tens of thousands. In Russia there are a significant part of their population - we have a huge territory, free from anthropogenic load. Sometimes they come in the Leningrad region, and the nearest centre of population is probably somewhere in Karelia.

Oleg Pugachev said that distinguish falsehood from truth in the world of science is very simple. "Recently, when built hadron Collider, in mass-media there were messages, that could open the particle, the Higgs boson, which theoretically is responsible for gravity. This rumor was held in the media - and then silence. If true opened the Higgs boson, it would publication in the yellow paper, and in serious scientific journals. It would have written in scientific editions, and then we would go up to the hype in all other. And our discoveries are the opposite: call in the media and talk. But you find at least one publication in a scientific journal!"About Bigfoot is yet no scientific articles. Valentin Sapunov promises that have already prepared an overview of the latest research about Yeti and is going to send him to America. "But it is the manner in science - if the result is not confirmed by 95%, it is not accepted magazines. So we can only preliminary report to write...".

This year, Sapunov said, expeditions will be no more winter expedition season ends. "But if you find something in the neighboring regions - Leningrad, Pskov, Novgorod can go on an expedition and now. All run into money, and the expense is not very ride"Bolshoy expedition in the Kemerovo region wanted to organize this fall, but the authorities "for some reason moved it to the end of winter-spring", says cryptolog. The expedition will Fund the administration of the Kemerovo area is planned to invite for participation in the international team of scientists.
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